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-Give me back the Berlin Wall, give me Stalin, and Saint Paul,
I’ve seen the future brother, it is murder.
(Leonard Cohen, “The Future”)
On September 16, 2013, former Navy reservist Aaron Alexis shot and killed twelve people and injured several others at the Washington Naval Yard in Washington D.C.

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Alexis entered the Navy in 2007 and was honorably discharged in early 2011. He worked as a naval contractor from September 2012 to January 2013. After completing that job successfully, he was hired by the same contractor in July 2013 for a new contract.[i]
In February 2011, according to the VA, Alexis enrolled in VA health care and in December was granted disability for orthopedic issues.[ii] Later, in 2012, his disability rating was increased due to persistent ringing in his ears.[iii]

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Also in 2011, Alexis moved in with his friend Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, whom he had met at a Buddhist temple.
Two years later, in July 2013, Mr. Suthamtewakul and his new wife Kristi told Alexis that it was time that he find a new place to live.
On July 5, while Alexis was apparently still residing with the Suthamtewakuls, Mr. Suthamtewakul’s car would not run, and he discovered that someone had put sugar in the gas tank.
Because Alexis had access to the garage, the Suthamtewakuls initially wondered if he had sabotaged their car. Subsequently, however, they began to question their initial suspicion.[iv]
On August 7, 2013, while staying in a hotel in Newport, Rhode Island, Alexis reported an incident to the police. He told the responding officer that he believed that three people were following him and keeping him awake “by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body.”[v] Alexis first heard the voices while staying at the Residence Inn in Middletown. Trying to escape, Alexis moved to a hotel on the Navy base, but “heard the same voices talking to him through the walls, floor and ceiling.” The police report continues:
Alexis stated that he moved to his third hotel and is currently at the Marriott. Alexis first said that the 3 individuals were speaking to him through the floor. Then Alexis stated that the voices were coming through the ceiling. Alexis stated that the individuals are using “some sort of microwave machine” to send vibrations through the ceiling, penetrating his body so he cannot fall asleep. When I asked Alexis what the individuals were saying to him he would not elaborate.

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Alexis stated that he has never felt anything like this and is worried that these individuals are going to harm him. Alexis stated that he does not have a history of mental illness in his family and that he has never had any sortof mental episode.[vi]
The report then states that “[b]ased on the Naval Base implications and the claim that the involved subject was ‘hearing voices’ I made contact with on duty Naval Station police….”[vii]
On August 23 Alexis went to the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island complaining of insomnia. He was prescribed medication to help him sleep.[viii]
On August 28, he visited the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and was given a refill of his medication.[ix]
Contrary to what he had told the Police Officer on August 5, he now attributed his insomnia to his heavy “work schedule,”[x] not vibrations or voices. Perhaps this is unsurprising given the police response to his plight, which seems to have focused on Alexis’s mental health rather than the possible legitimacy of his complaint. This suspicion of Alexis is summed up in a later statement by the officer: “What he was claiming didn’t sound right,” he said.[xi] Given this response, it is perhaps unsurprising that Alexis did not call police again.[xii]
By September, Alexis was staying at a hotel in Washington, D.C. On September 16, Alexis entered the Navy Yard using an access card, and embarked upon the tragic events of that day.[xiii]
Character Assassination And Talking Points
Most descriptions of Alexis and what might have caused the shooting spree have not deviated from expectation, which is to say, most have relied heavily on character assassination and obfuscation.
For example, the British tabloid the Daily Mirror proclaimed in a headline that “Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis heard ‘voices in head’ after playing violent video games up to 18 hours a day, and that “twisted Alexis” enjoyed playing the video game Call Of Duty, which triggered his “dark side.”[xiv] The Washington Times quoted his friend Nutpisit Suthamtewakul as saying Alexis had been a “hardcore drinker,” [xv] while USA Today located a “subtle paranoia” in Alexis, noting that he would sometimes “become withdrawn and quiet.”[xvi] CBS News had Alexis “grappling with paranoia,” [xvii] while NBC News stated that Alexis had been “deteriorating” after an apparent “history of psychological problems.” [xviii] And an anonymous “official” told the L.A. Times that Alexis “was a loner” who even “told people he was crazy.”[xix]
Message From The Grave
Following the initial wave of media coverage, it emerged that Alexis had carved two messages into his gun, a Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shotgun. The messages were “Better off this way,” and “My ELF weapon.”[xx]Characterizing these messages as “bizarre,” the Washington Post informed the reader that “ELF generally stands for ‘extremely low frequency’ and can refer to weather or communications efforts, among other things.” The paper further advised that investigators “do not yet know what, if anything, Alexis meant in the etchings,”[xxi] though they of course hoped that “the words” might “provide clues.”[xxii] That the carvings might be a reference to the vibrations that Alexis believed had been used to harm him, apparently totally eluded them.
For CBS news, the message was “cryptic,” but throwing caution to the wind, they hazarded a guess that ELF might refer to the “radio waves used by the Navy to communicate with submarines.” For its part, the L.A. Times wondered if ELF might stand for “Executable and Linkable Format,” a computer coding term.[xxiii] And The Epoch Times, a free newspaper circulated in New York City and elsewhere, pondered whether “the weapon” might actually refer “to elves, the mythical beings referenced in video games, movies, and legends.” [xxiv]
Voices In The Head & “Vibrations”
After reading several mainstream media articles on the Navy Yard shooting, one might be tempted to conclude that there is some agenda to obscure the meaning of ELF, and to portray Alexis as the “typical” mentally unstable lone gunman with anger issues and a history of “acting out.”
However, let us take Alexis seriously for a moment, and ask whether there might be a link between Aaron Alexis’s claim to hearing voices and being assaulted with some sort of frequency weapon (“vibrations”), and the messages carved into his gun.
First, with regard to the “voices.”
Are there technologies that can bypass the ears and create sounds, even high fidelity speech, in the brain? Absolutely. In fact there are multiple technologies, some of which have been commercialized. For example, the “talking window”:
Another such technology, more relevant to Alexis’s situation, involves microwaves.
In a 2008 article entitled “The Microwave Scream Inside Your Skull,” Wired magazine discusses a U.S. military project that employs the “microwave auditory effect,” by which a microwave beam interacts with your head, creating sound which only you can hear,[xxv] and in another article the same year, notes that an Army website on “Voice-to-Skull” weapons, strange in itself, had even more strangely, recently been removed.[xxvi]
Retired MI5 microwave specialist Barrie Trower has a lot to say about microwave weapons, including microwave hearing:
Trower discusses various aspects of microwave weapons technology in this video. For instance, at the seven minute mark, he discusses TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio), and how it has been used to entrain police and special forces with a frequency that produces violence and aggression. Eight minutes into the video he states that a particular frequency is used to create suicidal depression, and mentions targeting demonstrators as a possible application.
And specific targets can be tracked continuously. For example, “if you want to cause a specific psychiatric illness, you would have an infrared device that followed the person and you would link it to a pencil thin microwave source, so the microwave beam would always target a specific gland or a specific part of the brain, or an eye or the heart.”
Trower in fact was privy to an experiment using tailored microwaves, the aim of which was to transform psychological healthy individuals into lunatics. A successful outcome for the government scientists performing these experiments was for the subjects to be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia or some other grave mental illness, and have them spend the rest of their miserable lives in an insane asylum.
Finally, at the ten minute mark Trower talks about microwave hearing, which involves the induction of voices that no one else can hear into the brain of the subject or target: “All you have to do is stimulate the cochlear with a set resonant frequency. It’s very easy. Voices are very easy.”
“And it isn’t people imagining voices, they physically hear them.”
Moreover, it can be any kind of voice, from an “angel” to a terrifying “devil” – Even a devil, it must be added, who might tell the individual that the pain, terror, and hopelessness he is being made to experience will never stop, that nobody cares about his torment or will ever help in any way, and that he should strike back at the world by the only means available to him, and end his torment.
Indeed, one can just imagine that insistent voice speaking to Alexis inside his brain, incessantly, 24 hours a day: “Alexis, you will be “better off this way.” Alexis, just do it. There is no other solution. There is no way out. Better off this way, Alexis.”
Such a scenario might seem far-fetched, but perhaps this is only because “consensus reality” unfortunately differs so dramatically from “actual reality.”

Torture Subjects
Robert Duncan interviewed hundreds of human test subjects and detailed some of their stories in his book Project: Soul Catcher Volume Two.
Duncan is a scientist who holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College. He has also worked on projects for the Department of Defense, CIA and Justice Department,
In one such interview, Duncan asked the subject how his handlers almost got him to go on a killing spree. The subject told Duncan that he was tortured remotely and that technology was used to enrage him. At the same time, messages were piped into his head saying that no one was going to help him and that he should “[k]ill everyone,” as they did not care about him, and indeed that humans are stupid animals whose tax dollars were actually being used to fund his torture.
His handlers tried to convince him that if he were to “go on a massive killing spree” the news would finally cover his torture and “people would care.”
In this context, one wonders what Alexis’s voices were telling him, and why he would not tell the police officer what these voices were saying.
Brain Hacking and Hive Minds
Is there other evidence to suggest that Alexis might have been the victim of mind control technology? Perhaps. As already noted, Alexis had sought treatment in 2012 for a persistent ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus.
In his book “The Matrix Deciphered,” Robert Duncan had something to say about ringing in the ears and how it might relate to the creation of hive mind cells, even a “global brain.”
Duncan says that he “knows for certain” that many people’s brains have been mapped and connected to supercomputers. He calls it the “US MIND network.” He goes on:
Another way to estimate how many people might be on the MIND network is to look at the rate of tinnitus in the population. How many people hear a very high pitch square wave tinny sound once in a while? I scoured the medical research in this area and none of it satisfactorily explains the neurological and biophysical processes that give rise to this kind of tinnitus as described by government torture projects and the general populous. Tinnitus affects 17% of the general population. 17% of the US population is 50 million people. The US MIND control network is rumored as of 1985 to be able to handle 25 million people. In fact, when the cases of tinnitus that have real physical causes are removed from those stats, it matches exactly. With a potential influence over 25 million people, all public opinions and elections could easily be manipulated. In fact until we regain constitutional controls over this integrated weapons system, no public servant,
 politician, or military leader should be allowed to serve if they suffer from any sporadic or constant tinnitus as described. This is why a civil war will occur and not a revolution. Potentially 8% of the population cannot be woken up from their slumber and will continue to power the military machine.
In addition, he notes that it is technologically possible, and has been for years now, to connect all human minds together in a global hive, or “higher order mind.” Though he does not know if this has actually been achieved, or whether the minds on the MIND network have been or are being “integrated,” he does know that “hive minds with 2 to 6 people are being created and tested in the thousands of cells. Whether those cells are somehow connected to each other through a collective hive mind switchboard is … unknown.”
Hive Minds & Gangstalking
Duncan’s comments about hive minds are important to consider in relation to gang stalking, a phenomenon often reported by those who identify themselves as “targeted individuals.”
Alexis claimed that he was being gang stalked by three people. Whether this was really happening to him is difficult to say. However, as already mentioned, his account does dovetail with the claims of many “targeted individuals,” individuals who also often claim that they have been subjected to electromagnetic harassment and torture.
A peculiarity of the gangstalking phenomenon, though, as some gangstalking targets have observed, is that some “stalkers” do not appear to actually be aware that they are stalking the victim. The stalkers might use particular phrases that the target has been primed to recognize as pertaining to him. They might at times even say what the target is thinking at that moment, like a play-by-play of their thought stream.
Moreover, the stalkers might act in curiously “synchronized” fashion with each other, in a way that seems almost magical. The target might even see the same “stalkers” multiple times in the same day, at different locations. However, it may be true, and some targets have observed, that some of these group “stalkers” appear oblivious of their role in antagonizing and tormenting the target.
One frightening possibility is that targets may be encountering these hive mind “cells” in action, with remote technicians using computers to influence and direct their “stalkers” through the use of “synthetic telepathy,” a technology on which the government has been said to have spent billions.
In these situations, the person stalked might actually be a form of “bait” for purposes of study, and the “stalkers” may themselves be victims. In other words, the “stalkers” themselves may at times be the main experimental object, not the “targeted individual.” These situations could in part be geared towards manufacturing complex social situations and effects by the remote coordination and control of susceptible humans.
Paid Stalkers, Remote Torture
At other times, however, individuals have clearly been assigned to follow and harass targets. One such paid “government” stalker was Carl Clark. Carl Clark is a whistleblower who did freelance work for the CIA, Mossad, MI5, the Anti-Defamation League, and others. His interview in the German press has been translated into English.
His assignments were to “secretly force my way into (target’s) homes, remove some things and just move others around. I would then delete data from their computer. Or I would just drive them crazy, by following them and turning up close by either in the railway station or the bus station, etc. Otherwise, I would stage a fight in the street right in full view of the target’s eyes, and many other ploys …” including installation of child pornography on target’s computers.
In this context, one might justifiably wonder exactly who it was who placed the sugar in Nutpisit Suthamtewakul’s car when Alexis was living with Suthamtewakul and his wife. Was it Alexis? Or is it rather more likely that Alexis’s travails as a “targeted individual” had already begun?
Indeed, one could easily imagine how this event could have been manufactured by some outside entity to psychologically “pressure” and socially isolate Alexis. Alexis was the best man at Suthamtewakul’s wedding, and now Suthamtewakul suspected Alexis of sabotaging his car. The event is likely to have strained their friendship, which would have probably taxed Alexis’s “support system,” especially considering that he appears to have been estranged from his family.
In any case, Clark’s job was surveillance and “hands on” mind games; it was left to fellow employees from “special departments” to torture the targets with microwave and radio frequency weapons.
Clark describes the situation as being akin to a science fiction movie, as people could “be tracked anywhere” and “followed all day” with computers, making the localization of weapons to the target an easy task. In fact, his “colleagues could see exactly where to aim and also observe how the target reacted.”
Moreover, “radiofrequency could be manipulated so that the target hears his own name on the radio or his computer shows his name time and again. Voices are also specifically transmitted to a target commenting on his activities.”
Clark himself was remotely tortured after leaving his line of work. He was entrained to feel intense aggression, while voices were pumped into his head stating, for example, ‘[g]et up and injure somebody’.” He admits that he nearly “killed somebody on two occasions, once a neighbour who was a pleasant elderly lady.”
These so-called “science fiction” technologies, which provide the ability to remotely induce terror, disrupt memory, produce intense pain (including pain that leaves no physiological “trace” for a doctor to diagnose), and which in some cases appear intended to drive a target insane, were fully operational more than a decade ago.
Considering “Moore’s law” and the exponential growth of technology, especially in neural research, Clark is perhaps stating the obvious when he observes that “technology has advanced considerably since then.”
How far has this technology of torture and control advanced? It is difficult to know for certain, but some indication of the subsequent development of “mind control” technology can be found in Robert Duncan’s work. According to Duncan and others, brains can now literally be hacked like computers. Each brain has its own unique “brainprint” similar to a fingerprint. Once this brainprint is deciphered, very precise access and alteration of individual brains can take place.
For instance, neurotransmitter release can be inhibited or increased, exactly mimicking the effects of various drugs, autonomic functions such as digestion can be controlled, thoughts can be read, dreams can be manipulated, patterns of thought can be “forced” while other thoughts are prevented from reaching consciousness, motor centers can be infiltrated creating the feeling that one is “possessed” by some entity, EEG patterns of psychotic or suicidal individuals can be introduced into otherwise healthy brains, and on and on. The transhumanists and public scientists, according to Duncan, have been deceived. They do not realize that what they hope to yet achieve with “neural chips and plug in brain links,” has already been accomplished, and completely wirelessly, no implant required.
Accentuate The Positive
As must be obvious by now, the world we currently live in is beyond Orwellian. The dreams of Dr. Jose Delgado, former Director of Neuropsychiatry at Yale University Medical School and CIA experimental scientist, of having a “psycho-civilized” society are close to full realization. As the good scientist said in 1974, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind … We must electronically control the brain.”
The picture seems clear, and it is grim: “Someone” wants to control the “useless eaters,” and nothing less than total technological domination over one’s physical and mental processes will suffice. This is not the boot in the face; it is electrical signals in the brain, and there is no escape and no one to fight back against.
In spite of this bleak picture, however, there is some hope, and it can be found in the global awakening currently transforming the globe.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor and founder of the Trilateral Commission, in his 1970 bookBetween Two Ages: America’s Role In the Technetronic Era, writes:
The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.
Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.
So far, so bad. But it is Brzezinski’s more recent statements that provide some grounds for optimism. Because, despite all of the mind-invasive technology that has been developed, and all of the attempts to impose total control over even the inner world of individuals, governments risk, by their inhumanity and reckless abuse of power, loss control over their populations:
The following is a quote from the “Whitehead” lecture, linked above:
“It is … a sad fact that the cumulative effects of national financial self-indulgence, of an unnecessary war of our own choice, and of ethical transgressions, have cumulatively discredited (American) leadership. And making matters worse today, we have the financial crisis. And all of that is occurring in a context of the simultaneous interaction between two very basic transforming developments on the world scene … The first change concerns the surfacing of global issues pertaining to human well-being, as critical international issues … issues such as … health, social inequality,” etc.
“All of these are compounding the complexity of the global context. And these issues furthermore are made more acute by the coincidental phenomenon of … the global political awakening. This is a truly transformative event on the global scene; namely, that for the first time in … all of human history almost all of mankind is politically awake, activated, politically conscious and interactive … with the political turmoil and … aspirations around the world. And all of that is creating a worldwide surge in the quest for personal dignity and cultural respect in a diversified world sadly accustomed for many centuries to domination by one portion of the world by another. That is an enormous change.”
“And these new and old major powers face still yet another novel reality… and it is that while the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world, is at an historical low … In earlier times it was easier to control a million people … than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

Microwave Frequency Warfare, The Real Cold War


Talking Window Sends Messages Through Your Skull!


To read more:


Clue To 911 - Shooters At Navy Yard And Aurora Linked To 'NSA-CIA West'

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The Washington Navy Yard shootings ensure that details of Aaron Alexis’s career with U.S. intelligence agencies will remain inside a deep freezer alongside the dossier on another rogue government agent, the Aurora movie shooter James “the Joker” Holmes. These two villains have striking similarities: Both are linked by an admiration for the ArmaLite AR-15 spray gun and they also suffer bizarre psychiatric disorders, including chronic anxiety, heightened paranoia and strange voices inside their heads.

The other feature in common between these now-retired government contractors is their work for the emerging new hub for America’s most advanced espionage capabilities ­ Aurora, Colorado, along with next-door Denver and other sites in the Rocky Mountain region. Alexis had a role in transferring Hewlett Packard network systems vital to NSA intercepts of satellite communications from NSA facilities at East Coast naval bases to Colorado.

Buckley airfield in Aurora, home of the Aerospace Data Center, is currently being upgraded and expanded. Its huge golf-ball shaped antennae capture signals from orbiting satellites operated by the National Reconnaissance Office, NASA and the U.S. Air Force, along with data intercepted from the orbiting spacecraft of other countries and private corporations. This intelligence, once analyzed, is shuttled to the North American Aerospace Command in Colorado Springs, which is also the location of the Air Force Academy. (see “Intelligence service being secretive about who, where and when; post-9/11 decentralization” http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_3431085)

In nearby Lakewood, the Federal Center is being remodeled to house the CIA’s domestic surveillance program, which is aimed eavesdropping on U.S. citizens with the goal of psychological profiling of everyone in the borders ( http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/cia_moving_domestic_headquarters_to_denver/)

Before he opened fire on an audience at a Batman movie, Holmes conducted graduate-level neuroscience research in Denver at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus, which integrates patient care and clinical trials with frontline biomedical studies. ( http://www.ucdenver.edu/about/newsroom/newsreleases/Pages/Neuroscience-Program-and-Holmes-information.aspx) His psychiatric disorders may well be linked to the overexposure to powerful electromagnetic radiation from Buckley airfield and other intelligence centers concentrated in the area.

Although this unlikely pair followed separate career tracks and never met each other, the two shooters were each involved in secret work for the U.S. government. Since hard facts about this duo of evil-doers are scarce as hen’s teeth, the only method left to investigative journalism, short of a long camping trip in the Rockies, is context analysis and scenario development. While much of this discussion is admittedly speculative due to the thinness of evidence and unreliability of ever-changing media claims, the principal focus here is on the background to the secret work that Alexis did for the U.S. intelligence community. Holmes’ research funded by the National Institutes of Health is given passing mention as another facet of the mountain region’s emergence as America’s “Third Line” of strategic defense and tech-based intelligence gathering.

Operational Secrecy on 911

The Aaron Alexis story begins as so many other tragic events of our time on September 11, 2001. As told to the British press by his stepfather Frank Calderon, Alexis was riding up the escalator from the subway station below the World Trade Center just as the twin towers were collapsing. For hours, he remained outside the WTC entrance yet miraculously survived the downpour of shattered glass and splintered steel. Then, according to the stepfather’s account, Alexis participated in the rescue work alongside the first respondents over the following three days. (The Daily Mail, Sept. 18, 2013, Interview by Paul Thompson)

This story of personal heroism was also told to the Seattle police officers who questioned Alexis in 2004 after he shot the tires of a car. Alexis suspected the construction workers inside the car of being assassins sent to kill him. The gun charges were subsequently dropped by one of America’s toughest police forces, certainly not because of the cock-and-bull tale about WTC patriotism. Security clearances usually get the release from police custody of secret agents in event of common crimes, sparing the CIA the embarrassment of a police report and court case.

The New York Job

Now let’s move on to the salient points of his role in the WTC disaster. At the time of 911, the Bedford-Stuyvesant-born Alexis resided at the Queens home of his stepfather. Calderon himself was employed at “one of the WTC buildings”, where his night shift normally ended at 7 a.m. After the disaster, the stepfather relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where he has since done unspecified work at a local bank. (Daily Mail, Sept. 18) Judging from his modest station in life, Calderon was not a high-rolling stock analyst tracking Asian stock markets. His night job was probably as a security guard.

The security company that watched over the World Trade Center was Stratesec. Its principals until the year prior to the 911 attacks, were Marvin Bush, the brother of former president George W. Bush, and his cousin Wirt Walker III. Stratesec also provided security for United Airlines (two of its jetliners were supposedly hijacked) and for Dulles Airport, where one of the commandeered planes reportedly took off. (This is well-documented by different media, including www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=stratesec )

Alexis, according to his stepfather, worked an IT job inside “a building in the WTC complex.” (Daily Mail, Sept. 18) The address is off by a few meters. His stepson was employed by building contractors renovating the Fiterman Hall office tower for conversion into an urban campus of the Borough of Manhattan Community College, part of the CUNY system.

The 15-floor building at 81 Barclay Street represented the largest grant ever given to City University of New York. The donor was Miles Fiterman, a lumber tycoon and builder of prefab homes, based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. The Bush Foundation and the Fiterman family are major donors to the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. (Walker Annual Report, 2002)

Alexis’s IT job was not anything as flashy as programming or software design. He wired computer hardware as a lowly electrician’s apprentice. (His later job for the Navy was as an aircraft electrician and he did the same type of work for a Hewlett Packard subcontractor at several navy bases. The task is by no means easy. Connecting routers, modems, servers, encryption devices, monitors and phone lines for large-scale customers is more complicated than plugging in personal devices.)

Now the curious aspect to this situation is that the Fiterman tower sat cater-cornered (catty-corner in Deep South dialect) to the World Trade Center 7 building. The corners of the two structures were pointed at each other in an ominous fengshui relationship, as hostile as the beaks and claws of a pair of fighting roosters.

Conveniently located between the Filterman and WTC-7 was the New York Telephone Building, since taken over by Verizon. All wires led into the N.Y. Tel, and the bundles of phone cables were protected inside underground utility tunnels that are tall and wide enough for easy access by linemen.

An Internet installation company, especially in those days when DSL meant coaxial cable or dedicated phone lines, had access to the utility tunnels and links to telephone switch boxes. The CIA through one of its many fronts for wiretapping also had routine access to the NYT system.

At a time when not many office managers had a clue about the Internet, a DSL provider could easy install a network of wiring through conduits along the steel girders of the entire World Trade Center. Router closets and inverter boxes placed right on the support beams would attract no attention.

Thus, from the demolition control center in the Fiterman could run cables under the utility tunnels beneath narrow Barclay Street into the New York Telephone network feeding into the World Trade Center. Former military electricians, in the uniforms of a friendly Internet provide, then could efficiently install the boxes packed with electric detonators and explosives at critical points of the structure. Using pyrotechnics (fireworks) control software, the programmers would key in the timing sequence for the blast, as planned by an experienced building-demolition expert. The Internet is far more efficient a system for killing office workers and a rival faction inside the CIA than, say, battery-powered timing devices or chemical fuses.

The other compelling reason for using Internet-triggered demolition, besides easy unnoticed access to site, is that the blasts had to follow the crash of remotely controlled jetliners into the towers. The so-called hijacking is readily done with the remote cockpit software invented by same Israeli company that designed drone-piloting systems for the Israel Defense Force and also the Waterfall critical infrastructure that protects power plants from their Stuxnet virus. The Internet is a remarkable advance for terrorism, false-flag operations, propaganda preliminary to a political coup and for deceiving the public afterwards. 911 was the best pyrotechnics show ever, outdoing the Reichstag fire.

Explosives Inside Filterman

When the 47-story WTC-7 underwent a series of explosions and collapsed at 5:20 on the afternoon of September 11, the adjacent Post Office and N.Y. Telephone building sustained no damage. The Fiterman structure, on the other hand, lost much of its south-facing exterior.

A strange thing then happened. After the WTC-7 upper floors imploded, only then ­ quite inexplicably ­ did a chunk of the Fiterman Building get blown off and soared over its much-reduced neighbor. Like a mortar round, the fragment flew a distance of 200 meters before smashing into the glass atrium of the Winter Garden, which adjoins the yacht harbor on the Hudson River. (“Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive by Joel Meyerowitz, Phaedon Press 2006, p.47)

The role of the Fiterman building in the total schema of 911 has gone virtually unnoticed. The power shot that cracked the glass arch of Winter Garden could not have been caused by the WTC-7 collapse, which exploded toward the opposite direction. The trajectory suggests that the Fiterman’s south face was blown away from inside by a powerful blast from around the 5th floor. The logical deduction is that explosives were being stored inside the Fiterman Building, located opposite WTC-7. (Several maps of the WTC complex are posted online)

Wiring the WTC

The unoccupied Fiterman building was ideal for a demolition team in need of ample space for explosives, strands of wires, detonators, vehicles, gas masks, a first-aid station, electric power generators, a water supply and temporary living quarters. The south-facing rooms had a direct view onto WTC-7 yet had some degree of protection from a blast from across the street, due to the Telephone Building. (The site of conspiracy-theory debunker James Randi has a forum on the Filterman, which contrary to his objective shows disturbing aspects of its demise. http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=116127}

This scenario of an inside job better explains why Aaron Alexis was at Ground Zero on 911. Besides the subway station below the twin towers, there was also a maze of underground walkways that enabled him to pass underneath the WTC complex without risk from flying shrapnel, smoke and molten metal raining down onto the plaza. Not a single member of the firefighting and emergency team has yet come forward with recollections about a tall young black volunteer toiling in the dust for three days straight after the disaster.

The likelier reason for his brief presence is that Alex was ordered to conduct surveillance of the damage done to the towers and then inspect the temporary cables to WTC-7 from the covert operations center inside the Fiterman across the street. Those two extra days, September 12 and 13, were probably spent on evidence-removal duty, necessary tasks such as rolling up detonator wires and disposing of incriminating residue from Ground Zero. Much of this tedious work was done by flashlight at nighttime, when emergency crews unfamiliar with the underground passages dared not enter the smoking hulk.

Enigma Wrapped in Mystery

Soon after 5 p.m. on September 11, the CIA clandestine center in New York, which organized spying on the UN headquarters and monitored Al Qaeda worldwide, was blown to smithereens, killing key operatives investigating links between terrorists and high-ranking politicians. 911 truthers point to the scientific fact that debris from the twin towers could not possibly have caused the implosion of the WTC-7 intelligence center, which housed offices of the CIA and Secret Service. (although a subject of dispute by debunkers, it is now bwidely documented that the CIA and DoD shared the 25th floor, as cited in WTC-7, Chapter 5, by Gileanz, DiPaolo, et al.; a list of articles can be found at http://www.911review.org/Wiki/Building7Collapse.shtml)

Frank Calderon, who probably recommended the next-door Fiterman job to his stepson, and finagled a position with typical New York nepotism, was not among the casualties of WTC-7 blast, even if it is highly probable that he worked at that very site as a security guard, because otherwise he would have identified the building number in press interviews.

(Out of consideration for the family’s privacy and peace of mind, it must be stated here that these scenarios are hypothetical, limited by the scarcity of evidence, and done solely for the public benefit in trying to unravel an important chapter of recent history. That the pieces of this mystery fit together as tightly as a jigsaw puzzle is not grounds for harassment or annoying phone calls to the family or Navy Yard survivors.)

While the wreckage at Ground Zero was being slowly demolished by work crews, the exterior of the Fiterman structure was painstakingly wrapped with tarps as if its interior had to hidden from sight. Only much later was the structure demolished without a trace of the workmanship that had gone on inside. One thing is certain and that’s the Bush family, the Fitermans and Larry Silverstein won’t be discussing any of this in public.

The Missing Years

From autumn 2011 until his service with the Navy Reserves started in 2007, Aaron Alexis vanishes into thin air, on record at least. One of his personally traits that acquaintances mention is that Alexis never talked much. That goes with the training for a security clearance. Whatever work he may have performed during those six years would later qualify him to gain a higher-level security clearance at Navy communications centers that provide raw intelligence to the NSA and CIA.

One outstanding clue to those missing years was his fluency in the Thai language, which enabled him to chant sutras more smoothly than most native Buddhists. (Taunton Daily Gazetter, Mass., as reported by AP) During the early phase of the war on terrorism, Thailand was a major transit point for defense contractors heading for Central Command bases in the Persian Gulf and special-forces camps inside Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

The massive presence of contractors and intelligence agents in Thailand was apparent during my volunteer stint immediately after the 2004 Christmas tsunami. According to Thai sources, the death toll of foreign intelligence personnel began with the drowning of some 350 American uniformed servicemen when the tsunami hit the NSA listening post inside the Thai Navy’s 3rd region headquarters at Ban Thap Mo base on the Andaman Sea, just north of Phuket. (reported in a column by Kavi Chongkittavorn, The Nation newspaper, Bangkok)

More details emerged from local boat captains after they heard about my non-biased reporting from Kashmir and along the Afghan border. These small-craft pilots on the Muslim-predominant coast told me that some 3,600 American, British and Israeli defense contractors were killed by the tsunami after indulging in a holiday all-nighter on Patong Beach in Phuket. In Krabi, the Israeli Defense Force lost so many of its naval divers that its navy had to close the Gulf of Aqaba outside Eilat port to foreign ships for many months thereafter. Some 200 American mercenaries living in Bangkok were apparently buried in secret graves on the road to Phuket, which is why the Pentagon demanded the bodies of all tsunami victims be disinterred for identification. Was foul play involved? What does one expect from pirates?

The U.S. Navy dispatched four rapid littoral combat vessels from Hong Kong to Phuket, “the fastest ships ever seen”, according to the local pilots. On the fabled island of PhiPhi Don, location of the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach”, Navy helicopters attempted to land but were chased off by local pirates armed with guns and machetes. Later, after all the safety deposit boxes in hotels were broken open and emptied, the helicopters airlifted out every foreign male corpse with a strong physical built to the Navy vessels, which are equipped with refrigerated morgues, for DNA identification in Yokusuka, Japan.

Up to that moment, the number of servicemen killed by the tsunami far exceeded the casualties in the Afghan War. Not a single computer or memory drive of any Western serviceman ever surfaced, and from what I could gather at the local bazaar and from an Israeli intelligent agent planted inside an NGO relief group, all the military hardware was sent toward the Red Sea via Malaysia and Indonesia. As the local boatmen put it, “Allah is Great”. For Bin Laden and his paymasters in the Gulf States, it was a post-Christmas shopping spree.

The wipeout on Dec. 26 showed the CIA to be boys in diapers. During the previous 18 months, a crew of CIA technicians installed any Agency communications center at a plush resort in the Krabi area. The reason is that the listening post at Ban Thap Mo was a joint-intelligence center, partially overseen by the Royal Thai Navy, to keep watch over Chinese and Indian naval activities on the petroleum-rich Andaman Sea. The super-secret Krabi spy facility was aimed at spying on Shell and BP operations in Sumatra, along with Petronas in Malaysia, and monitor their influence on the Thai and Burmese militaries. The CIA was determined to put the oil and gas fields of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Malaysia and India under the control of U.S. energy companies.

Was Aaron Alexis work for the CIA on the Andaman project, or was his work in Thailand restricted to monitoring the Muslim insurgents in south Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, which led to the arrest of top leaders in the Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiya, which bombed hotels in Jakarta.

There is one other CIA posting in Thailand that could use his technical skills then, and that is the rendition airfield and interrogation center at Udon Thani, the Vietnam-era airbase for B-52 bombers, in the Isaan region of northeast Thailand, run under the cover of a Radio Free Asia station. RF Asia was expanding its presence as a Internet news resource, right up his alley. This amazing fluency in Thai would have been seen as a job asset for the CIA. A point to note, here, is that the Alexis tire-shooting incident occurred in 2004 in Seattle, three years before he was seconded to the Navy, and the rendition controversy that rattled the Bush administration in 2006 may have been a factor for this transfer.

Despite the best efforts of the CIA and NSA, the Christmas tsunami made it clear that the war on terrorism was already lost, regardless of divine will or the devil’s doing. Arrogance, corruption and ineptitude had scuttled the post-911 crusade.

As for Aaron Alexis, many of he acquaintances including Thai Buddhist friends have remarked that he constantly carped about insufficient funds and race discrimination. Yet at Christmas season 2004 he was lucky to be a lower-ranking contractor stuck on some remote U.S. base in a desert or in amazingly boring Qatar or Bahrain rather than partying on the beach at Phuket. Sometimes a bit of bad luck can be a blessing in disguise. Though I never saw him there, if Alexis did make it to south Thailand for the rescue and recovery work, it was no paradise. The stench of bloated decomposing corpses was hideous, clinging to one's skin, hair and nostrils for weeks after.

Working for the NSA

By the end of 2007, Alexis was living in the USA. Readjusting to the States can be a huge letdown and even a culture shock after making as much as a thousand dollars a day as a defense contractor in the Persian Gulf. In Dubai, which boasts the longest bar in the world, you’d see the Americanos just arrived from Baghdad and Doha stumbling in at about 11 p.m. to splash out on single-malt whiskey or a Guinness stout and enjoy the eye-candy from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other stans passing themselves off as bleach-blonde Russians and easygoing Ethiopian ladies posing as exotic Eritreans and Somalis. Nothing’s real in Dubai, the land of mirages.

It’s all part of the pecking order, with Lebanese and Iranian women at the top of the desirables list down on through the former Soviet ranks, then the Chinese and last but least, the bottom-rung Eurotrash tourists. Reverse racism in the Gulf, under which brown, black and yellow beauty fetch more attention than white, is probably a reason why Aaron Alexis was so embittered on his return to the racial rightside-up United States.

The Rising Cost of Living

Alexis joined the Navy Reserves in 2007 and served until early 2011. Never promoted, he was a aviation electrician’s mate third-class, a grade with pay levels as low as the rank. The Navy Reserves is definitely not an officer-track opportunity or road to self-enrichment. Yet, during those four years, Alexis rented an apartment in Oak Hills, a high-end gated neighborhood of Fort Worth (Guardian, Sept.17) and on his many travels stayed at luxury hotels, including the Marriot in Providence, Rhode Island, which is favored by much higher-ranking officers.

What was the secret to a luxury lifestyle on a sailor’s budget? Answer: The CIA. The Agency routinely embeds its intelligence agents into the military Reserves, which provide weapons training, unlimited ammunition, base privileges, cheap beer, fast food, access to secure communications and free air transport to practically anywhere in the world. As a result, Navy and Marine Reserve units acting as the CIA paramilitary force often operated with better transport, superior firepower, more air cover and keener intelligence than regular Army units. (These points are based on my interview of a Marine reservist-CIA agent, who exposed the torture at Abu Graibh.) The Navy-Marine intranet, maintained by Hewlett-Packard, is the world’s largest institutional communications network. Bandwidth is never a problem.

While not embedded in the military, Edward Snowden was a dual CIA-NSA employee because of his assignment to human intelligence and on-the-ground covert operations in Geneva, Switzerland, along with eavesdropping. Aaron Alexis, in contrast, wore three hats ­ NSA, CIA and Navy Reserves - thereby earning a sizeable pay package that allowed extended visits to Thailand and plush accommodations wherever he went.

Hop, Skip and Jump

A review of his movements shows that Alexis hops, skips and jumps from base to base on assignments for the NSA and CIA. The perks of working for several intelligence agencies include time off for language classes and extended vacation breaks en route to distant jobs. For a short while, at least, Aaron Alexis was something of a James Bond.

The following are some of the locations where he worked. (Information on these military facilities can be found at GlobalSecurity.org and Wikipedia)

Fort Worth: His home base was the Naval Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base in White Settlement, Texas. Its landlocked airfield is used by fighter squadrons of the Navy, Marines and Air Force Reserves. More important, the base is headquarters for the Naval Reserve Intelligence Command, which along with its far-flung spy operations has also earned a reputation for breaking encrypted codes. There in Texas, the CIA and NSA collect and analyze data and analysis from their Reservist spies aboard planes and ships and with infantry brigades around the world. (White Settlement is where Alexis worked after leaving the Reserves as a waiter at a Thai restaurant, meditated at a Buddhist temple and was disappointed by a sweetheart. See the Daily Mail, Sept.18)

Seattle: There are no official disclosures about Alexis’s work assignment in this West Coast city where he had a run-in with the police over shooting out tires. Nevertheless his tasks are readily surmised. Naval Reserve Intelligence Area One/Northwest is based at Whidbey Island, site of the racy Richard Gere movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. As an aircraft electrician’s mate, his task would have been to upgrade the on-board computers and encrypted radio transceivers on the Prowlers, Growlers and Aries jets, which are all used for electronic warfare. Pilot training here involves all four services across the Pacific theater.

(The narrow-apeture radar extensively used around the Puget Sound’s numerous naval facilities along with radar-suppressing electromagnetic pulses probably accounted for the severe psychological disorders Alexis suffered, including anxiety, paranoia and hearing voices inside his skull. (While passing the Whidbey area by car twice in June 2013, my Casio G-shock watch malfunctioned and the radio went dead.)

Newport: The naval station on the Rhode Island shore is home to 50 Reserves units from all four services. The base is also headquarters for the Naval Security Force, which trains military police for occupation of foreign countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan and other territories. The Naval War College at this base provides a highly secretive training program for Navy Reserve Intelligence officers, and Alexis would have upgraded its Internet-based communications and learning network.

Bangkok and Hua Hin: The Joint U,S. Military Advisory Group, located near Lumpini Park, Bangkok, provides weapons and training to the Thai military. Alexis was mainly assigned to Hua Hin, a small port on the Gulf of Thailand, about an 80-minute drive south of Bangkok. The Thai navy forces have the unique duty there of protecting the residence of the King of Thailand, and also for seagoing interdiction against Muslim insurgents in the southern provinces along with signals-intercepts and intelligence gathering on jihadist groups operating in the south and adjoining Malaysia. (His Buddhist faith meant that Alexis was a low security risk in the war as compared with a follower of Islam. BTW, I formerly taught media studies at a university in Hua Hin, where I have observed naval exercises from the beach.)

Ichigaya, Tokyo: After leaving the Reserves in early 2011, Alexis was likely assigned by his subcontractor boss to the Hewett-Packard offices in Tokyo’s Ichigaya district, the headquarters of Japan’s Self-Defense Force and its anti-ballistic missile command. The CIA and NSA spy on their close allies. Trust is the hallmark of a defeated empire.

Fingers on Top Secrets

Whatever the corporate-controlled news media is reporting, Alexis was not a morose loser and misfit. In 2011, he enrolled as an online student to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Fort Worth. (Guardian, Sept. 17) Anyone contemplating suicide amid mass murder is not going to be studying aerodynamics, navigation, flight controls and the finer points of aircraft engineering.

After leaving the Navy Reserves, his new task with The Experts, an IT subcontractor based in Alexandria, Virginia, was to disconnect the Hewlett Packard signals-intercepts hardware in the Washington DC area, which includes the National Security Agency headquarters in Fort Mead, Maryland. The mainframe computers and servers were being relocated to the new NSA West center at Buckley airfield in Aurora, Colorado.

This removal of equipment and personnel to the NSA-CIA centers in Colorado was ordered after series of post-911 debates and studies on the increasing risks of concentrating America’s core intelligence assets on the East Coast, or for that matter along the West Coast. With the same strategic considerations that guide China’s military, which puts its nuclear and missile forces deep inside the interior of continental Asia, America’s intelligence chiefs decided to reposition vital electronic intelligence-gathering capabilities to the Rocky Mountain region in the American heartland.

Swarming the Human Mind

Among their array of evermore advanced intelligence tools, the Pentagon and NSA have cooperated with the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) on a Hewett-Packard Israel project called The Swarm. Led by Ruth Berg, a former researcher at MIT and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, this image-based software assembles the files, emails, Twitter messages, voice calling and transactions of target individuals into an evolving map that can predict their innermost thoughts and future decisions. The Swarm is essentially the precognition program depicted in the Tom Cruise movie on pre-crime prevention. (www.hpl.hp.com/israel)
Precognitive mapping is also aimed at predicting hidden psychological disorders and criminal (disobedient) tendencies. The Swarm’s diagnostic algorithms are relevant to the neuroscience research of James Holmes, whose studies in molecular biology focused on the biological sources of non-predictable (disorderly, creative) behavior. Toward these goals of total mind-control, President Barack Obama early this year released $1 billion in funding for a national Brain Initiative. ( http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/04/02/fact-sheet-brain-initiative) Its key U.S. private-sector partner is Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company that produced LSD for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program in the 1960s. (see US patent 2997470, Richard P. Pioch, Purdue University, "Lysergic Acid Amides ", 1956-03-05)

Alexis was prescribed a sedative at the VA hospital in Providence after complaining about his mental-health issues and later went to the VA in Washington DC for a refill. (Navy Times, Sept.18) The psychiatrists at the NSA and CIA probably viewed Aaron Alexis as a dedicated and loyal agent who was starting to show signs of a nervous breakdown. He was not exceptional. The only thing that made him stand out was the espionage vulnerabilities associated with his work.

Thousands of people worldwide are suffering from the same symptoms, which can be attributed to microwave telecommunications networks, aperture radar and electronic warfare technology, including voices shouting commands to commit violence, the unbearable torture of screeching noises inside the skull, short-term memory loss and blackouts. (My extensive interviews with a Japanese imprisoned for stabbing a British professor who specializes in telepathy theory led to the correlation of his disorders with the introduction of microwave transceivers on for the Motorola digital mobile phone service to U.S. military bases in Okinawa and the British Telecom’s experiments with the TETRA system in London.)

These symptoms of electromagnetic-related psychological disorders are usually wrongly diagnosed as PTSD, resulting in drug treatment with antidepressants that eventually worsen the condition. (there are many critics among veterans group; a short summary is ast www.nbcnews.com/id/43994382/ns/health-health_care ) At first the supervisors will shrug off incidents like the Seattle tire shooting, sweeping the problem under the carpet with excuses, for instance, the errant serviceman’s overdrinking or having the blues over a sexual affair gone sour. As the symptoms worsen and become no longer treatable with drugs, the institutional response is to find a way to dispose of the victim.

Any electronics technician who is conversant with the codes, hardware and software used by intelligences agencies is either a prized asset or a serious liability. There can be no in-between.. For his overseers, transferring Alexis to the new HP operations at NSA West in Aurora was a high-risk proposition. The time had come for preventative measures.

Termination Papers

Despite the high salary, much of it untaxed, the double identity that comes with an intelligence career can make for a lonely existence. Every one of his social contacts would have been routinely investigated and vetted to reduce the potential for espionage and a subsequent security breach. Thus, Alexis avoided family visits, which accounts for why his sister’s husband had never met him in person. For that same reason, immediately after the Washington Navy Yard incident, the controlled mass media intensively interviewed his circle of Thai friends in Fort Worth to determine whether any secrets had been spilled during meditation retreat, an espionage technique used by the Aum Shinrikyo sect on Soviet weapons scientists. (A series of articles was published in the Japan Times Weekly, based on reports from the National Police Agency and interviews with Aum members,)

After his visit to the VA hospital in Newport, as Alexis showed worsening signs. His superiors would have come to a final decision. To allow him to be confined in a sanatorium or move abroad to Thailand was out of the question, due to the risk of discovery by civilian doctors, other patients, attorneys and foreign spies.

A man who knows much too much and cannot be helped might be deployed in other ways, as a fall guy for extrajudicial executions. On the morning of September 16, witnesses were reported in many media outlets as seeing two or three gunmen, one of them a black man of about 50 years of age, an unmistakable difference from the 34-year-old Alexis. The shorter stockier gunman was dressed in green fatigues and fired an AR-15.

When the FBI learned within several minutes that Alexis had rented the ArmaLite for two days only but did not purchase one from a gun store near his stepfather’s residence in Virginia, the AR-15 was dropped from media reports like a hot potato. The story was changed to a sawed-off Remington 12-gauge shotgun, a weapon that lacks an individual ballistic signature. Unlike a rifle bullet, buckshot leaves no traces on its pellets or inside the shotgun barrel.

Buckshot is, of course, not the ideal ordnance for a mass killing, as its lethality and accuracy are limited to close range. So far, no stories have emerged of Navy Yard victims with their heads blown off or intestines spilling out. Most were shot at some distance. The higher-pitched sounds of firing were reattributed to a pair of handguns he allegedly removed from two of his dead victims. It all adds up to an incoherent script, sloppily directed theater and poor gunnery, which in fact was not so imprecise. Most of the scriptwriters need to weeded out.

Lethal Price of National Security

Was the content of the brains of one man worth the killing of a dozen people? It’s worth far more than that to the intelligence services and their political masters. The elimination of a bunch of civilian employees nearing retirement is, if anything, a cost-saving measure for a military pinched by budget sequestration. Let the insurance companies carry the burden and save the money instead for another aircraft carrier. National security is sacrosanct, random people are expendable. As for the moral cost, nobody is innocent.

It is a fair assumption to suggest that among the dozen fatalities, one or more of the victims employed at some top-secret project at the Navy Yard was or were overdue for an exit. It is the proverbial case of killing two, three birds with one stone.

To read more:


The New World Order – Doing God’s Work by Killing the Bad Seed

Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars
We are being deluged on all sides with poisons in the air, food, water, soil, and through big Pharma drugs and vaccines. We are told that all of these things are good for us while we can read the test results and independent studies saying they are not. In fact, these independent studies and test results clearly indicate that we are being poisoned and that the doses are increasing on a daily basis. Why is this happening? Could there really be a group of people who are intent on our destruction? Yes. And they believe that they are doing God’s work. In fact, they have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner, and the only ones qualified to determine just who deserves to live and who deserves to die. These are the eugenicists. These are people who believe they are God’s elect, and feel that they are chosen for Godhood and have the responsibility to rule. And they have names.
Wonder why the IMF and biotech agribusiness have full reign to destroy economies and ecosystems in order to enslave and starve whole populations? Wonder why the vaccines Bill Gates promotes sterilize and kill the populations they are supposed to help? It is all according to plan. A eugenics plan, that is. And it’s called the destruction of the bad seed. And who determines just who that bad seed is? Why they do, of course! Who are they? Let’s take a look.
Have you heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard?
She has written five books, delivered more than 80 keynote speeches and given more than 75 interviews. She is currently President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which she co-founded in 1990 with Sidney Lanier. Hubbard was featured in the 2006 film Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within, a documentary about rediscovering an enchanted cosmos in the modern world. She was also featured in the 2011 film Thrive.

She also wrote the book “The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth (The Book of Co-Creation) Foundation for Conscious Evolution, 1993. ISBN 0-9631032-0-2
Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of The Book of Co-Creation, claims in her curricula vitae to be “establishing Evolutionary Circles throughout the world to support small groups in their emergence as universal humans, founders of a global civilization.”

As a psychologist with Task Force Delta, an army think tank of futurists, strategists, and psychology and parapsychology researchers, Hubbard is credited with the idea of “bombarding” the Soviets with “psychic love,” and formation of the First Earth Battalion (FEB). The credo of the FEB “guerilla gurus” states: “I take personal responsibility for generating evolutionary conspiracies as a part of my work. I will select and create conspiratorial mechanisms … that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions on behalf of people and planet. One people, one planet.”

But evidently, not all of the people will benefit from this “psychic love.” According to this New Age philosophy that she espouses, there are too many people on the planet, and the bad seeds need to be eliminated. This is what she writes:
Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend …. One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’ … Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers — the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body …. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.

If you aren’t one of the ones chosen to “ascend” then you are a defective seed and are destined for extermination. Here is some more about Barbara’s theosophical beliefs:
Barbara Marx Hubbard, a New Age futurist, says that the goal of her newest book, Conscious Evolution, “is that it serve the fulfillment of the plan.’May Light and Love and Power restore the plan on Earth.’ That is my prayer.” She doesn’t mention the source of this prayer; it is the final verse of “The Great Invocation,” a Theosophical prayer provided by the Lucis Trust with each of Alice Bailey’s books.

A bit about Alice Bailey and her New Age views:
From the start of World War II until her death in 1949, Alice Bailey wrote that the war was necessary for the New Age to come. She believed that the New Age would be preceded by a “destructive cycle, wherein the old order passes away” and “human civilization with its accompanying institutions – is destroyed.” She gives credit to the “Hierarchy” of ascended spiritual masters for “their decision, taken early in this century, which precipitated … that major destructive agency, the world war (1914-1945).” In April 1943, Bailey said, “One of the purposes lying behind the present holocaust (World War II) has been the necessity for the destruction of inadequate forms. … the Law of destruction was permitted to work through humanity itself, and men are now destroying the forms through which many masses of men are functioning.” (“Destroying forms” does not mean shredding IRS paperwork; it is the Theosophist code word for death.)
 After the war, Bailey wrote that “the Custodians of God’s Plan” viewed World War II as a “major surgical operation” that had been “largely successful” in removing “a violent streptococcic germ” that had “menaced the life of humanity.” She warned that this would be only the beginning of sorrows: “The germ, to be sure, is not eradicated and makes its presence felt in infected areas of the body of humanity. Another surgical operation may be necessary.”

The Lucis Trust:
The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. The title page of Alice Bailey’s book, ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’ was originally printed in 1922, and clearly shows the publishing house as ‘Lucifer Publishing CoIn 1923.’
Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust.
Lucis Trust sponsors among others are the following organizations:
 * UN
 * Greenpeace International
 * Greenpeace USA
 * Amnesty International

Here is a partial list of the executioners who attended “We, The World and Partners of 11 Days of Global Unity in 2004,” of which Barbara Marx Hubbard was an Honorary Co-Chair:
The Origin of 11 Days of Global Unity

The U.N. International Day of Peace was started in 1981 as a day to announce and celebrate ceasefires in conflict areas around the world. It began as a moveable date taking place on the opening day of each new Session of the U.N. General Assembly in September. In 2001 the opening day of the new U.N. Session was scheduled for September 11th. So the International Day of Peace actually coincided with the tragedy of 9/11. A U.N. resolution permanently fixed the International Day of Peace on September 21st.
 In 2004 We, The World launched 11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21 symbolically marking the transformative global journey from fear to hope. Supporters of the launch included Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and 11 Days Honorary Co-Chairs Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Irene Khan (Secretary General of Amnesty International), Marianne Williamson, John McConnell (one of the original Founders of Earth Day), Hazel Henderson, Ervin Laszlo, Jonathan Granoff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Thurman, Sally Fisher, Riane Eisler, Lynne Twist, Paul Winter, Nina Meyerhof, and New York City Councilman Alan J. Gerson.

She also plays a part in the “State of the World Forum:”
Another of Gorbachev’s organizations, the San Francisco-based State of the World Forum, draws funding from a galaxy of Establishment corporations and foundations, ranging from Archer Daniels Midland, CNN, Hewlett-Packard, and Occidental Petroleum to the Carnegie Corporation, the Kellogg Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The first State of the World Forum gathering took place in San Francisco, September 27-October 1, 1995. Convened by Mikhail Gorbachev, more than 400 innovative leaders and thinkers from 50 countries came together. The central question Mr. Gorbachev challenged this gathering to take up was what principles, priorities and values should guide humanity as it moves beyond the strictures of the Cold War into the next phase of development. This was debated and discussed from the vantage points of science, economics, global security, religion and the arts.
During the 1996 and 1997 Forums, this conversation was continued. The inclusion of youth and the emphasis on gender parity, combined with people coming from all over the world and representing all manner of constituencies and disciplines, engendered discussions which were both catalytic and transformative. Issues addressed ranged across the entire spectrum of human interest in the late twentieth century. All perspectives were welcome, every point of view was heard, and everyone was invited to honor diversity as the key to creativity.

Some of the leading thinkers and leaders participating in past Forums include:
Oscar Arias Sanchez, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, James Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Bush, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Walter Cronkite, Sonia Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dee Hock, Jose Ramos-Horta, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Thabo Mbeki, David Packard, John Naisbitt, Lew Platt, Jehan Sadat, George Shultz, Ted Turner, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Wheatley, Marianne Williamson, Marian Wright Edelman and Muhammad Yunus.

The Earth Charter is founded on the principles Barbara Marx Hubbard espouses:

The Earth Charter is the brainchild of Gorbachev acting as chairman of Green Cross International and Maurice Strong, a wealthy proponent of world government, a leader at UN environmental meetings, and an adviser to the World Bank. Ted Turner is also involved, as a member of the Green Cross International board. Gorbachev views the proposed Earth Charter as “a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond.” Maurice Strong says, “The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”
Strong, Chairman of the Earth Council, is on the board of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the WEF, is a member of the Earth Council. The WEF, which meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, describes itself as “the most significant global business summit bringing together close to 2,000 business and political leaders, experts, academics, and members of the media, to set the global agenda for the coming year.” Top executives of billion-dollar companies pay fees and travel costs of $30,000 to $250,000 each yearfor the privilege of schmoozing with presidents of many countries and of the world’s largest corporations – including President Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General), John Smith (CEO of General Motors), Peter Sutherland (Chairman of Goldman-Sachs), Kim Woo-Choong (Chairman of Daewoo Corporation), Jürgen Schrempp (Chairman of Daimler-Benz), and George


So, when Bill Gates philanthropically kills off African children with poisonous vaccines and supports Monsanto et. al.’s use of poisonous chemicals and genetically engineered seeds in our food supply, he is doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. When planes spray poisonous chemicals from the sky they are doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. When hydrofluosilisic acid is added to our drinking water straight from Cargill’s hazardous waste stacks, those instigating the policy are doing God’s work and killing the bad seeds. Every single poison we are being inflicted with is part of a grand eugenics scheme aimed at killing off the bad seed and elevating the “chosen ones” to “ascended” status.
And just what is ascension? For some it is completely “spiritual,” and for others, it is transhumanism. In fact, for the transhumanist “chosen ones” who seek immortality, it is their job to bring about that immortality through the melding of man and machine, and finally, a holographic being. And the religions of the world are following right along. The illusion is great. It is touted as peace and love and spirituality. What they don’t tell you is that in order to gain this spirituality that they seek, most of us must die. According to them, we are the bad seeds, and it is apparent, from reading through the mountains of propaganda put forth by these New Age organizations promoting “peace and sustainability’ that a lot of people will be fooled by this benign and peaceful sounding rhetoric.
What is WE?

 * WE is a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world.
 * WE Consciousness: WE promotes making a shift from “I” to “WE” in our individual actions and attitudes and in our societal priorities and policies.
 * WE Campaign: WE is an ongoing Awareness and Action Campaign; four WE Action Campaigns per year with culminating Global Public Events every 3 months. WE willInspire, Inform and Involve millions of people through WE.net in solutions to:
 * Ensure basic human needs and well being worldwide
 * Restore healthy eco-systems and environmental stewardship
 * Create a culture of peace and nonviolence – from individuals to nation-states.
 * WE Collaboration – The WE Network, WE.net, provides a vehicle for connection, interaction and opportunity for unprecedented cooperation between people, organizations and movements. Utilizing advanced technology and intuitive web design, Partners of WE consisting of thousands of organizations and a mass movement of people create an ever-expanding social change network essential for a world that works for all.

A world that works for all? How about a world that works for all of the “chosen.” After all, that is what is meant by all of this flowery and deceptive rhetoric. We only assume that they mean us too. It doesn’t occur to most that the only “all” that is considered here is all those that they deem the “good seed.”
Let’s see what Barbara Marx Hubbard, supporter, key promoter and inspiration for Global Unity has to say again:
Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend …. One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death.’ … Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human — the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers — the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body …. Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.
Now let’s see what Scripture has to say about those who would place themselves above the rest of us, declare themselves judge, jury and executioner of the bad seeds, and deign to be in charge of “God’s selection process for planet Earth,” and for those that say “Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High:”
Isa 14:19 But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.

Isa 14:20 Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

Methinks these New World Order/New Age globalists have bitten off a bit more than they can chew. In fact, they just might end up in the very same predicament that they are putting us in. The hunter shall be the hunted and the meek shall inherit the earth. No justification, no pompous ego will change the fact that the only one in charge of “God’s selection process for planet Earth” is the Creator Himself, and I would not want to be in anyone’s shoes who places him/herself in the position of attempting to oust Him from His position. We just aren’t that smart.
Yes, they who rule over the earth deciding who is to live and who is to die, they who plot evil in their hearts – it is they who are the bad seeds, the evildoers. And their seed shall never be renowned.

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Sixty-four years ago this month, six million Americans became unwitting subjects in an experiment in psychological warfare.

It was the night before Halloween, 1938. At 8 p.m. CST, the Mercury Radio on the Air began broadcasting Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. As is now well known, the story was presented as if it were breaking news, with bulletins so realistic that an estimated one million people believed the world was actually under attack by Martians. Of that number, thousands succumbed to outright panic, not waiting to hear Welles' explanation at the end of the program that it had all been a Halloween prank, but fleeing into the night to escape the alien invaders.

Later, psychologist Hadley Cantril conducted a study of the effects of the broadcast and published his findings in a book, The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. This study explored the power of broadcast media, particularly as it relates to the suggestibility of human beings under the influence of fear. Cantril was affiliated with Princeton University's Radio Research Project, which was funded in 1937 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Also affiliated with the Project was Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executive Frank Stanton, whose network had broadcast the program. Stanton would later go on to head the news division of CBS, and in time would become president of the network, as well as chairman of the board of the RAND Corporation, the influential think tank which has done groundbreaking research on, among other things, mass brainwashing.

Two years later, with Rockefeller Foundation money, Cantril established the Office of Public Opinion Research (OPOR), also at Princeton. Among the studies conducted by the OPOR was an analysis of the effectiveness of "psycho-political operations" (propaganda, in plain English) of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Then, during World War II, Cantril÷and Rockefeller money÷assisted CFR member and CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow in setting up the Princeton Listening Center, the purpose of which was to study Nazi radio propaganda with the object of applying Nazi techniques to OSS propaganda. Out of this project came a new government agency, the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FBIS). The FBIS eventually became the United States Information Agency (USIA), which is the propaganda arm of the National Security Council.

Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the propaganda apparatus of the national security state had been set up--just in time for the Dawn of Television ...

Experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman reveal that, when a person watches television, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the seat of logical thought. Here, information is broken down into its component parts and critically analyzed. The right brain, however, treats incoming data uncritically, processing information in wholes, leading to emotional, rather than logical, responses. The shift from left to right brain activity also causes the release of endorphins, the body's own natural opiates--thus, it is possible to become physically addicted to watching television, a hypothesis borne out by numerous studies which have shown that very few people are able to kick the television habit.

This numbing of the brain's cognitive function is compounded by another shift which occurs in the brain when we watch television. Activity in the higher brain regions (such as the neo-cortex) is diminished, while activity in the lower brain regions (such as the limbic system) increases. The latter, commonly referred to as the reptile brain, is associated with more primitive mental functions, such as the "fight or flight" response. The reptile brain is unable to distinguish between reality and the simulated reality of television. To the reptile brain, if it looks real, it is real. Thus, though we know on a conscious level it is "only a film," on a conscious level we do not--the heart beats faster, for instance, while we watch a suspenseful scene. Similarly, we know the commercial is trying to manipulate us, but on an unconscious level the commercial nonetheless succeeds in, say, making us feel inadequate until we buy whatever thing is being
 advertised--and the effect is all the more powerful because it is unconscious, operating on the deepest level of human response. The reptile brain makes it possible for us to survive as biological beings, but it also leaves us vulnerable to the manipulations of television programmers.

It is not just commercials that manipulate us. On television news as well, image and sound are as carefully selected and edited to influence human thought and behavior as in any commercial. The news anchors and reporters themselves are chosen for their physical attractiveness--a factor which, as numerous psychological studies have shown, contributes to our perception of a person's trustworthiness. Under these conditions, then, the viewer easily forgets--if, indeed, the viewer ever knew in the first place--that the worldview presented on the evening news is a contrivance of the network owners--owners such as General Electric (NBC) and Westinghouse (CBS), both major defense contractors. By molding our perception of the world, they mold our opinions. This distortion of reality is determined as much by what is left out of the evening news as what is included--as a glance at Project Censored's yearly list of top 25 censored news stories will reveal. If it's
 not on television, it never happened. Out of sight, out of mind.

Under the guise of journalistic objectivity, news programs subtly play on our emotions--chiefly fear. Network news divisions, for instance, frequently congratulate themselves on the great service they provide humanity by bringing such spectacles as the September 11 terror attacks into our living rooms. We have heard this falsehood so often, we have come to accept it as self-evident truth. However, the motivation for live coverage of traumatic news events is not altruistic, but rather to be found in the central focus of Cantril's War of the Worlds research--the manipulation of the public through fear.

There is another way in which we are manipulated by television news. Human beings are prone to model the behaviors they see around them, and avoid those which might invite ridicule or censure, and in the hypnotic state induced by television, this effect is particularly pronounced. For instance, a lift of the eyebrow from Peter Jennings tells us precisely what he is thinking--and by extension what we should think. In this way, opinions not sanctioned by the corporate media can be made to seem disreputable, while sanctioned opinions are made to seem the very essence of civilized thought. And should your thinking stray into unsanctioned territory despite the trusted anchor's example, a poll can be produced which shows that most persons do not think that way--and you don't want to be different do you? Thus, the mental wanderer is brought back into the fold.

This process is also at work in programs ostensibly produced for entertainment. The "logic" works like this: Archie Bunker is an idiot, Archie Bunker is against gun control, therefore idiots are against gun control. Never mind the complexities of the issue. Never mind the fact that the true purpose of the Second Amendment is not to protect the rights of deer hunters, but to protect the citizenry against a tyrannical government (an argument you will never hear voiced on any television program). Monkey see, monkey do--or, in this case, monkey not do.

Notice, too, the way in which television programs depict conspiracy researchers or anti-New World Order activists. On situation comedies, they are buffoons. On dramatic programs, they are dangerous fanatics. This imprints on the mind of the viewer the attitude that questioning the official line or holding "anti-government" opinions is crazy, therefore not to be emulated.

Another way in which entertainment programs mold opinion can be found in the occasional television movie, which "sensitively" deals with some "social" issue. A bad behavior is spotlighted--"hate" crimes, for instance--in such a way that it appears to be a far more rampant problem than it may actually be, so terrible in fact that the "only" cure for it is more laws and government "protection." Never mind that laws may already exist to cover these crimes--the law against murder, for instance. Once we have seen the well-publicized murder of the young gay man Matthew Shepherd dramatized in not one, but two, television movies in all its heartrending horror, nothing will do but we pass a law making the very thought behind the crime illegal.

People will also model behaviors from popular entertainment which are not only dangerous to their health and could land them in jail, but also contribute to social chaos. While this may seem to be simply a matter of the producers giving the audience what it wants, or the artist holding a mirror up to society, it is in fact intended to influence behavior.

Consider the way many films glorify drug abuse. When a popular star playing a sympathetic character in a mainstream R-rated film uses hard drugs with no apparent health or legal consequences (John Travolta's use of heroin in Pulp Fiction, for instance--an R-rated film produced for theatrical release, which now has found a permanent home on television, via cable and video players), a certain percentage of people--particularly the impressionable young--will perceive hard drug use as the epitome of anti-Establishment cool and will model that behavior, contributing to an increase in drug abuse. And who benefits?

As has been well documented by Gary Webb in his award-winning series for the San Jose Mercury New, former Los Angeles narcotics detective Michael Ruppert, and many other researchers and whistleblowers--the CIA is the main purveyor of hard drugs in this country. The CIA also has its hand in the "prison-industrial complex." Wackenhut Corporation, the largest owner of private prisons, has on its board of directors many former CIA employees, and is very likely a CIA front. Thus, films which glorify drug abuse may be seen as recruitment ads for the slave labor-based private prison system. Also, the social chaos and inflated crime rate which result from the contrived drug problem contributes to the demand from a frightened society for more prisons, more laws, and the further erosion of civil liberties. This effect is further heightened by television news segments and documentaries which focus on drug abuse and other crimes, thus giving the public the
 misperception that crime is even higher than it really is.

There is another socially debilitating process at work in what passes for entertainment on television these days. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in adult subject matter on programs presented during family viewing hours. For instance, it is common for today's prime-time situation comedies to make jokes about such matters as masturbation (Seinfeld once devoted an entire episode to the topic), or for daytime talk shows such as Jerry Springer's to showcase such topics as bestiality. Even worse are the "reality" programs currently in vogue. Each new offering in this genre seems to hit a new low. MTV, for instance, recently subjected a couple to a Candid Camera-style prank in which, after winning a trip to Las Vegas, they entered their hotel room to find an actor made up as a mutilated corpse in the bathtub. Naturally, they were traumatized by the experience and sued the network. Or, consider a new show on British television in which
 contestants compete to see who can infect each other with the most diseases--venereal diseases included.

It would appear, at the very least, that these programs serve as a shill operation to strengthen the argument for censorship. There may also be an even darker motive. These programs contribute to the general coarsening of society we see all around us--the decline in manners and common human decency and the acceptance of cruelty for its own sake as a legitimate form of entertainment. Ultimately, this has the effect of debasing human beings into savages, brutes--the better to herd them into global slavery.

For the first decade or so after the Dawn of Television, there were only a handful of channels in each market--one for each of the three major networks and maybe one or two independents. Later, with the advent of cable and more channels, the population pie began to be sliced into finer pieces--or "niche markets." This development has often been described as representing a growing diversity of choices, but in reality it is a fine-tuning of the process of mass manipulation, a honing-in on particular segments of the population, not only to sell them specifically-targeted consumer products but to influence their thinking in ways advantageous to the globalist agenda.

One of these "target audiences" is that portion of the population which, after years of blatant government cover-up in areas such as UFOs and the assassination of John F. Kennedy, maintains a cynicism toward the official line, despite the best efforts of television programmers to depict conspiracy research in a negative light. How to reach this vast, disenfranchised target audience and co-opt their thinking? One way is to put documentaries before them which mix of fact with disinformation, thereby confusing them. Another is to take the X Files approach.

The heroes of X Files are investigators in a fictitious paranormal department of the FBI whose adventures sometimes take them into parapolitical territory. On the surface this sounds good. However, whatever good X Files might accomplish by touching on such matters as MK-ULTRA or the JFK assassination is cancelled out by associating them with bug-eyed aliens and ghosts. Also, on X Files, the truth is always depicted as "out there" somewhere--in the stars, or some other dimension, never in brainwashing centers such as the RAND Corporation or its London counterpart, the Tavistock Institute. This has the effect of obscuring the truth, making it seem impossibly out-of-reach, and associating reasonable lines of political inquiry with the fantastic and other-wordly.

Not that there is no connection between the parapolitical and the paranormal. There is undoubtedly a cover-up at work with regard to UFOs, but if we accept uncritically the notion that UFOs are anything other than terrestrial in origin, we are falling headfirst into a carefully-set trap. To its credit, X Files has dealt with the idea that extraterrestrials might be a clever hoax by the government, but never decisively. The labyrinthine plots of the show somehow manage to leave the viewer wondering if perhaps the hoax idea is itself a hoax put out there to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials. This is hardly helpful to a true understanding of UFOs and associated phenomena, such as alien abductions and cattle mutilations.

Extraterrestrials have been a staple of popular entertainment since The War of the Worlds (both the novel and its radio adaptation). They have been depicted as invaders and benefactors, but rarely have they been unequivocally depicted as a hoax. There was an episode of Outer Limits which depicted a group of scientists staging a mock alien invasion to frighten the world's population into uniting as one--but, again, such examples are rare. Even in UFO documentaries on the Discovery Channel, the possibility of a terrestrial origin for the phenomenon is conspicuous by its lack of mention.

UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, the real-life model for the French scientist in Stephen Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, attempted to interest Spielberg in a terrestrial explanation for the phenomenon. In an interview on Conspire.com, Vallee said, "I argued with him that the subject was even more interesting if it wasn't extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET. So he said, 'You're probably right, but that's not what the public is expecting--this is Hollywood and I want to give people something that's close to what they expect.'"

How convenient that what Spielberg says the people expect is also what the Pentagon wants them to believe.

In Messengers of Deception, Vallee tracks the history of a wartime British Intelligence unit devoted to psychological operations. Code-named (interestingly) the "Martians," it specialized in manufacturing and distributing false intelligence to confuse the enemy. Among its activities were the creation of phantom armies with inflatable tanks, simulations of the sounds of military ships maneuvering in the fog, and forged letters to lovers from phantom soldiers attached to phantom regiments.

Vallee suggests that deception operations of this kind may have extended beyond World War II, and that much of the "evidence" for "flying saucers" is no more real than the inflatable tanks of World War II. He writes: "The close association of many UFO sightings with advanced military hardware (test sites like the New Mexico proving grounds, missile silos of the northern plains, naval construction sites like the major nuclear facility at Pascagoula and the bizarre love affairs ... between contactee groups, occult sects, and extremist political factions, are utterly clear signals that we must exercise extreme caution."

Many people find it fantastic that the government would perpetrate such a hoax, while at the same time having no difficulty entertaining the notion that extraterrestrials are regularly traveling light years to this planet to kidnap people out of their beds and subject them to anal probes.

The military routinely puts out disinformation to obscure its activities, and this has certainly been the case with UFOs. Consider Paul Bennewitz, the UFO enthusiast who began studying strange lights that would appear nightly over the Manzano Test Range outside Albuquerque. When the Air Force learned about his study, ufologist William Moore (by his own admission) was recruited to feed him forged military documents describing a threat from extraterrestrials. The effect was to confuse Bennewitz--even making him paranoid enough to be hospitalized--and discredit his research. Evidently, those strange lights belonged to the Air Force, which does not like outsiders inquiring into its affairs.

What the Air Force did to Bennewitz, it also does on a mass scale--and popular entertainment has been complicit in this process. Whether or not the filmmakers themselves are consciously aware of this agenda does not matter. The notion that extraterrestrials might visit this planet is so much a part of popular culture and modern mythology that it hardly needs assistance from the military to propagate itself.

It has the effect not only of obscuring what is really going on at research facilities such as Area 51, but of tainting UFO research in general as "kooky"--and does the job so thoroughly that one need only say "UFO" in the same breath with "JFK" to discredit research in that area as well. It also may, in the end, serve the same purpose as depicted in that Outer Limits episode--to unite the world's population against a perceived common threat, thus offering the pretext for one-world government.

The following quotes demonstrate that the idea has at least occurred to world leaders:

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." (President Ronald Reagan, speaking in 1987 to the United Nations.

"The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets." General Douglas MacArthur, 1955)

Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose." (John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, speaking at a conference sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1917)

And where was this "alien threat" motif given birth? Again, we find the answer in popular entertainment, and again the earliest source is The War of the Worlds--both Wells' and Welles' versions.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that H. G. Wells was a founding member of the Round Table, the think tank that gave birth to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and its American cousin, the CFR. Perhaps Wells intentionally introduced the motif as a meme which might prove useful later in establishing the "world social democracy" he described in his 1939 book The New World Order. Perhaps, too, another purpose of the Orson Welles broadcast was to test of the public's willingness to believe in extraterrestrials.

At any rate, it proved a popular motif, and paved the way for countless movies and television programs to come, and has often proven a handy device for promoting the New World Order, whether the extraterrestrials are invaders or--in films like The Day the Earth Stood Still--benefactors who have come to Earth to warn us to mend our ways and unite as one, or be blown to bits.

We see the globalist agenda at work in Star Trek and its spin-offs as well. Over the years, many a television viewer's mind has been imprinted with the idea that centralized government is the solution for our problems. Never mind the complexities of the issue--never mind the fact that, in the real world, centralization of power leads to tyranny. The reptile brain, hypnotized by the flickering television screen, has seen Captain Kirk and his culturally diverse crew demonstrate time and again that the United Federation of Planets is a good thing. Therefore, it must be so.

It remains to be seen whether the Masters of Deception will, like those scientists in The Outer Limits, stage an invasion from space with anti-gravity machines and holograms, but, if they do, it will surely be broadcast on television, so that anyone out of range of that light show in the sky, will be able to see it, and all with eyes to see will believe. It will be War of the Worlds on a grand scale.

Jack Kerouac once noted, while walking down a residential street at night, glancing into living rooms lit by the gray glare of television sets, that we have become a world of people "thinking the same thoughts at the same time."

Every day, millions upon millions of human beings sit down at the same time to watch the same football game, the same mini-series, the same newscast. And where might all this shared experience and uniformity of thought be taking us?

A recent report co-sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Commerce Department calls for a broad-based research program to find ways to use nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences, to achieve telepathy, machine-to-human communication, amplified sensory experience, enhanced intellectual capacity, and mass participation in a "hive mind." Quoting the report: "With knowledge no longer encapsulated in individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur. Think Vulcan mind-meld. We would perhaps become more of a hive mind--an enormous, single, intelligent entity."

There is no doubt that we have been brought closer to the "hive mind" by the mass media. For, what is the shared experience of television but a type of "Vulcan mind-meld"? (Note the terminology borrowed from Star Trek, no doubt to make the concept more familiar and palatable. If Spock does it, it must be okay.)

This government report would have us believe that the hive mind will be for our good--a wonderful leap in evolution. It is nothing of the kind. For one thing, if the government is behind it, you may rest assured it is not for our good. For another, common sense should tell us that blurring the line "between individuals and the entirety of humanity" means mass conformity, the death of human individuality. Make no mistake about it--if humanity is to become a hive, there will be at the center of that hive a Queen Bee, whom all the lesser "insects" will serve. This is not evolution--this is devolution. Worse, it is the ultimate slavery--the slavery of the mind.

And it is a horror first unleashed in 1938 when one million people responded as one--as a hive--to Orson Welles' Halloween prank.

In a sense, those people who fled the Martians that night were right to be afraid. They were indeed under attack. But they were wrong about who was attacking them. It was something far worse than Martians. Had they only known the true nature of the danger facing them, perhaps they would have gone to the nearest radio station with torches in hand like the villagers in those old Frankenstein movies and burned it to the ground, or at least commandeered the new technology and turned it towards another use--the liberation of humanity, instead of its enslavement.

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Why Conservative Americans Admire Putin

America's president has torn his land into a thousand pieces. The propaganda media machine covers Obama's trail of blood and shows the president in a good way without a word of dissent. During his time in office there has been a boiling pot in America that began with the Tea Party in 2010 that took back the House of Representatives. The original Tea Party of 1773 protested the British government's high taxes on the American colonies. The modern Tea Party's success was short lived by Obama's illegal interference. In addition, these American Christian conservatives feel their voice ignored by the 2 major political powers in America: the Democrats and the Republicans. They feel betrayed and helpless in a land turned upside down. Slowly they began to notice President Vladimir Putin's actions and deemed him worthy of admiration and respect by all conservatives.

When Obama won again in 2012 there were claims of fraud and stolen elections. All was done electronically at the voting booth. For the first time paper ballots were not used ensuring Obama's victory. People claimed they clicked one name but Obama's name would only show. Where was the Tea Party? It had so much power in 2010. Even other conservative groups were nowhere to be found. Only some radio and internet outlets spoke of the fraud and stolen elections. Obama's logic prevailed.

This year it was proven that Obama's regime openly went after Tea Party leaders and other members with the IRS whose power it is to impose higher taxes and force audits upon them. Now things began to be clear as to why the conservative movement seemed powerless. An American housewife wrote me, "In the land of the "free" and the "brave," we are not permitted to voice our opinion publicly (we are simply the invisible, pathetic tax-payers or tributaries of the present regime)."

After the Great Patriotic War, Americans looked at Russians as atheists and communists. Russians were viewed as intelligent but liars and devils not to be trusted. When Solzhenitsyn came to America he was looked upon as a hero from the Soviet Union by the American press. The US media later portrayed him in a negative way calling him naïve and ignorant of American society even though Solzhenitsyn was only pointing out the truth known by many conservative Americans. His 1978 speech in this video in America at the Harvard University is not only true about America but prophetic as well. Solzhenitsyn knew communism was infecting society and saw its effect. He also saw "Destructive and irresponsible freedom" in America.

Solzhenitsyn says in the USA, "Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence, such as, for example, misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, motion pictures full of pornography, crime and horror. It is considered to be part of freedom and theoretically counter-balanced by the young people's right not to look or not to accept. Life organized legalistically has thus shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil." The US media made sure his words were ignored by many and society has become much worse in the last 30 years in America.

At another time he warns not only Americans but Russians as well, "We should teach future generations so they can avoid the mistakes of those who turn away from God. Otherwise, they will suffer the same fate as those who were murdered." Many conservative Americans understood Solzhenitsyn as they knew America was changing for the worse at that time. Yet, these American minds were always persuaded to see Russians as their enemy.

During the 70's for example, on TV they showed the Victory Day parade from Moscow as the "May Day" parade as described by ABC, CBC and NBC news. They would stand in front of St Basil's cathedral and firmly state in a loud and pompous voice, "Here we are in front of the Kremlin... in this parade the Soviet Union is proud to show the world their military power". They never knew that St Basil was not the Kremlin but they managed to make Americans think that Russians were arrogantly threatening them with world domination.

Alexis de Tocqueville saw America in its youth and wrote in his Democracy in America, "I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors...; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great." During the Cold War one American was able to see Russia's true spirituality; "The secret of her genius and power."

Reagan turned America's eyes towards Russia's goodness when he said on May 30, 1988 in Moscow, at the Danilov Monastery: "There is a beautiful passage that I'd just like to read, if I may. It's from one of this country's great writers and believers, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, about the faith that is as elemental to this land as the dark and fertile soil. He wrote: "When you travel the byroads of central Russia, you begin to understand the secret of the pacifying Russian countryside. It is in the churches. They lift their bell-towers-graceful, shapely, all different-high over mundane timber and thatch. From villages that are cut off and invisible to each other, they soar to the same heaven.... The evening chimes used to ring out, floating over the villages, fields, and woods, reminding men that they must abandon trivial concerns of this world and give time and thought to eternity."

When conservatives elected their own champion in 1980 the world seemed right again. President Ronald Reagan admired Solzhenitsyn. Reagan called the Soviet Union the evil empire but many forget he also called communism in America evil as well. He warned his fellow Americans, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under." In 1983 President Ronald Reagan declared that year as the national Year of the Bible. He said, "Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face." Also saying, "Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged."

Reagan was trying to bring God back into the public. Already laws were established to keep prayer out of schools and nativity scenes banned. Even the 10 commandments were forbidden in many public places. He knew that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, "separation of church and state", meant that the Church must be protected from the state not as the American communists defined it as religion prohibited in public places.

Americans watch Obama destroying their own country and the world. They do not want war in Syria or Iran. With no hero to save them they become frustrated and look to Putin. Although they hear the same mantra from their TV that Putin is a dictator, Putin is evil, Putin is a murderer; from the internet they see him kneeling at Christ's Holy Sepulcher which Obama never does when visiting Jerusalem. They see him going tochurch when they know Obama favors Muslims who attack Christians and their churches. They see Putin establishing laws to protect the church and laws against homosexuality. This they admire and this brings them hope. Hope in their upside down world where there is a leader willing to follow Christ. They have no Reagan but they see Putin whom they wish was their president. Here are a few examples of the thousands of emails I have received:

"One of my fantasies is to kidnap Vladimir Putin and make him the leader of the US." - Jim. "The fact that Putin allows Christianity is an AMAZING thing, while Christians, true ones, are persecuted in anti christ America." - Robert. "Putin has encouraged the nation of Russia to return to spiritual values, whereas the US. is going in the opposite direction. " - Glen . "It is a shame that it takes someone from Russia to speak the truth that our media refuses to do. The reason they don't is because they are communists themselves. " - Steve. "Obama is definitely a communist, I have believed this all along. Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave." - John. "I used to live in a country where strong conservative morale character meant something. No longer and the days of darkness here in the USA have begun. " - Loy. "Putin seems like he is really trying to lead and do the right thing for his country. You are lucky. Obama is not done destroying my country." - Loy

"We are witnessing the slow decline and eventual destruction of the United States, as was the case for the Roman and Greek Empires. When history is recorded of the deeds, actions, and accomplishments of great leaders, President Putin will stand tall because he dared to uphold the virtues of the Christian faith and civilization itself. " - Richard Dixon

Americans can almost say like Tocqueville , "In America (France) I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions. But in Russia (America) I found they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country."

If you still do not understand why American Christians admire Putin then see the video my US Marine friend made below. All agree with what Putin said and did in the video and prefer him or someone like him as their president. American conservatives hear only lies from their TV but what they see on the internet from Russia regarding Putin is true because Christ guides them to see the Truth. The Holy Spirit does not fail them and inspires them to see Russia. They know a tree by its fruit. Putin obviously respects the Christian Church but Obama and their American government does not.

Putin- Defender of the Faith


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MKULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ portrait: painted for gun control by Jon Rappoport

*( Manchurian Candidate shooters are programmed not to kill police officers, as in the 1997 North Hollywood shootout, among many other incidents. 'The North Hollywood shootout was an armed confrontation between two heavily armed and armored bank robbers and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles on February 28, 1997. Both robbers were killed, eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured, and numerous vehicles and other property were damaged or destroyed by the nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition fired by the robbers and police.[2]'
*They were programmed to only wound police officers not to kill them.
* Note that in the Navy Shipyard shooting it was reported that Alexis shot at least one police officer in the legs. there were other reports he wounder two police officers. As in Gladio operations throughout Europe the shooters are told not to kill police or any other official of the state without permission.in one incident it Italy in a Gladio operation one of the admitted fascist suspects in Gladio planted a bomb in a police car that killed three policemen (carabinieri). Because it was not clear to him that he was not suppose to attack state officials he was imprisoned for life. Yet his statements about Gladio since his trial have been a bombshell of information about Gladio operational details. All details of this recent Navy Shipyard shooting and Alexis provide very strong evidence that this was an engineered event by and agency or entity of the military industrial complex upon orders from some group who controls the White House..)
Edward Schooling, LAPD retired-formerly in US Army military police and in special operations in Italy with a top secret clearance.

September 19, 2013
Mentally unstable man in the military gains legal access to gun, goes on rampage. That’s the portrait.
Heavily promoted details: “Should never have been allowed to buy a gun, but prior red-flag arrests weren’t prosecuted. Slipped through the cracks. Heard voices, claimed he was being assaulted with microwaves that prevented him from sleeping. Obvious nut job. But still, he was able to buy a gun.”
Bottom line: Do whatever is necessary to grab guns from private citizens. Tighten laws. Step up psychiatric interventions across the land, to prevent shootings before they occur.
Perfect. You couldn’t have scripted a better sales campaign for gun control.
And therefore, one can legitimately ask: Did somebody script the word-picture of Alexis for that very purpose?
Until official sources retracted the claim that Alexis had an AR-15 at the Navy Yard, it was: James Holmes (Aurora), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) and Alexis all supposedly firing the semi-auto weapon. Bottom line: “stop selling the AR-15 and any other semi-auto.”
When it comes to characterizing Alexis as mentally unstable, you need to ask yourself this—if someone was, in fact, deploying available technology to produce the sounds of voices talking to you, and hitting you with microwaves to keep you awake night after night…
What could you do to make people believe that story?
I’ll tell you what: nothing. You’d be sunk.
Let’s assume Alexis was already somewhat unstable. That would make him a better candidate for harassment.
At that point, there would be two ways to go, if you wanted to engineer a mass shooting. Make Alexis an innocent patsy. Or actually turn him into a Manchurian Candidate, an MKULTRA subject who would kill.
If your objective is gun control, you’d achieve your aim either way.
And here is the bonus: in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, you could institute more psychiatric control of the citizenry, which means, when you strip away the baloney, more fake mental-disorder diagnoses and more drugs which CAUSE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, including suicide and homicide.
After which you can make an even better case for universal gun banning, because people on those drugs would be committing murders from coast to coast in greater numbers.
Of course, when television viewers pray at the altar of the major news networks, they would never entertain, for a moment, what I’m suggesting here. Why not? Because, as consumers, they’ve allowed themselves to be conditioned, for many years, by the kinds of tales these media outlets tell. If well-known “journalists” don’t speak of “patsy” or “mind control,” there’s nothing to know about.
Patsy at the scene? How would that work? Several possibilities. Alexis is there, but another shooter is doing the killing. He kills Alexis, who becomes the focus of the story, the “shooter.” A shotgun and AR-15 are placed near his body.
The problem to overcome: witness statements.
So far, I find two witnesses, Terry Durham and Todd Brundige, executive assistants in Building 197, who claim they saw “the shooter” down a long hallway fire a a gun at them.
In their television interview, which you can find at YouTube (BBC, other outlets) they claim they couldn’t see the shooter’s face. However, the Washington Times reports Durham saying, “I could see his face.” Quite odd, when we have her on camera saying the reverse.
Other news outlets use headlines to suggest these two witnesses did see (“confronted,” “came face-to-face with”) the killer’s face, but the body of text finally confesses this is not the case, despite some slippery language (“came around a corner and saw the killer”).
Obviously, media outlets are trying to make more out of less.
It seems somewhat curious that we don’t have many witnesses who are specifically making positive IDs of Alexis killing people in the building. For example, in the Aurora Theater shooting, a number of witnesses say they saw the shooter. Of course, he was masked.
Well, what about police statements? We’re told cops killed Alexis in a shootout. How many cops? Unknown. Five, ten, one? I find one report of a canine cop (unnamed) who traded shots with “a gunman” and was seriously wounded in both legs. He was in surgery at the time of the report, and was expected to undergo a number of operations, in an attempt to save his legs.
Perhaps there are other witness statements out there which positively ID Alexis as the shooter. I have not found them.
The Matrix Revealed
Turning Alexis into an MKULTRA Manchurian Candidate, who would, as a result of mind control, go into the building and kill people is an entirely different matter.
In that case, the microwave harassment and the broadcast voices would serve as a softening up process. But much more would have to be done.
(I should note here that when Alexis reported the voices and the microwave harassment to the Rhode Island police, he refused to say what the voices were telling him. If his basic story is true, perhaps he was receiving commands and instructions—although in my opinion such commands (“kill,” “attack,” etc.) would be insufficient to program him specifically.)
Although there are patents one could search to try to learn about modern mind control technology, and statements from people who were past victims of mind control, many blank areas remain. This is because the experiments are secret.
Here is a bit of background on MKULTRA secrecy.
Back in the early 1990s, I interviewed John Marks, author ofSearch for the Manchurian Candidate (1979). This was the book that exposed the existence of the CIA MKULTRA program.
Marks related the following to me. He had filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests to the CIA for documents relating to their mind-control program. He got nothing back.
Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent him 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”
I’ve seen some of those records. They’re very boring reading.
But Marks went through them, and lo and behold, he found he could piece together MKULTRA projects, based on the funding data.
Eventually, he assembled enough information to begin naming names. He conducted interviews. The shape of MKULTRA swam into view. And so he wrote his book, Search for the Manchurian Candidate.
He told me that three important books had been written about MKULTRA, and they all, in a sense, stemmed from those 10 boxes of CIA financial records. There was his own book;Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart; and The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton.
Marks continued to press the CIA for more MKULTRA information. He explained to me what then happened. A CIA official told him the following: in 1962, after ten years of mind-control experiments, the whole MKULTRA program had been shifted over to another internal CIA department, the Office of Research and Development (ORD).
The ORD had a hundred boxes of information on their MKULTRA work, and there was no way under the sun, Marks was told, that he was ever going to get his hands on any of it. It was over. It didn’t matter how many FOIA requests Marks filed. He was done. The door was shut. Goodbye.
The CIA had gone darker than it ever had before. No leaks of any kind would be permitted.
In case there is any doubt about it, the idea of relying on the CIA to admit what it has done in the mind-control area, what it is doing, and what it will do should be put to bed by John Mark’s statements. The CIA always has been, and will continue to be, a rogue agency beyond the reach of the law.
To give you just a hint about how far the CIA, the US military, and its allied academics will go in MKULTRA “research,” here are two brief excerpts from a piece I wrote in 1995 about human experiments. My information was based on the three key books I mentioned above, as well as Martin Lee’s classic, Acid Dreams:
“Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, as early as 1955, working for the Army, gave patients LSD while he had electrodes implanted deep inside their brains.”
“In the mid-1950’s, Paul Hoch, M.D., a man who would become Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York, then a laborer in the field for the CIA, gave a ‘pseudoneurotic schizophrenic’ patient mescaline. The patient had a not-unfamiliar heaven-and-hell journey on the compound. But Hoch followed this up with a transorbital leucotomy [aka lobotomy]… Hoch also gave a patient LSD, and a local anesthetic, and then proceeded to remove pieces of his cerebral cortex, asking at various moments whether the patient’s perceptions were changing.”
Exit From the Matrix
Because “more psychiatric treatment” is a prime agenda, pushed after every one of these mass shootings, people need to understand how the history of mind control and psychiatry are interwoven, and how the madmen and murderers within these “professions” are content to use torture in the name of science.
From a naturalnews article by Dr. Peter Breggin (“Never again! The real history of psychiatry”) we get insight into one aspect of that history:
“[Before World War 2, in America], organized psychiatry had been sterilizing tens of thousands of Americans. For a time in California, you couldn’t be discharged from a state [mental] hospital unless you were sterilized. In Virginia the retarded were targeted. American advocates of sterilization went to Berlin to help the Nazis plan their sterilization program. These Americans reassured the Germans that they would meet no opposition from America in sterilizing their mentally and physically ‘unfit’ citizens.
“While the murder of mental patients was going full swing in Germany, knowledgeable American psychiatrists and neurologists didn’t want to be left out. In 1942, the American Psychiatric Association held a debate about whether to sterilize or to murder low IQ ‘retarded’ children when they reached the age of five. Those were the only two alternatives in the debate: sterilization or death.
“After the debate, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association published an editorial in which it chose sides in favor of murder (“Euthanasia” in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 1942, volume 99, pp. 141-143). It said psychiatrists would have to muster their psychological skills to keep parents from feeling guilty about agreeing to have their children killed.”
Dr. Breggin, in his books, including Toxic Psychiatry andMedication Madness, demonstrates that this “healing profession” is still tilling the same soil. Because of its reach with toxic drugs, it’s more dangerous and deadly than ever. Only its PR has improved.
I obviously can’t prove or conclude that Aaron Alexis was MKULTRA-programmed. But I can say the CIA and other allied agencies have an extensive track record of carrying out horrendous mind-control experiments, concealing them, concealing the technology, and making bland statements to the public and the press denying their contemporary use of mind-control.
If Alexis was, in fact, the man who killed people in the the Navy Yard, and he wasn’t overtly programmed to do it, then recent accounts strongly suggest he was taking psychiatric drugs. The SSRI antidepressants, in particular, have a long track record of pushing patients over the edge into suicidal and murderous violence.
Psychiatry IS a form of MKULTRA. It operates according to a different plan, what I call the Johnny Appleseed approach. Drop enough drugs into enough bodies, and then stand back and watch the killings sprout here and there and here and there, across the land.
Jon Rappoport

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Politicians can decide whether I’m a journalist? Good luck. Sep 19 by Jon Rappoport

Politicians can decide whether I’m a journalist? Good luck.
By Jon Rappoport
September 19, 2013
The Free Flow of Information Act, Senate Bill 987, is now under consideration.
This misnamed piece of insanity seeks to define who a journalist is and isn’t, thereby compelling all “non-journalists” to reveal their sources on demand.
Who would be non-journalists? Millions and millions of people who blog, write online articles, and post videos.
Sorry. No sale, Congress.
The bill, which tries to define what a reporter is, is going to be as effective as trying to stop waves from breaking on the beach with your prurient sniffing noses.
If politicians can decide whether I’m a journalist, I can decide whether they’re representing the people who elected them.
If politicians can declare I’m not a reporter, and therefore I must testify about my sources, I can decide they’re not representatives, and therefore all their votes on legislation are null and void.
I can also decide Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, and Dianne Sawyer are animated cartoons that read press releases from the White House. Not journalists.
I can decide that one of the bill’s main supporters, gun-toting Senator Dianne Feinstein, who replaced her weapon with armed security guards, is a frog who was hatched in a Superfund site.
I can decide the Constitution makes illegal 95% of what the federal government does, merely on the basis of the 10thAmendment.
I can decide the NSA is a fake investigative reporter who is sourcing 90% of his stories by spying on the American people—and therefore must reveal those sources. He must disclose all the names of all the people in America (his sources) on whom he is spying.
I can decide Washington DC is a cesspool of poison and must be cordoned off, eliminating entry and exit, and thereby protecting the rest of America.
My freedom does not come from the government.
My freedom to write and speak does not come from politicians.
Or from the courts.
Exit From the Matrix
Feinstein wants to define a reporter as someone who draws a paycheck from a legitimate news organization. I define her as a politician who draws an illegitimate paycheck from the American people.
I define mainstream news organizations as cowardly thieves who spend their days deceiving their audiences. These organizations should exist in a giant soap bubble, where they can talk only to each other.
Because news companies are bleeding red ink out of every orifice, they want protection. They want an official legislated monopoly on inventing reality.
But intrinsically, reality is a matter open to debate.
That fact will never change.
No president, whether he claims to feel our pain, can’t read a teleprompter, or appears out of a cloud to save the world can alter that fact.
Here is the truth. Everyone is a reporter. Everyone can seek answers and look for them. This is: the ocean.
Now, you politicians, waddle up to it and stick your nosy noses against it and try to stop it.
You lose.
Your cesspool will go dry before our ocean does.

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NSA penetrated by Israel, and who else?

“Israeli spies have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.” - Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

“Life is tough, Pilgrim... and it’s even tougher if you’re stupid”... actor John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima.

The NSA’s going over to the Israelis by giving them a motherload of intelligence sparked the double quote today. The Bobby Inman one is a rare classic as we still had leaders in the 1980s who would level with the people about out real internal threats. What we are left with now is not fit to shine someone like Inman’s shoes.

We have a Homeland Security that warns us that returning War of Terror vets and constitutionalists have to watched closely as emerging threats. Who has time to wait for emerging threats? I want to catch some bad guys and hang them now before they make that illegal.

In my writing career I have always made an effort to challenge my readers, and one of the common threads has been in trying to get people to take ownership of a problem.

If our NSA has sold us out to the Israelis and their criminal mob friends, they must have total contempt for us. We have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the embarrassing question... “Have we been stupid?”

I am going to detail what a security disaster this data sharing with known criminals is for all Americans. The Obama presidency should fall over this, like going down an elevator shaft, but to be replaced with what, Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden?

I just checked quickly again but there is almost nothing in the American news about this story other than sourcing theGuardian article. Commentary, any framing or background... seems to be zero. How could a story like this be ignored?

A quick recap is in order for those who missed the initial story. The NSA is giving the Israeli signal intelligence people raw communications data streams for their analysis. The Israelis are on the ‘honor system’ for divulging if American names are identified, and if any Federal government communications are found, they are supposed to destroy them. But none of this is legally binding. Imagine that!

This is the classic loosely drawn up arrangement with lots of wiggle room for both parties to interpret however they need to if a problem pops up. And it puts Americans at great risk for a number of reasons.

First, Israel has long been involved in major industrial espionage operations all over the world. These are overt criminal activities which they do to fund their Intel overhead and make friends in high places by selling information they can't use to someone else. Having access to large raw data streams can open the door to insider trading opportunities to make tons of money.

For example if you identified the auditors of some Fortune 500 companies you can get tipped off weeks in advance on a quarterly earnings report where you could make a fortune on shorting the stock or buying long. You could do this over and over and over once you had the key people identified. Big business executives talking about a merger or acquisition would be example.

Israeli Intel has formal partnerships with large financial firms and hedge funds they ‘assist’, and to whom they sell information or do profit sharing arrangements. Access to these NSA data streams is a goldmine that never runs out of gold, with the added bonus that the whole arrangement is hidden behind top security classifications.

So the public and legal business community routinely get robbed and pilfered by Intel operatives teaming up with market traders to game everything from financial instruments to the commodities markets. To my knowledge no counter intelligence division has ever broken up one of these networks How could they? No one has broken up an Israeli network since anyone can remember.

Next we move on to intellectual property, designs for new products, technology breakthroughs etc. where tons of this information is flowing over the internet. Any enterprising Intel group that could snap this up could do a land office business helping others avoid high research and development costs.

Israel was so aggressive with military and nuclear espionage in the 1980s, their heyday, that 50% of our counter intelligence people were tied up chasing them around, only to have the prosecutions often stopped by political interference due to not wanting to 'embarrass an ally'.

We have interviewed more than a few hard working FBI people who quit in disgust when they saw the obstruction of justice when it came to Israelis. It’s a 30-year national scandal.

This brings us to the defense industry risk of this brain dead sharing deal. I mentioned above that Federal government communications were supposed to have been cleaned out of the data turned over. But a huge number of defense contractors who are all over the world are having their communications sucked up by NSA, and then being turned over to the Israelis. That would be a gold mine for Israeli Intel, not only to use but to sell to interested parties.

The backdrop for all of this is the power of data mining which can do incredible things. But you really need large databases for it to be effective. A huge amount can be obtained from commercial vendors as people would be shocked to learn how much of their information is for sale on the open market.

Next, someone like Israel has their own illegally gotten material through their own espionage, and then on top of that the NSA decides to play Santa Claus and give them a lot more, what they have not already been stealing from us.

This allows them to keep building their main databases so they become more and more powerful... and a bigger threat than they already are. And in this particular case they are protected from any Jonathan Pollard type scandals because the NSA is just handing it over to them. They are in effect transferring American sovereignty to a country widely known to be a major offensive espionage threat. You just can't make this stuff up.

This Snowden revelation was not really a surprise for those who have been around this business. Glenn Greenwald used the 911 anniversary to pull the tail of the NSA by putting the formal Israeli agreement out there for us all to read.

Has Congress been aware of this, or at least the leaders? I saw no media banging their doors down today, or the public for that matter. What else like this is going on that they are hiding behind security classifications, and are the people minding the store with us, or the Israelis? Suspicious Americans would like to know, but they don’t trust their government to investigate itself.

So this incident was another nail in the coffin being built for the demise of our country, where the government is deemed a threat and danger to all. They can do almost anything they chose, hide it behind security classifications or subcontract it out to someone like Israel who is outside our legal jurisdiction.

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Jewish Psychological and Political Warfare (Part I)-by Jonas E. Alexis

In his recent work Breach of Trust, noted military historian and political scientist Andrew J. Bacevich of Boston University argues that

“Apart from a handful of deluded neoconservatives, no one believes that the United States accomplished its objectives in Iraq, unless the main objective was to commit mayhem, apply a tourniquet to staunch the bleeding, and then declare the patient stable while hastily leaving the scene of the crime.”[1]

This is not just the assessment of an academic sitting behind his desk at an ivory-tower institution and making detached observation. Bacevich is a military man who lost his son in Iraq in 2007.[2]

After graduating from West Point in 1969, Bacevich got accepted in the U.S. Army. He served his country in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and got retired from the army in the 1990s.

Bacevich has been saying since 2005 that the war in Iraq is “an unwinnable war.” The war is unwinnable largely because it was based on colossal lies. Soldier after soldier who went to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction detailed the same thing. One soldier in particular, Justin LeHew, called the invasion “madness and chaos.”[3]

In response to Jewish neoconservative Max Boot’s Machiavellian assertion that “Public apathy [toward war] presents a potential opportunity,” Bacevich declares,

“Apathy toward war is symptomatic of advancing civic decay, finding expression in apathy toward the blight of child poverty, homelessness, illegitimacy, and eating disorders also plaguing the country.

“Shrugging off wars makes it that much easier for Americans—overweight, overmedicated, and deeply in hock—to shrug off the persistence of widespread hunger, the patent failures of their criminal justice system, and any number of other problems.”[4]

In short, what Boot ends us saying is that if Americans could care less about what is going on in the Middle East, if they can forget that perpetual wars will eventually breed perpetual suffering and the destructions of nations, Boot would be happy. As Bacevich puts it,

“The thread that binds together this pattern of collective anomie is plain to see: unless the problem you’re talking about affects me personally, why should I care?”[5]

Put simply, Boot and other neo-Bolsheviks play an enormously powerful role in bringing about chaos and madness in America and the Middle East. In that sense, they are being consistent with Jewish subversive movements. As Jewish scholars Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter put it more than two decades ago,

“In almost every country about which we have information, a segment of the Jewish community played a very vital role in movements designed to undermine the existing order. This was true even in the United States where Jews have achieved unparalleled economic, cultural, and social success.”[6]


Andrew Bacevich

Boot’s Machiavellian tactic seems to relate to the story of Samson in the Old Testament. Samson’s enemies quickly realized that there was no way they could bring him down by brute force or military might. They therefore tried one of the highest forms of control ever discovered: spiritual or intellectual and psychological blindness. And psychological blindness will often include preying on other people’s sexual weakness.[7]

Samson’s enemies quickly discovered that once your enemy is blind, then you can do whatever you want with him.

First, Samson’s enemies preyed on his sexual lust. He eventually fell into their traps and hence “He was no longer on the field of battle, but rather, to use Milton’s phrase, ‘eyeless in Gaza, grinding at the mill with slaves.’”[8]

This was not the first time that sexual weakness was used as a form of psychological weapon. Euripides’ play The Bacchae can perhaps help us unravel some of the mystery here.

Pentheus, who is the king of Thebes in the play, observes that once Dionysus has unleashed sexual debauchery among the women in particular, the moral culture is doomed and sexual destruction ensues. The women usually perform their sexual rites on the mountainside, usually on Mount Parnassos above Delphi.[9]

In an attempt to put an end to this moral decay, Pentheus plans to capture Dionysus, which he eventually did.

When Dionysus, the god of sexual excess and debauchery, was finally captured, he basically told Pentheus that he got Pentheus under his wings. How can Dionysus get me under his wings, reasons Pentheus, when I got him locked up?

To make a long story short, Dionysus asks Pentheus if he would like to see the women dance naked on the mountainside. Using our modern language to parody Pentheus, he responds by saying,

“An opportunity to look at naked women? Heck, yeah! What man would say no to that? As king of Thebes, it would pain me to see this and apply my moral judgment on those naked women, but it is a small price to pay. Let’s do this.”

Using the actual version, Pentheus says, “Aye, indeed! Lead on. Why should we tarry?…That would I, though it cost me all the gold of Thebes!”

Shocked by Pentheus’s lustful desires, Dionysus responded,

“So much? Thou art quick to fall to such great longing.”

Dionysus hinted that this would probably lead to Pentheus’s own death, but since his sexual lust was overshadowing everything else, including his own moral reasoning, Pentheus could not think straight.

In the end, Dionysus led Pentheus to the mountainside, and the naked women ended up tearing Pentheus apart, leading him to a tragic death.[10]

Pentheus’ own mother, Agave, was also one of the women who participated in the Dionysian madness. Being intoxicated by the revelry and being possessed by Dionysus, she ripped off Pentheus’ head without knowing that it was her own son.

Pentheus got what he wanted, but it cost him his own life.


The enemy of Western civilization and any culture that upholds the moral and sexual order has been able to harness that sexual debauchery and unleash it in America through movies in particular.

But in order to get the big picture, let us go back to the Old Testament and see how sexual decadence ended up taking the lives of thousands of people right after the Hebrews got out of Egypt (see Numbers 25).

In Numbers 22 through 31, we find an interesting phenomenon. Balak, king of the Moabites, Israel’s enemy, tried unsuccessfully to have his sorcerer Balaam use divination to curse Israel. After many failed attempts, Balak became desperate.

Finally, when all hope had faded, Balaam told Balak that one way to bring down the people of Israel was to entice them into sexual debauchery and decadence. The book of Revelation later tells us that it was Balaam who “taught Balak to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication” (Revelation 2:14).

Sexual fornication is a quick way to fall into spiritual and psychological decadence,[11] and the early church was reprimanded for this issue in the book of Revelation.[12]

First-century Jewish historian Josephus cites Balaam saying to Balak,

“Do you therefore set out the handsomest of such of your daughters as are most eminent for beauty, and proper to force and conquer the modesty of those that behold them, and these decked and trimmed to the highest degree able.

“Then do you send them to be near camp [Israel’s camp], and give them in charge, that the young men of the Hebrews…

“When they see they are enamored of them, let them take leaves; and if they entreat them to stay, let them give their consent till they have persuaded them to leave off their obedience to their own laws, the worship of that God who established them, to worship the gods of the Midianites and by this means God will be angry at them.”[13]

David Cronenberg

Josephus says that when the Israelites began to be blinded by lust and sexual immorality, they “fell into sedition” and became the “slaves” of the Midianite women, doing whatever the Midianite women asked them to do, including making pagan sacrifices to the gods of the Midianites.

Josephus continues,

“Once the youth had tasted of these strange customs, they went with insatiable inclinations into them; and even where some of the principal men were illustrious on account of the virtues of their fathers, they also were corrupted together with the rest.”[14]

Aquinas would later say that lust makes one blind, and this was clearly the case with the Israelites when they got enticed in what was later called the affair of Peor. Commentator Matthew Henry declared that “Israel’s sin did that which all Balaam’s enchantments [sorcery and magic] could not do.”[15]

Other commentators declared that Baal-Peor was the god of prostitution, “in honour of whom women and virgins prostituted themselves.”[16]

In other words, sexual debauchery is more powerful than magic or enchantment or sorcery. Thousands of years later, Jewish cultist Anton LaVey harnessed that sexual power and turned it into a real cultural revolution in the late 1960s and 1970s in America,[17] which explicitly called for a subversion of Christianity and the moral order.[18]

Like Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich before him, and like David Cronenberg and Al Goldstein after him, LaVey thought that people need to be released from the cage of Christian morals.[19] In the process, morality was replaced with sexual liberation and perversion.[20]

LaVey’s organization was the first group among many to revive sexual magic that had been dead for a long time in much of the West, most particularly in America.[21]

Put simply, lust, political blindness, and sexual seduction can be used—and have been used—as psychological weapons in covert wars.[22] How else could you explain David Cronenberg’s movies such as Cosmopolis, A Dangerous Method, Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, etc.?

Let us hear from the filmmaker himself:

“Yes. I´m putting art in opposition to religion—or as a replacement of religion, in the sense that if religion is used to allow you to come to terms with death, and also to guide you how to live your life, then I think that art can do the same thing. But in a much less schematic way, in a much less rigid and absolute way.”[23]

Having been influenced by William S. Burroughs[24]—a writer who shot his wife, flirted with black magic, and who became possessed while writing some of his major works such as Naked Lunch[25]—Cronenberg wrote, “Whenever I kill someone in my films I’m really rehearsing my own death.”[26]

Anton Lavey

Pornography, then, is no longer an abstract principle as in Freud’s psychoanalysis, but is a psychological weapon aimed at the heart of Western culture and those who embrace the moral order. As Al Goldstein, former publisher and founder of the pornographic magazineScrew, put it,

“The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks.”[27]

This brings us to a crucial point in our discussion: the art world is bound to be degraded if and when it is governed by an ideology that seeks to subvert the moral order. Israel Shamir attributes this to the rejection of Christ, for Christ, says Shamir, is “the main fountain of creativity…There is no visual art or poetry outside of God; at best, a godless person can imitate art.”[28]

It was only a matter of time before the art world was used as a weapon against Christ:

“A photograph of a crucifix in a container of urine, entitled Piss Christ, was exhibited in the Whitney Museum, which is headed by a great friend of [former Israeli Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon, a member of Mega, Leonard Lauder.”[29]

In 2011 Israeli TV released a video near Easter which explicitly blasphemed and mocked the crucifixion of Christ, saying, “Yeshu [Jesus] was an enemy of the Jewish people. He attempted to convert us all into Christians.”

Jesus, according to the video, wanted the Jews to assimilate with the Goyim, and to assimilate “means to get [f-up] with the goyah.” In the process, a puppet monkey is crucified on the cross saying things like,

“I’m scared! I walked on water, I transformed crickets into cake! I am not Yeshu! This is a mistake!”[30]

Imagine the outcry if a goyim attempts to slightly mimic this video clip. Remember the outcry when Mel Gibson’sThe Passion of the Christ came out?

After movie was released, Charles Patterson blamed all the horrors of Jewish suffering on the gospels’ accounts. Patterson writes:

“The trouble with Mel Gibson’s film ‘The Passion’ is not the film itself, but the gospel story on which it’s based. The gospel story, which has generated more anti-Semitism than the sum of all the other anti-Semitic writings ever written, created the climate in Christian Europe that led to the Holocaust. Long before the rise of Adolf Hitler, the gospel story about the life and death of Jesus had poisoned the bloodstream of European civilization.”[31]

Heinrich Graetz drew the same conclusion more than a century earlier, charging that Christians’ “hatred against Jews” was “derived from the gospels and their theological literature.”[32]

For Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News, Gibson’s Passion was “the most virulently antisemitic movie made since the German propaganda films of World War II.”[33]

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of the fraudulent book Hitler’s Willing Executioners,[34] wrote that “Gibson’s film takes the fetishizing of horror and death that exists within Christianity to some sort of sickly logical conclusion.

Visually, iconographically and symbolically, Gibson’s ‘Passion’ is a sadomasochistic, orgiastic display that demonizes Jews as it degrades those who revel in viewing the horror…

“Its orgy of unsurpassed and virtually unremitting sadism restores this part of the Jesus story—de-emphasized by the Catholic Church since the Vatican II reforms—to center stage, to haunt all those who would follow Jesus with indelible, iconic images of cruelty. Gibson has thus unwittingly exposed the misguidedness of this cult of death.”[35]

William S. Burroughs

Jewish professor Paul Fredriksen declared when the movie came out, “When violence breaks out, Mel Gibson will have a much higher authority than professors and bishops to answer to.”[36]

The Los Angeles Times added that the movie is “a gasoline-soaked rag tossed on the already roaring flames of anti-Semitism.”[37]

Rabbi Tovia Singer was more pessimistic:

“By the time the first nail is hammered into the cross, viewers in Germany will be passing around knife sharpeners in the theater. Israel may have to absorb a massive flight of European Jewry.”[38]

Fredricksen implies that the movie is anti-Semitic, but Fredriksen writes it was the Jews who inspired Pilate to kill Jesus! After reading Fredricksen’s work, Jewish writer David Klinghoffer opined,

“Pilate Killed Jesus. But even Fredriksen allows that it was the priests who tipped him off to the threat posed by the Christian savior—or rather, by those who followed him.”[39]

But according to America’s most popular Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, “It was the Romans, and solely the Romans, who put Jesus to death,” [but] “it was the Christians who crucified him. They made him the very fountain of anti-Semitism.”[40]

Gibson, according to Boteach, is “a rancid anti-Semitic bigot!” Boteach made those comments even before the movie came out! This had baffled even Jeremy Gerard of New York Magazine. When Boteach asked the question, “where are the Hollywood celebrities to condemn the film?,” Gerard responded, “Waiting to see it, perhaps?”[41]

Gibson even had to delete scenes such as “his blood be upon us and upon our children,” but that was not good enough for Boteach. Gibson, who “could not get backing from the Hollywood studios,” had to get the money somewhere else: his own pocket.

“After early accusations of anti-Semitism, it became difficult for Gibson to find an American distribution company. 20th Century Fox had a first-look deal with Icon and passed on the film in response to public protests.”[42]

Let us entertain the thought that the Passion of the Christ is anti-Semitic, as Boteach and others claimed. What are we going to do with movies such as You’re Next (2011), Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism(2010), and countless others?

Is Boteach at least willing to bear some responsibility? Shouldn’t we hold Cronenberg, Stuart Gordon, Darren Aronofsky, and a host of others responsible for deconstructing what art is supposed to be? Shouldn’t they be held responsible for mocking what people consider to be sacrilegious?

You are a premillenial dispensationalist and believe in this rapture stuff? Welcome to Rapture-Palooza. You are a Catholic? Welcome to Frank Miller’s Sin City (2005), Monsignor (1982), Agnes of God (1985),Rosemary’s Baby (1968), and a host of others.

You are a Muslim and have nothing to do with terrorist activity? Welcome to the Iron Man movie series, Dark Knight Rises, and a host of others. Your country will more than likely be mentioned as a terrorist cell.

You’re a decent German have nothing to do with Nazi Germany? Welcome to Captain America, Inglorious Basterds, etc.

You’re a Russian? Welcome to Kick Ass 2 and Salt. You are an Israeli? Well, your country will be portrayed as an ally to the United States and beacon of light in much of the Western world and the Middle East in movies such as Delta Force, featuring Chuck Norris.

In short, Hollywood, the ministry of propaganda, has something for each and every one of us.

The crux of those movies is that terrorism and covert activity can only come from countries in the Middle East and in Russia. They never even remotely suggest that Jewish revolutionaries, since the time of Bar Kokhba, play an astronomical role in spreading terrorism in much of the world for thousands of years.[43]

But if you produce just one movie about how the crucifixion was a joint effort between the Jews and Pilate, you are then a rabid anti-Semite!


In a nutshell, in the psychological war, anything that will distract the enemy and perceptive and articulate observers from seeing the real elephant in the room is permissible.

Let us suppose for example that ninety percent of Americans stay away from Hollywood propaganda for just three months and concentrate on how the Israeli regime has wrapped America around a neo-Bolshevik plan, certainly there would be a huge change in foreign policy because the vast majority of Americans would be able to see that the Zionist regime can and is willing to suspend any law, including international law,[44] in order to marshal their Mephistophelian agendas in the Middle East. Just recently,

“The Obama administration waived provisions of a federal law which ban the supply of weapons and money to terrorists. The move is opening doors to supplying Syrian opposition with protection from chemical weapons.

“The Arms Export Control Act (AECA) allows the US president to waive provisions in Sections 40 and 40A, which forbid providing munitions, credit and licenses to countries supporting acts of terrorism. But those prohibitions can be waived “if the President determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.”[45]

The Zionist regime suspends the rule of law in order to support terrorists! That’s not worse than stupid—that’s hellish. Obama is not that stupid. He is just being used as a master puppet to fulfill the Zionist dream of heaven on earth, since we know for certain that the Israeli regime controls American foreign policy. Scholar and former CIA official Paul R. Pillar writes,

“The Israeli government may have the deciding vote on the matter before Congress [strike on Syria], not so much because it appears to have been the source of intelligence that the Obama administration is relying on to make a case tying the chemical incident two weeks ago to the Assad regime (although there are interesting questions to be raised about that) but because members of Congress anticipating their next re-election campaign will be thinking about what type of vote Benjamin Netanyahu’s government desires, a criterion that routinely gets equated in American political discourse with ‘support for Israel.’”[46]

Obama and the neo-Bolsheviks keep talking about a limited strike, but no one has been able to tell us how a military and aggressive strike against a sovereign nation can be “limited.”

Moreover, no one has been able to explain how the Zionist regime can invade a sovereign country while the majority of people in the same country, including university students, do not accept a military strike.[47] As Pillar articulates,

“Neither the administration nor anyone else has adequately explained how this can be assured if subsequent escalation or retaliation from the other side follows a U.S. strike. As California Republican Ed Royce observed in a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday, “the Assad regime would have a say in what happens next.”[48]

What is even more outrageous is that when Russia presented a 1000-page document concluding that it was the rebels, not Assad, who actually used chemical weapons, the Zionist regime in America declared otherwise—with not a single evidence to the contrary.

As Pillar further explains,

“Does the United States want to follow its powerful and privileged Israeli client on a path that not only brushes aside international law, international organization, and the peaceful pursuit of international objectives but also entails perpetual warfare, much isolation, and all of the costs and risks that go with that?”[49]

Pillar suggests in his conclusion that when a “game works well for Netanyahu,” more than likely the same game “is awful” for the United States.[50]

How ironic that it is Russia, not the United States or Britain, that is forcing the West to take the path of peace in Syria. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had even thought about forcing “foes of Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad to attend an international peace conference instead of urging them to do so”![51] What does Russia get in return?

“US Senators have urged the Obama administration to freeze assets of three major Russian banks, ban their activities in the US, and deny employees’ entry into the country on the suspicion they are doing business with the Assad regime.”[52]


We have already seen that the Saudis sent death-row inmates in Syria to overthrow Assad.[53]

Now we are learning that Al-Qaeda and sections of the Syrian rebels/terrorists are recruiting soldiers from other places such as Iraq. Since the past two months, hundreds of prisoners from the notorious Abu Ghraib have been let go, and the rebels are making use of those people.

“On July 21, Islamic militants used suicide bombers to blow their way into Abu Ghraib’s prison, releasing close to 500 convicts, many of whom were senior members of Al Qaeda. According to Jessica Lewis from the Institute for the Study of War, a public policy think tank that provides defense analysis, the prison rescue was the last operation of a year-long campaign called ‘Breaking the Walls,’ in which Al Qaeda members sprung jails in and around Iraq, and as a result, have ‘significantly increased the operational depth of the organization.’

“The campaign was orchestrated by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which along with Jabhat al Nusra, has become a major Al Qaeda faction within the Syrian opposition.”[54]

Despite all of that, Stephen Rapp, U.S. war-crimes ambassador, raps that Assad should be trialed for his crime against humanity.[55]

Assad should accept that challenge.

Let us further suppose that Assad did use chemical weapons and was responsible for killing innocent civilians. Assad should propose that Bush, Obama, Perle, Veith, and nearly all the neoconservatives should be trialed for creating chaos in the Middle East and for slaughtering millions of civilians.

Even former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates declares that for Obama to attack Syria is like “throwing gasoline on an extremely complex fire in the Middle East.”[56]

Israel ambassador Michael Oren has recently brought some light into the Syrian situation by saying that Israel has privately wanted to remove Assad since the war began. Oren unequivocally declares,

“The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys [Al Qaida] who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.

“The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc.”[57] Oren is optimistic about the future of Jews in America because they will be “committed and attached to Israel.”[58]

Assad should also ask that the Israeli regime be trialed for mass murder in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, etc. The neo-Bolsheviks in America should be trialed for eradicating the Christian population in Syria,[59]for allowing the NSA to spy on far-distant countries such as Austria,[60] for continuing to disregard the vast majority of Americans and Europeans who reject a Syria invasion,[61] and for creating economic havoc in the U.S. and in much of Europe.[62]

Just last year, it has been reported that the U.S. spent $25 billion in Afghanistan, and all that money was largely wasted on what the Zionists wanted to do, and no one can actually know for sure where all the money went.[63]

What a coincidence that Jonas E. Alexis also happens to be 34 years old.

Finally, the Zionist war machine should be trialed for telling a Swat team, “one of the first teams of heavily armed police to respond to Monday’s shooting in Washington,” to “stand down” during the recent mass shooting.[64]

The story behind Aaron Alexis gets even more complicated when Bloomberg declares that the “U.S. government contractor that vetted Edward Snowden” performed background checks on Alexis.

Moreover, “Alexis had a secret-level clearance that would have enabled him to get an access card needed to get on the base.”[65] Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri suddenly had a political awakening:

“From Edward Snowden to Aaron Alexis, what’s emerging is a pattern of failure on the part of this company[Providence Equity Parners], and a failure of this entire system, that risks nothing less than our national security and the lives of Americans.

“What’s most frightening is that USIS performs a majority of background checks for our government. We clearly need a top-to-bottom overhaul of how we vet those who have access to our country’s secrets and to our secure facilities. I plan to pursue such an overhaul, and won’t rest until it’s achieved. ”[66]

The same company was under criminal investigation last June.

Let us further entertain the Zionist position that Assad is responsible for the deaths of 100,000 people—although the claim is completely bogus.[67] They will never take even one responsibility for their own chaos precisely because it goes back to what Maurice Samuel said a number of years ago.

For example, from 1962 until 1971, the U.S. dropped 20 million gallons of chemicals on the population, which culminated in the death of civilians.

Between 2008 and 2009, Israel dropped white phosphorus on the vast majority of the Palestinians. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and International Red Cross have all condemned the act, but the international community dared not to sanction Israel.

The U.S. also attacked Iraq in 2004 with white phosphorus, but as the Zionist saying goes, they were just fighting the bad guys.[68]


“All right, Putin. You want a piece of this?”

As we are currently observing, when a serious politician challenges the essentially Masonic heaven on earth of the Zionist regime, that politician will be lambasted all over the world. John McCain’s recent denigration of Putin and the Russian people is a classic example.

What probably brought McCain over the edge was that Putin truthfully made it clear that the United States relies “solely on brute force” in its dealings with other nations, most particularly countries in the Middle East.

McCain, who has been ideologically Jewified and politically bar-mitzvahed long ago, tells the Russian people that Putin “doesn’t believe in you” and is “destroying” Russia’s reputation in the world. Putin and his associates, continues McCain,

“don’t respect your dignity or accept your authority over them. They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections. They control your media. They harass, threaten, and banish organizations that defend your right to self-governance.”[69]

Does McCain actually believe that the Russian people, who produced brilliant thinkers like Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, are that stupid and unintelligent?

McCain is saying that Russia punishes dissent and imprisons opponents without even thinking that it was Russia that actually gave dissident voices like Edward Snowden asylum!

McCain does not seem to remember that it was the Zionist State of America that actually wants to “punish and imprison” Snowden.

It is not that McCain is getting old and his memory is astronomically fading; it is that McCain has already made packs with the Syrian terrorists. He declared that “it is not true” that the Syrian rebels are terrorists.[70]

McCain should have listened to Neo-Bolshevik William Kristol when Kristol admitted that “al Qaeda is stronger among the Syrian rebels” than before, despite the fact that Kristol still wanted the U.S. to attack Syria.[71]

Even the Wall Street Journal declares that the rebels fight among themselves and do not have a coherent military organization,[72] but McCain and the Zionist regime are too blind to see it.[73]

McCain declared right after Snowden was granted asylum that Russia’s actions were

“a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the United States. It is a slap in the face of all Americans. Now is the time to fundamentally rethink our relationship with [President Vladimir] Putin’s Russia. We need to deal with the Russia that is, not the Russia we might wish for. We cannot allow today’s action by Putin to stand without serious repercussions.”[74]

In a similar vein, Clifford D. May of National Reviewand president of the Foundation for Defense Democracies called Putin “a Neo-Soviet Man” who espouses “Russian nationalism, crony capitalism, authoritarianism, and Machtpolitik.”[75]

In other words, if you do not allow Jewish bankers and usurers like Goldman Sachs and Wall Street send the population into abject servitude, then you more than likely will be called all sorts of names. The neo-Bolshevik continues,

“Putin is deeply committed to winning, to beating Obama like a rented mule, to diminishing the United States, exacting a little revenge for all America did to undermine the Soviet empire…

“As for the gassing of women and children by Bashar Assad, Russia’s friend and Iran’s loyal servant, I think Putin will leave it to bourgeois humanists to shed the salty tears.”[76]

To read more:


*Also see

The Hollywood Film Industry & the Music Industry Are Conducting Psychological Satanic Warfare Against the Population This Includes the Global Music and Video Game Industry.


[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

We have been saying for the last four years that as Europe, the US and other Western and global nation-states continue their debt-fueled collapse the governments of these countries will continue to consider their citizens' wealth to be their own and seize more of their assets.

We have, unfortunately, been vindicated already numerous times.

In March, 2009, Ireland seized €4bn from its Pension Reserve fund in order to rescue its banks. In November 2010, the remaining savings of €2.5bn was seized to support the bailout of the rest of the country.

In December, 2010, Hungary told its citizens that they could either remit their private pension money to the state or lose their state pension funds (but still have to pay for it nonetheless)

In November, 2010, the French parliament decided to earmark €33bn from the national reserve pension fund FRR to reduce the short-term pension scheme deficit.

In early January 2011, $60 million in private retirement funds were transferred to the state's pension scheme in Bulgaria. They wanted to transfer $300 million, but were denied on their first attempt

And, of course, this spring, Cyprus took it a step further and outright confiscated up to 50% of the funds from bank account holders in that country.

Last week the Polish government announced it would transfer to the state (aka. confiscate) the bulk of assets owned by the country's private pension funds (many of them owned by such foreign firms as PIMCO parent Allianz, AXA, Generali, ING and Aviva), without offering any compensation.


Think again if you don't think this will occur all across the Western world until The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI).

To begin, the Social Security (or as I call it, the Socialist Insecurity) program in the US is, by dictionary definition, a ponzi scheme.

According to Investopedia: "The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors. This scam actually yields the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors. These schemes usually collapse on themselves when the new investments stop."

In fact, Social Security is even worse than a ponzi scheme. At least with a ponzi scheme you have the choice whether or not to "invest" with someone like Robert Madoff. You aren't forced into it.

To read more:


Jews raid Congress for al-Qaeda; Muslims defend Constitution-videos

The most powerful Jewish group in America has raided Congress in an attempt to gain weapons and funds for al-Qaeda.

Dozens of AIPAC’s shock troops are swarming the capitol, doing everything but kicking down Congressmen’s doors. They are barging in unannounced, demanding immediate unscheduled meetings, and issuing barely veiled threats. Their purpose: Drag the US into war with Syria…on the side of al-Qaeda’s “Al-Nusra Front.”

For the bloody details of AIPAC/al-Qaeda’s brutal attack on Congress, read MJ Rosenberg’s horrifying report:

EXCLUSIVE: House Staffer Tells Me What AIPAC Is Doing

Meanwhile, a self-styled anti-AIPAC Muslim lobby has also arrived in Washington – to defend America from al-Qaeda and its AIPAC allies. On September 11th, 2013, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) successfully completed its first annual Million American March Against Fear on the National Mall. Despite brutal weather conditions featuring crushing humidity and temperatures pushing into the mid-90s, organizers braved a torrent of Fox News-instigated death threats and completed the event – without seeing more than a few dozen of the millions of bikers and extremist Christians who were supposedly coming to counter-protest.

Several of the bikers and Christians, after talking with AMPAC organizers, switched sides and joined the event, which featured such well-known speakers as Webster Tarpley and Dr. Cornell West, and garnered major international news coverage.

AMPAC founder MD Alam predicted that the Million American March Against Fear will be back next year – with even more controversy. Alam said that AMPAC will be a voice for the 66% of American Muslims who believe that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, and that next year’s 9/11 anniversary event on the National Mall will be oriented toward 9/11 truth: specifically, the fact that 9/11 was not carried out by Muslims.

“The leaders of ISNA and the other big Muslim organizations are house Muslims, but we are field Muslims – and we are the majority,” Alam said, referring to Malcolm X’s famous distinction between house negroes and field negroes.

To read more:


Give me Logic or Give me Terror (Last Part of: A Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror)

They’ll talk about change, about politics, about reform, about corruption, but they will never talk about war unless they mean something happening far away. Because to admit the existence of the war waged against us is to admit that we are combatants, and if we see that we are not fighting back, then we would have to admit that we have surrendered. That we have already been defeated.—The Arctic Circle Collective
Hassan al Sabbah, a brilliant Iranian polymath and tactician, founded the Nizari Ismai’li state, a state that flourished from 1090 to 1256 AD in Iran and Syria. This small state relied on a cadre of fearless professional assassins to protect itself from conquests, and to protect co-religionists living elsewhere from massacres. Typically, the state issued a tangible warning (e.g., placing a dagger on a target’s bed) to rulers contemplating such acts of aggression. When a ruler failed to heed the warning, he was killed. This strategy of asymmetrical warfare was astoundingly effective, minimizing bloodshed and bringing to heel such powerful figures as the Sultan Salah A’din.

Summary: This sixth and final posting of “A Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror” furnishes additional grounds for believing that most 21st century incidents of terror in the USA have been acts of state. Two views on the origins of terror compete for our attention. The official view traces terror to marginal movements and individuals, whereas the dissident view traces terror to the men in the shadows (bankers and their subordinates in the corporate, military, and intelligence worlds). An overview of the preceding five essays is followed by the contention that although conclusive proof for the dissident view had already been articulated in this series, it is not a waste of time to provide two additional proofs. The international bankers and their agents in places like Washington DC, London, Ottawa, Mexico City, Bogotá, or Paris, are manifestly capable of any conspiratorial crime whatsoever; hence, we can summarily dismiss the naïve
 belief that they would not inflict terror on their own people: Their culpability or innocence cannot be dismissed a priori but must be decided on the basis of the available evidence. The first reason for believing that the men in the shadows are behind most 21st century terror involves the question: Who benefits? Terror exerted an enormous toll from its alleged perpetrators and their collaborators. Rulers accused of terrorism, as well as their relatives and associates, have been deposed, impoverished, incarcerated, tortured, or lynched. Their countries have been demonized, starved into submission, conquered, colonized, looted, impoverished, handed over to psychopaths and sycophants, fragmented, torn apart by a vicious divide-and-rule strategy, and subjected to severe, long-lasting, environmental degradation. For their part, the alleged architects and perpetrators of terror have endured shattered dreams, persecution, incarceration, torture,
 and death. The argument that the terrorists were mainly interested in wreaking havoc on the American economy and the dollar is mistaken, although the USA and the dollar are indeed weaker in late 2013 than they were in 2001. In fact, the possible collapse does not merely involve a vastly disproportionate response to the threat of terror, but is not caused by it at all. Thus, those accused of terror have gained less than nothing from their purported crimes. The men in the shadows, by contrast, have made a killing. To begin with, the tacit premise of the entire war on terror—that the bankers react so violently to it because they care about us—is laughable. These men are vastly richer now; they have been making trillions selling death machines, and they have gained access to vast oil and gas fields and other resources. They have been able to prolong the life of their chief fiat currency (the American dollar) and to divert public attention
 from their heinous crimes. They have sown their beloved seeds of chaos, discord, and misery the world over. They used the war terror to justify their pre-2001 scheme of economic and military conquest of the entire planet. As a result of 21st century terror, the bankers are closer than ever to their goals of merging Western countries into one police state, subduing Russia and China, and destroying the biosphere. They have used this war to justify the ongoing stepwise conversion of American plutocracy into a full-fledged Brave New World. For the rulers of the state of Israel, in particular, the war on terror has been a dream come true. The second reason for believing that the men in the shadows are behind contemporary terror is that the alleged terrorist strategy of killing innocent bystanders, American and foreign, is not only morally repulsive but also half-witted. It is inconceivable that “terrorists” would resort to it for decades,
 miserably shooting themselves in the foot, while a highly effective and far less painful and costly strategy is on hand. To bring the bankers and their puppets to their knees, a real terrorist would have copied the bankers’ own astoundingly successful strategy of bullying or killing powerful opponents. Likewise, a real terrorist, especially if she happened to be a Muslim, would have looked no farther than her backyard and apply a conceptually similar ancient variation: The brilliant intimidation/decapitation strategy of Hassan Al Sabbah and his successors. This essay then goes on to point out the irrelevance of the Revolutionary’s Dilemma (the inhibition against killing built into most people, even when confronted with psychopathic killers) to this second argument. The essay concludes with a brief survey of revolutionary strategies, arguing that there is one, and only one–sordid but inescapable–strategy that could realize humanity’s
 dreams for a free, just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Table of Contents
 * Motto
 * Summary
 * A Distressingly Long Essay?
 * Looking Back on Parts I-V of “A Bird’s Eye View of Terror”
 * Do We Need Two More Proofs of the Dissident View of Terror?
 * The Arch-Conspiratorial Bankers are Capable of any Crime Whatsoever
1. On the Ignorance (or Mendaciousness) of Conspiracy Scoffers
2. A Few Comments on Our Terrible Normality
3. One Example of our Terrible Normality: The Divide and Rule Strategy
4. A Second Example of our Terrible Normality: The Bankers’ War on the Children of the World
5. The Bankers are not Content with Conspiracies and Genocides—Now and then they emerge out of the Shadows to Brag about their Misdeeds and Intentions
6. Conclusion
Logical Proof I. Who benefits?
1. Grapes of Wrath for “Terrorists”
A. Rulers Charged with Aiding and Abetting Terror
B. Countries Charged with Aiding and Abetting Terror
C. Alleged Architects and Perpetrators of Terror
D. Collapse-of-Empire Counterargument
a. Economic Collapse had been Premeditatedly Set in Motion Long Before 2001
b. Each and Every Inaction of our Rulers Suggests that they wish to Bring about Economic Collapse
c. Collapsing the Economy is a Time-Honored Strategy of the Bankers
d. Economic Collapse Can be Best Seen as a Stepping Stone in the Bankers’ Plan to Enslave the USA’s and the World’s People
E. Grapes of Wrath for Terrorists: Conclusion
2. Pastures of Plenty for Bankers
A. The Bankers Don’t Care about You–at all
B. The War on Terror Enriches the Bankers and their Allies
C. The War on Terror Distracts us from an Ongoing:
a. Vicious Class War
b. Descent to Slavery
c. Destruction of the Biosphere
D. The War on Terror Justifies the Bankers’ pre-2001 Scheme (through reliance, chiefly, on their Handmaidens in DC and London) of Economic and Military Conquest of the Entire Planet
E. The War on Terror Justifies the Stepwise Conversion of American Plutocracy into a Full-Fledged 1984
F. The War On Terror Serves as a Valuable Laboratory Exercise, an Experiment, from which the Men in the Shadows Draw Lessons about Preempting, Co-Opting, and Stifling Dissent and Revolution, Enslaving Humanity, and Destroying the Biosphere
G. For the Short-Sighted Rulers of Israel, the War on Terror is a Dream Come True
H. Conclusion of Logical Proof I
Logical Proof II. A Real Terrorist would have Resorted to the Well-Known and Astoundingly Effective Al Sabbah’s (or CIA’s) Intimidation/Decapitation Approach, not to the Self-Defeating Shotgun Approach of Killing Innocent Men, Women, and Children
1. In the Ancient World, Empires and Rulers Safeguarded their Power and Privileges by Assassinating Influential Opponents
2. In the Contemporary World too, Empires and Rulers Safeguard their Power and Privileges by Assassinating Influential Opponents
A. Noboru Takeshita of Japan
B. Martin Luther King of the USA
C. Rene Schneider and Salvador Allende of Chile
3. Assassinations Safeguard the Bankers’ Upside-Down World
4. The Al Sabbah Strategy
A. Preliminary Observations
B. Reasons for the Al Sabbah Revolt
C. The Capture of the Alamut Fortress
D. Al Sabbah’s Intimidation/Decapitation Strategy
E. Terror Revisited
F. The Revolutionary’s Dilemma Counterargument
Parting Words: The Al Sabbah Strategy
Selected Notes and References (links to some notes and references are only provided within the text)
A Distressingly Long Essay?

The present sixth essay of “A Bird’s Eye View of Terror” puts the last nail in the coffin of the official view of terror.
My original plan for this essay involved a short essay. I forgot however what I myself had been preaching for a long time.[1] That is, the outcome of a writing project cannot be determined in advance. Given the complexity and importance of this subject, brevity gave way to comprehensiveness.
Thus, this essay is written for readers who are commencing their ascent from the cave of political illiteracy and who are not yet familiar with key features of contemporary history. Other readers may wish to avail themselves of a shortcut: Consult the Summary and Table of Contents above and only read sections of interest to their own evolving worldview.
Looking Back on Parts I-V of “A Bird’s Eye View of Terror”

Two principles underlie this six-part series.
The first principle involves a commitment to holistic thinking. A problem as complex as the origins of terror can only be understood by pulling together insights and methodologies from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.[2]
The second principle is inspired by one elementary feature of the natural sciences. In physics or geology, for instance, you often have two competing views of reality. Does water rise in a suction pump because nature abhors vacuum or because of atmospheric pressure? Is the earth 6,000 or 4,500,000,000 years old? To decide such issues, you reason, observe, and conduct experiments. As you move along, you ask: Is this line of reasoning, or observation, or experiment, more consistent with the official view or with its upstart challenger? At times you reach a point where you must discard the official view and embrace its competitor.[3]
Likewise, when it comes to terror, two views compete for our allegiance. The official view ascribes terror, for the most part, to half-crazed fanatics who envy Americans their freedom and who resent America’s role as a champion of democracy around the globe. The dissident view traces most terror incidents to the American government and its masters, the men in the shadows (international bankers and their allies in the corporate, military, and death squad world).
Part II of this six-part series took a brief look at the matrix underlying state-sponsored terror. This matrix (i) leads us to the false belief that the USA was once free, peaceful, just, and sustainable; (ii) viciously undermines language (and hence, our ability to think clearly); (iii) limits our access to accurate information; and (iv) compels us to needlessly hedge our public discourse. This matrix also shifts our attention from the handful of families who control the world to the dual fictions of (v) front men as powerful political figures (e.g., president of the USA, chairman of the Federal Reserve) and (vi) countries as sovereign actors (e.g., the USA, France).
Part III tested the two contesting views of terror through just one example: the Gladio Conspiracy. This conspiracy—now a part of the officially-sanctioned historical record—involved killing hundreds of European civilians (“women, children, unknown people far from any political game”), the overthrow of democratically-elected governments, and assassinations of heads of state and other high-profile friends of the people. Gladio’s shock and awe strategy, its reliance on the mass media, bribes, blackmail, fascists, and agents provocateurs, sought “to discredit left-wing groups and politicians,” confuse and enfeeble the people, and cause mayhem. It thereby induced people to look to the very entity that terrorized them so—the state—for their security. The key take-home lesson from this part was: All things being equal, the known involvement of Western governments in Gladio suggests that it is these governments (and not fanatic
 Muslims and other “extremists”) that are behind the hyped wave of 21st century terror.
Part IV identified 19 general characteristics of 21st century terror in the USA, illustrating each characteristic with just one terror incident, the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Explosions. We now found ourselves on firmer grounds. The 19 characteristics in general, and the Boston explosions in particular, by themselves make a mockery of the official view and conclusively substantiate the dissident view. At this point we had to accept the ugly conclusion that the American government is the major purveyor of internal terror in the USA.
Part V highlighted two key patterns of American history: Launching wars on false pretexts and conducting a century-long assassination campaign against peaceful Americans and foreigners who posed a threat to the rule of the bankers. Although these two indisputable historical patterns do not prove the dissident view of terror, they are more compatible with this view than they are with its official rival.
Thus, logic, rules of evidence, observations, and experiments all led us to one conclusion: It is the bankers—acting through their vassals in Washington DC and other captive national governments—that are behind most contemporary terror in the USA. Massive corruption, Gladio (as one example of numerous other crimes of governments against their own people), 19 characteristics of terror that only make sense under the assumption of government authorship, false-flag operations leading to needless wars, and widespread programs of assassinations of political opponents, all forcefully give the lie to the official narrative. We have to thank the identical controllers of such seemingly-diverse governments as the USA, UK, and India—not fringe groups–for the 1993 Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, 7/7/2005 London City Bombings, the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the 2013 Boston Marathon explosions, and random acts of terror here, there, and
Do We Need Two More Proofs of the Dissident View of Terror?

So far so good. An open-minded person with a functional brain and a holistic outlook must by now accept the reality of government-sponsored terror. And yet, I plan to put forward two additional arguments, logical in nature and extensive in scope, which independently and conclusively make the same case. This raises the questions: Do we need such overkill? Do we really need multiple confirmations of the dissident view?
I suspect we do:
 1. Many people of good will and intellect need all the arguments they can get to liberate themselves from massive cradle-to-grave indoctrination. This process, speaking for myself, is heartbreakingly, excruciatingly, slow.[4]
 2. Why would mathematicians wish to furnish 99+ proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem when logic requires just one? Perhaps because additional proofs tell us something we didn’t expect before, reveal a vista we didn’t know existed, and psychologically reinforce our belief that the theorem itself and the entire Euclidean edifice are robust. Perhaps such multiple proofs are intellectually appealing (they certainly cast a spell on me, when I was in high school). Similar reasons apply to contrived terror.
 3. Detective work is not geometry. For a detective, every proof is a probability statement. Every new proof merges with and reinforces the others, and together they crescendo towards certainty—without ever actually reaching it. For natural scientists and sleuths, there is rarely such a thing as enough.
These are the reasons that lead me to put forth two additional proofs of government-sponsored terror.
The Arch-Conspiratorial Bankers are Capable of any Crime Whatsoever

Since the bankers were demonstrably capable of Gladio-Europe, one suspects that they are capable of any crime whatsoever, including deliberately terrorizing America and the world. To be on the safe side though, this section offers additional documentation of the bankers’ moral degeneracy.
Jose Guadalupe Posada’s (1852-1913) artwork mocks, and his life (including frequent jail stays) validates, the topsyturviness of our world: “Because this gifted and hardworking man was perennially out of official favor, he died . . . as poor as he had been born. He was buried in a sixth class grave (the lowest category) in the Dolores Cemetery. Since nobody claimed the remains, they were thrown out seven years after his death.”
1. On the Ignorance (or Mendaciousness) of Conspiracy Scoffers
Before presenting the needed documentation, we must debunk one of the bankers’ most spectacular conspiratorial achievements–convincing us that they, our lily-white bankers and their allies, never plot. “Well, yes,” a CIA asset at CNN or Huntington Postmight say, “Brutus and Cassius and their fellow oligarchs might have conspired to kill Julius Caesar. And yes, the bankers of 50 years ago might have set in motion the Gladio Conspiracy, killing thousands of innocents. But that, you see, happened such a long time ago. It has no possible relevance to the contemporary world. If you believe otherwise, I need not listen to what you have to say, consider the evidence, or think. You are an unbalanced tinfoil fanatic, and I am not going to stoop to your half-crazed level.”
Every time I hear an intelligent person utter the disclaimer “I’m not a conspiracy theorist but . . .” a Bertrand Russel’s refrain runs through my brain:
“There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action.”
Perhaps the origins of the term “conspiracy theory” might help dispel its mesmerizing impact:
“In January 1967, shortly after Jim Garrison in New Orleans had started his prosecution of the CIA backgrounds of the murder, the CIA published a memo to all its stations, suggesting the use of the term ‘conspiracy theorists’ for everyone criticizing the Warren Report findings. Until then the press and the public mostly used the term ‘assassination theories’ when it came to alternative views of the ‘lone nut’ Lee Harvey Oswald. But with this memo this changed and very soon ‘conspiracy theories’ became what it is until today: a term to smear, denounce and defame anyone who dares to speak about any crime committed by the state, military or intelligence services. Before Edward Snowden anyone claiming a kind of total surveillance of internet and phone traffic would have been named a conspiracy nut; today everyone knows better.”[5]
Think about this. Conspiracy scoffers are, always and everywhere, simply parroting a Death Squad mantra!
2. A Few Comments on Our Terrible Normality
To set up the stage for our two logical proofs, I wish to go farther than debunking the fatuous conspiracy mantra. I want to show that our rulers are not only addicted to secret plots, but that they are perfectly capable of any crime whatsoever. Hence, we can summarily dismiss the naïve belief that they are incapable of terrorizing us.
I cannot of course fully substantiate this all-encompassing yet crucial view of history. Instead, let me offer a few quotes and a few illustrations. Here, to begin with, is Karl Popper–one of the most original political philosophers (and philosophers of science) of the 20th century:
“There is no history of mankind, there is only an indefinite number of histories of all kinds of aspects of human life. And one of these is the history of political power. This is elevated into the history of the world. But this, I hold, is an offence against every decent conception of mankind. It is hardly better than to treat the history of embezzlement or of robbery or of poisoning as the history of mankind. For the history of power politics is nothing but the history of international crime and mass murder (including it is true, some of the attempts to suppress them). This history is taught in schools, and some of the greatest criminals are extolled as heroes.”[6]
“History,” says Kurt Vonnegut “read it and weep.”[7] With a few notable exceptions, this is a precise summary of the historical record. Independent historians take criminality for granted and are awed by those rare episodes where decency occasionally prevailed, e.g., the Iroquois Confederation,[8] most hunter-gatherer societies, or Athenian democracy.[9]
Author Jack Finney asks:
“We live on a planet well able to provide a decent life for every soul on it, which is all ninety-nine of a hundred human beings ask. Why in the world can’t we have it?”
The few extant non-captive textbooks of ecology or economics confirm Finney’s observation. We can, if we wish, create, here on earth, a paradise of justice, peace, freedom, and sustainability.
Why indeed, can’t we have a decent life? The simple answer: the handful of bankers who parasitize humanity are content to sacrifice our happiness, our health, our spirituality, our ability to think critically and holistically, the future of our species itself, to temporarily achieve their megalomaniac goals of riches and power for themselves and destitution and subjection for the majority.
The bankers have managed the seemingly impossible: Manipulating us into acceptance of a “terrible normality.” Michael Parenti:[10]
“Through much of history the abnormal has been the norm. This is a paradox to which we should attend. Aberrations, so plentiful as to form a terrible normality of their own, descend upon us with frightful consistency.

“The number of massacres in history, for instance, is almost more than we can record. There was the New World holocaust, consisting of the extermination of indigenous Native American peoples throughout the western hemisphere, extending over four centuries or more, continuing into recent times in the Amazon region. . . .
“There was the slaughter of more than half a million socialistic or democratic nationalist Indonesians by the U.S.-supported Indonesian military in 1965, eventually followed by the extermination of 100,000 East Timorese by that same U.S.-backed military.
“Consider the 78-days of NATO’s aerial destruction of Yugoslavia complete with depleted uranium, and the bombings and invasion of Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now the devastating war of attrition brokered against Syria. And as I write (early 2013), the U.S.-sponsored sanctions against Iran are seeding severe hardship for the civilian population of that country. . . .
“Let us not overlook the ubiquitous corporate corruption and massive financial swindles, the plundering of natural resources and industrial poisoning of whole regions, the forceful dislocation of entire populations, the continuing catastrophes of Chernobyl and Fukushima and other impending disasters awaiting numerous aging nuclear reactors.
“The world’s dreadful aberrations are so commonplace and unrelenting that they lose their edge and we become inured to the horror of it all. ‘Who today remembers the Armenians?’ Hitler is quoted as having said while plotting his ‘final solution’ for the Jews. Who today remembers the Iraqis and the death and destruction done to them on a grand scale by the U.S. invasion of their lands? William Blum reminds us that more than half the Iraq population is either dead, wounded, traumatized, imprisoned, displaced, or exiled, while their environment is saturated with depleted uranium (from U.S. weaponry) inflicting horrific birth defects.
“What is to be made of all this? First, we must not ascribe these aberrations to happenstance, innocent confusion, and unintended consequences. Nor should we believe the usual rationales about spreading democracy, fighting terrorism, providing humanitarian rescue, protecting U.S. national interests and other such rallying cries promulgated by ruling elites and their mouthpieces.
“The repetitious patterns of atrocity and violence are so persistent as to invite the suspicion that they usually serve real interests; they are structural not incidental.” (italics are mine)

Just in case you still hold fast to the understandable artistic and literary proclivity to shine the light on beauty, decency, and sublimity, let me offer two additional examples of our terrible normality.
3. One Example of our Terrible Normality: The Divide and Rule Strategy
The first example focuses on a key strategy. Throughout their centuries-long rule of the West and its colonies, the international bankers and their agents in London, Washington, Paris, and elsewhere have implemented a malicious divide-and-rule strategy. Contemporary examples of this strategy are ethnic and religious strife in Iraq and Syria and the bankers’ attempts to foment racial discord in the USA.
The quote below explains the mechanics of this vicious British and American approach–in this instance, as practiced by their disciples and quislings in Pakistan:[11]
“For several years the military junta that had seized power in Pakistan and executed the democratically elected prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, had ruled the nation by dividing it. They’d exploited genuine grievances between ethnic and religious communities by inciting violent conflicts. They’d pitted the indigenous ethnic groups–particularly the Sindis, the Pashtuns, and the Punjabis–against the immigrants, known as Mohajirs, who’d streamed into the newly founded nation of Pakistan when it was partitioned from India. The army secretly supported extremists from the rival groups with weapons, money, and the judicious application of favours. When the riots that they’d provoked and fomented finally erupted, the generals ordered their police to open fire. Rage against police violence was then contained by the deployment of army troops. In that way the army, whose covert operations had created the bloody conflicts, was seen to be the only
 force capable of preserving order and the rule of law.

“As massacres and revenge killings tumbled over one another with escalating brutishness, kidnappings and torture became routine events. Fanatics from one group seized supporters from another group, and inflicted sadistic torments on them. Many of those who were abducted died in that fearsome captivity. Some vanished, and their bodies were never found. And when one group or another became powerful enough to threaten the balance of the deadly game, the generals incited violent conflict within their group to weaken it. The fanatics then began to feed on themselves, killing and maiming rivals from their own ethnic communities.
“Each new cycle of violence and vengeance ensured, of course, that no matter what form of government emerged or dissolved in the nation, only the army would grow stronger, and only the army could exercise real power.”

Matters have only gotten worse since then:[12]
“Today, the US is more interested in destroying Middle Eastern countries than in propping up Asian and Latin American dictators. So it has refined its use of death squads. Instead of simply murdering anti-government activists to prop up an American-owned puppet dictator, the US now sponsors death squads on both sides of the political-religious divide. The purpose: Create a civil war to weaken the targeted nation.”
4. A Second Example of our Terrible Normality: The Bankers’ War on the Children of the World
It is common knowledge that wars lead to the death, starvation, slavery, or prostitution of millions of children. The bankers profit from this state of affairs, and they derive joy from the plight of the world’s children. That is why, plain and simple, these children languish and die. The two photos nearby warm the cockles of the bankers’ cold hearts.
Bankers’ delight: Childhood in Contemporary Gaza
Bankers’ delight: Childhood in Contemporary Iraq. Other examples of the bankers’ war on the world’s children include 1. 2013 Greece, where many children are starving. 2. Northern Japan, where, as had been clearly foreseen at the dawn of the nuclear age, countless children will suffer from a cancer epidemic and loss of homes—not because nuclear energy produces net energy (it doesn’t), nor because it could survive economically without massive government subsidies (it couldn’t), but because it generates profits for the few. 3. Syria, where already 7 thousand children died and 3 million were forced out of their homes. Here is what UNICEF—itself a bankers’ bastion—had to say about the 2013 plight of Syrian children: “What is at stake is nothing less than the survival and wellbeing of a generation of innocents. The youth of Syria are losing their homes, their family members and their futures. Even after they have crossed a border to safety,
 they are traumatized, depressed and in need of a reason for hope.”
5. The Bankers are not Content with Conspiracies and Genocides—Now and then they Emerge out of the Shadows to Brag about their Misdeeds and Intentions
At times, our rulers enjoy flaunting their crimes and malevolent intentions. Here is one example of their diabolical, in-your-face, arrogance. This example involves a gigantic mural which daily greets over 100,000 passengers at the Denver International Airport.
Second part of the mural, Children of the World Dream of Peace, Denver International Airport
Nearby is a reproduction of the second part of that mural, a mural whose contents and title were dictated to a great artist (for a fair price, naturally). The two parts, together, go under the paradoxical title ofChildren of the World Dream of Peace. One astute observer throws light on this odd title, and on this freakish second part of the mural:
“The monster has awakened! This big and aggressive militaristic figure is dressed in a Nazi uniform (notice the symbol on the hat) with a face shaped like a gas mask. His hands are holding a rifle and a scimitar that is rather violently molesting the peace-bearing dove. On the left is depicted an endless lineup of crying parents holding their limp, dead baby. This is a truly atrocious painting, with no redeeming message or moral. The fact that this was displayed at the main gate of the largest airport of America, during the age of political correctness (the nineties) is totally aberrant. The militaristic figure is glorified and all-powerful, situated at the center of the action. It has regained its powers that it seemed to have lost after WWII. It is back in full force and it’s leading the way to a new holocaust.

“Look closely at the people on the left and the dead children sleeping on bricks. There are no traces of violence on them. They’re simply devoid of life, as if they were poisoned by the deadly gas emanating from the rainbow above them. The monster, protected by his gas mask, is pointing the lineup of victims towards the letter on the bottom left.”

A related example comes from one of the bankers’ main sources of power: their Federal Reserve Notes (miscalled dollars). Are they mocking us, or is it mere coincidence, that these notes bear the images of the bankers’ greatest enemies–Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy–on the one hand, and of two of their dedicated supporters–Washington and Hamilton–on the other hand? Are they mocking us, or is it mere coincidence, that these Notes are loaded with eerie symbolism?
6. Conclusion
The real rulers of the western world are racketeers. In particular, they are certainly predisposed to commit the comparatively minor transgression (by their own loathsome standards) of terrorizing the American people and blaming innocents.
We are now ready for putting forward two additional logical proofs of the dissident view of terror.

Logical Proof I. Who benefits?
To identify the victims and beneficiaries of terror, let us compile two balance sheets. The first would list the gains and losses incurred by rulers, countries, and individuals accused of terror. The second would list the gains and losses to their accusers.
1. Grapes of Wrath for “Terrorists”
A. Rulers Charged With Aiding and Abetting Terror
When it comes to rulers, it should be noted that, as far as we can re-construct the historical record, no ruler has ever supported terrorism against the ruling clique of the USA—the bankers’ tall tales to the contrary notwithstanding. The reason for this is elementary—you’d be crazy to provoke a country (the USA) that lives by H-bombs, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and genocides; that is far stronger than your own country; that has a complacently misinformed and uninformed populace; that has a record of unprovoked invasions and assassinations of political leaders longer than a camel’s tail; that specializes in false-flag wars (seePart V); and that is looking for any pretext whatsoever to invade your country, rob it blind, and murder you.
There is a saying in Arabic, “the hand that you can’t break, kiss it and wish it broken.” It defies reason to believe that opportunistic heads of state possessing oil or anything else the bankers want, would not live by that pragmatic rule.
Thus, the charge of terror defies both common sense and the known historical record. But let us pretend that helpless rulers had been mad enough to support terror operations against the USA. And then let us inquire into the fate of a few randomly-chosen leaders falsely accused of supporting terror (or running drugs, or being communists, or being pleasingly plump).
Did Saddam Hussein of Iraq benefit from his alleged ties to terrorism? The answer is as straightforward as it is simple. The last three and a half years of his life were sheer hell. Imperial forces murdered his two adult sons and 14-year-old grandson. His three daughters had to flee for their lives and seek mercy and conditional asylum in Jordan, itself a colony of the bankers. His entire lifework–including a brutal dictatorship and, strangely enough, some significant improvements in the lives of most Iraqis–is in ruins. And this once-powerful man had to hide for nine months like a mole in a hole and to depend on the charity of his former subjects. He was then chased out of his hole, with his captors–the very people who arranged his ascent to power and who inveigled him into a disastrous conflict with Iran–making sure that his humiliation and unkempt visage reached every corner of the world. There followed a brutal incarceration,
 daily humiliations, and a kangaroo trial. He was not even allowed to choose the manner of his death (he wanted to be shot). His American captors and their stooges deliberately taunted him and perhaps tortured him on his last day on earth. They proceeded to hang him, then repeatedly stabbed him. Such is the fate of national leaders accused of terror and lacking deliverable nuclear weapons.
Muammar Gaddafi of Libya provides another example of a head of state charged with aiding and abetting terror. His rule (a mixed blessing for his countrymen), misfortune, and the fates of his family, supporters, and clan, closely resemble those of Saddam Hussein.
Our final example is another “terrorist,” Mullah Mohammed Omar, Afghanistan’s de facto head of state from 1996 to 2001. In late 2011, the bankers and their flunkeys in Washington DC and Madison Avenue blamed one ex-CIA asset, Osama Bin Laden, for the 9/11 attack–a charge which, surprisingly, Bin Laden himself denied.[13] Since at the time said Bin Laden was residing in Afghanistan, the bankers clamored for his immediate extradition. Omar agreed. To save face, he reasonably asked the bankers for evidence that Bin Laden indeed masterminded the notorious 9/11 tragedy.
Let me note in passing that the bankers declined to furnish evidence because such evidence did not exist and because their goal, long before 9/11, had been the subjugation and disintegration of Afghanistan in particular and the Middle East in general. Captive historians (the sad, vast, majority of academic historians) write disgraceful treatises on the causes of naked aggression, rarely admitting the obvious. The legendary fabulist Aesop, writing some 26 centuries ago, was more honest (my improvised rendition):
A hungry wolf, encountering a stray lamb, said: “A year ago you offended me.” The lamb sadly bleated: “That’s impossible sir, I am less than one-year old.” Well then, said the Wolf, “You are grazing in my pasture.” ”No sir,” replied the Lamb, “I haven’t yet tasted grass.” “You drank from my well,” retorted the wolf. “No,” exclaimed the frightened Lamb, “I haven’t yet started to drink water, for my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” At that point the wolf killed the lamb and ate him, saying to himself, “Well! I shall not go hungry, even though the lamb proved me wrong.”
Moral: Villains use language to disguise their intentions. If proven wrong, they will come up with yet another linguistic subterfuge. If consistently proven wrong, they will slaughter their victims anyway.
One difference between this wolf and the bankers is that he, at some point, drops the pretensions. Another difference is that the wolf is really hungry and must eat to survive. The hankering of the well-fed bankers’ for pounds of human flesh, on the other hand, betrays a misconception about the meaning of life.
Returning to Omar: the bankers forced Omar to go underground and lead a national liberation movement. Unquestionably, the transformation from a head of state to a fugitive was not one that Omar is happy about. Nor does he view favorably the bankers’ offer to print, naturally out of thin air and at our inflationary expense, 10 million Federal Reserve Notes to any backstabber willing to betray him.
Such personal tragedies, however, never satisfy the bankers’ vindictiveness towards those stranded between them and their objectives. In their world, the sins of a man are visited on his relatives. So the bankers bombed Omar’s house on October 2001, killing his 10-year-old son, his uncle, and perhaps other family members.
B. Countries Charged with Aiding and Abetting Terror
The next question is: Do countries framed for terror fare better than Hussein, Gaddafi, or Omar?
As an illustration, let us visit Iraq. In some ways, the bankers were right in recognizing Saddam as a bona fide member of their very own Club of Psychopaths. And yet, for the majority, life in Iraq, before the American-instigated Iraq/Iran Wars, and before multiple imperial invasions and sanctions, was tolerable. Here is how the bankers’ Wikipedia describes Saddam’s positive accomplishments:
“The desire for stable rule in a country rife with factionalism led Saddam to pursue both massive repression and the improvement of living standards.

“Saddam actively fostered the modernization of the Iraqi economy along with the creation of a strong security apparatus to prevent coups within the power structure and insurrections apart from it. Ever concerned with broadening his base of support among the diverse elements of Iraqi society and mobilizing mass support, he closely followed the administration of state welfare and development programs.
“At the center of this strategy was Iraq’s oil. On 1 June 1972, Saddam oversaw the seizure of international oil interests, which, at the time, dominated the country’s oil sector. A year later, world oil prices rose dramatically as a result of the 1973 energy crisis, and skyrocketing revenues enabled Saddam to expand his agenda.
“Within just a few years, Iraq was providing social services that were unprecedented among Middle Eastern countries. Saddam established and controlled the ‘National Campaign for the Eradication of Illiteracy’ and the campaign for ‘Compulsory Free Education in Iraq,;” and largely under his auspices, the government established universal free schooling up to the highest education levels; hundreds of thousands learned to read in the years following the initiation of the program. The government also supported families of soldiers, granted free hospitalization to everyone, and gave subsidies to farmers. Iraq created one of the most modernized public-health systems in the Middle East, earning Saddam an award from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
“With the help of increasing oil revenues, Saddam diversified the largely oil-based Iraqi economy. Saddam implemented a national infrastructure campaign that made great progress in building roads, promoting mining, and developing other industries. The campaign helped Iraq’s energy industries. Electricity was brought to nearly every city in Iraq, and many outlying areas. Before the 1970s, most of Iraq’s people lived in the countryside and roughly two-thirds were peasants. This number would decrease quickly during the 1970s as global oil prices helped revenues to rise from less than a half billion dollars to tens of billions of dollars and the country invested into industrial expansion.”

Above all, Iraq in those years was livable. Ethnic discord was at a minimum and know-it-all clerics were kept out of the political arena. Birth defects, cancers, and genetic mutations were as rare in Iraq as in most other countries. And, despite oppression and corruption, the vast majority could go about its business, and life, unmolested.
The charge of terrorism and its gory aftermath would bring this modicum of livability to an end. Here is one summary of the price Iraqis paid, up to 2007 only, for Hussein’s link to terrorism:
“Entire cities have been reduced to rubble, garrisons, misery, and chaos. Vast tracts of land are contaminated, and meaningful jobs are as scarce as hen’s teeth. The neo-colonialists have shrewdly resorted to a divide-and-conquer policy. As in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and scores of other places, they have fomented a bloody civil war, complete with extreme sectarian violence and government-sponsored death squads. Iraqi Arabs are daily humiliated, tortured, and incarcerated by the neo-colonialists and their quislings, to the point that some ordinary men and women prefer a Samson-style death to the living hell that is now Iraq. Iraqi scientists and intellectuals have been systematically murdered and silenced by the occupying forces and their allies. Fear is in the air, everywhere.

“The numbers themselves defy belief. The USA was instrumental in bringing Saddam Hussein to power, and is thus indirectly and partially responsible for his crimes and misadventures. Iraq’s war with Iran was partially engineered by the USA and its weapons’ manufacturers, sustaining a cataclysm that may have caused, to both sides combined, some 1,000,000 deaths and 2,000,000 injuries. The subsequent USA-imposed economic strangulation (1990-2003) has been probably responsible for the death of an additional 1,000,000 Iraqis, and, since 2003, the invasion and occupation of Iraq caused the loss of some 600,000 lives. The number of maimed and injured since 2003 is, most likely, even higher than 600,000. The number of refugees probably exceeds 1,000,000. Thus, over the past 26 years or so, as a result of Anglo-American interventions and their shock and awe tactics, perhaps 7% of the Iraqi people have been directly or indirectly murdered, another

 7% might have been physically injured, and yet another 7% forced into exile. Moreover, most surviving Iraqis have suffered psychological traumas and shell shocks that might haunt them for the rest of their lives. To add insult to injury, many of the victims have been children and other innocent bystanders. One can legitimately argue about these order-of-magnitude estimates and the extent to which these upheavals slowed down population growth in Iraq, in part because one must infer these very estimates from what the killers themselves choose to divulge. Notwithstanding such uncertainties, the deliberate, virtually unilateral, carnage is on a sufficiently large scale to be considered genocide.”
The men in the shadows had deliberately sown the seeds of Civil War which, by 2013, is as self-sustaining as their beloved nuclear chain reactions:
According to the U.N., by 2013, for instance,
“There were 928 civilians killed in July (including 204 civilian police), and 2,109 civilians were injured (including 338 civilian police). A further 129 members of the Iraqi security forces were killed and 217 injured.”
We may note in passing that the U.N.–now another colony of the bankers–makes no effort to explain why Iraq was stable when left alone, and why it is ready to explode now.
An Iraqi doctor explains an even worse legacy–and this one is practically forever:
“After the start of the Iraq war, rates of cancer, leukemia and birth defects rose dramatically in Najaf. The areas affected by American attacks saw the biggest increases. We believe it’s because of the’ illegal’ weapons like depleted uranium [or some other known poison] that were used by the Americans. When you visit the hospital here you see that cancer is more common than the flu.”
We could go on, but the point has already been made: Non-nuclear ountries denounced of terrorism face total ruin. According to one source, “the worst catastrophe ever to hit the Muslim world” was the Mongol invasions of the 12th and 13th centuries, invasions characterized by blood, ruin, and pyramids of skulls.” We must, if we are honest, admit to ourselves that the bankers are far worse than the bestial Khans. The worst catastrophe to hit the Muslim world, a catastrophe that is still unfolding, is the bankers’ no-holds-barred robberies, genocides, engineered fragmentations, and environmental ravages.
There are two, and only two, concepts that can be used to describe the leaders of any country lacking deliverable nuclear weapons and yet choosing to defy the bankers by killing a handful of non-combatants: non-existent or insane.
C. Alleged Architects and Perpetrators of Terror
We must now ask: what was the personal cost to “terrorists,” besides accomplishing less than nothing?
Many paid the ultimate price. Of the survivors, many ended up in some inquisitorial dungeon. Since virtually all of these prisoners are innocent, they have never been given a fair trial. Instead, wherever they are in the Death Squads’ (CIA’s, FIB’s, MI6′s . . . ) international gulag, they have been tortured, violated, and humiliated to the point that most would prefer death to the horrors inflicted upon them by the bankers. As far as I can judge from afar, after spending a few months anywhere in the death squads’ international torture archipelago (e.g., Guantánamo), hell would be a vacation.
Some of the stories that emerge in both the alternative and corporate press defy belief, even for those of us who think they know the bankers and their ways.
One typical example. The American Death Squads needed a 9/11 confession from someone, as well as a confession of a multitude of other self-inflicted wounds. And so they are on record confessing to having committed the international crime of waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed???? a “total of 160 times.”
They needed so many sessions, I suspect, because they enjoyed inflicting pain. Perhaps also Mohammed is a man exceptional fortitude and courage, and it might have taken that long to get him to confess to crimes he had never committed.
Here is how Wikipedia describes waterboarding:
“Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning. Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage, and death. Adverse physical consequences can manifest themselves months after the event, while psychological effects can last for years. The term water board torture appears in press reports as early as 1976. The captive’s face is usually covered with cloth or some other thin material, and the subject is immobilized on his/her back. Interrogators pour water onto the face over the breathing passages, causing an almost immediate gag reflex and creating the sensation for the captive that he is drowning.

“In the fall of 2007, it was widely reported that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was using waterboarding on extrajudicial prisoners and that the Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice had authorized the procedure among enhanced interrogation techniques. Senator John McCain noted that in World War II, the United States military hanged Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American prisoners of war.”

And waterboarding is just one of the bankers’ delectable pastimes. Solitary confinement, constant lighting, extreme cold or heat, violation of privacy and religious convictions, beating, indifference, threatening to kill or harm family members, being a few other choice methods. And all this without a jury trial, without trying to establish innocence or guilt, without trying to find out who the real terrorists are.[14]
D. Collapse-of-Empire Counterargument
At this point, a perceptive reader might reasonably accuse me of mistaking the trees for the forest. The rulers of terrorist countries as well as the architects and perpetrators of terror knew in advance that terror might crush them. That, however, was a price they were willing to pay. All along, their goal was to weaken the USA internally by forcing it to spend trillions on such things as munitions, occupations of foreign lands, veteran benefits, and the elaborate paraphernalia of a police state.
There is no denying that such enfeeblement is actually taking place. Thanks in small part to lavish spending on “terror,” the American economy and the dollar are at risk (the bankers’ lies about a “recovery” notwithstanding). That collapse, should it materialize, might usher the Greater Depression. Hence, this line of reasoning suggests, terrorism is not as self-destructive as it might appear on first sight. It’s like Sampson at the temple of Gaza: You die to impair your enemies.
Unlike any other strategy ascribed to terrorists, this argument cannot be readily dismissed; at least on the face of it, it makes sense. A genuine run-of-the-mill terrorist might actually subscribe to the mistaken notion that his actions would bring about, or precipitate, collapse. In turn, such a collapse might accomplish, a terrorist might hope, his long-term goal of terminating the political, economic, or military occupations of his country e.g., the USA, or Greece, or Colombia.
Nonetheless, this argument is mistaken. The alleged architects of terror must know that the vastly disproportionate sums spent by the USA on its hundreds of overseas military bases, endless wars, and an internal security apparatus that would put Nazi Germany to shame, have nothing to do with terror and everything to do with the bankers’ plan to enrich and empower themselves at our expense.
a. Economic Collapse had been Premeditatedly Set in Motion Long Before 2001
Here are a few telltale signs that the collapse had been planned and embarked upon before 9/11:
1. The Glass-Steagall Act was passed in 1933 specifically to prevent a repeat of bankers-engineered collapses such as the Great Depression. Yet, under pressure from the bankers, the dismantling of that Act began already in the 1960s. By 1999 it was officially dead–thereby knowingly lighting the fuse for the coming implosion.
2. Long before 2001, the process of deliberately and treacherously stripping the USA of its industry had begun. Such a program of de-industrialization is bound to create, among other things, enormous balance of payments deficits for the USA. The USA, once the industrial powerhouse of the world, can still trade with the world–by printing Federal Reserve Notes and brutalizing countries which refuse to exchange real goods for green bills cut out of whole cloth. But this, clearly, is unsustainable.
3. For a long time, every astute observer understood that American policies were dictated by a small cabal of bankers and their allies. Many presidents warned us about this. For instance, Franklin Roosevelt observed that “a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” We know, also, how that element maintains control–through such despicable tactics as sunshine bribery of elected officials and judges, near-monopoly of the mass media and schools, and selective smearing, incarceration, and killing of influential opponents.[41] That is why every major 21st century policy decision is made by the bankers for the bankers, to the detriment of the nation. Instead of trying to save the American economy by ending these corrupting influences, the bankers did everything they could–not merely to preserve these influences, but to enhance them. All along, they must have known that such a
 process is likely to end in the pauperization of the vast majority, economic contraction, and environmental cataclysm.
4. At any time during the past 60 years or so, thanks to energy conservation (e.g., passing a law that every new car driven in America rely on available technologies to yield 100 miles to the gallon), the USA could cease oil imports, improve its citizens’ and bank balances, vastly enhance its industrial and economic efficiency, and halt such environmental crimes as fracking, global warming, and nuclear power. Conservation in turn could serve as a bridge to renewable technologies which could revitalize the entire American economy. And yet, our captains of banking steadfastly refused to take that road. This again can be best interpreted as either indifference to the long-term economic health of the USA or a deliberate effort to undermine it.
Would you, if you were a terrorist, sacrifice your life to help your chief enemies achieve their goals?
b. Each and Every Inaction of our Rulers Suggests that they wish to Bring about Economic Collapse
We know perfectly well how the economy and the dollar could be saved, even at this late hour. We could, for example, restore the Glass-Steagall Act, protect American industry, put an end to sunshine bribery (campaign financing and revolving doors), and put an end to monopolies and oligopolies of every stripe–in the media, education, industry, or banking. We could bail out the people themselves, instead of stealing $5,000 from every American and handing the money to the bankers who criminally engineered the ongoing financial crisis to begin with. We could, today, abolish the Federal Reserve (in reality, a private consortium of mostly foreign bankers pursuing their own interests, exclusively) and re-assert the constitutionally-mandated provision that the people themselves issue their money. We could negotiate world disarmament, cut the “defense” budget by 99%, and convert the CIA, NSA, DIA, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force into a modern
 Civilian Conservation Core. We could equally share leisure and work, continuing a long tradition of reducing the workweek, a tradition that was criminally cut short by 1945.[15] We could abolish the fractional system of reserve banking in its entirety. Instead of giving every spare dollar we have to bankers and generals, we could restore our infrastructure. We could re-industrialize America by placing tariffs on imports. We could fire the crooks who got us into this mess in the first place and replace them with intelligent humanitarians. We could try to avert a biospheric cataclysm by implementing such painless steps as energy conservation.
The economy and its physical and biological foundations could be saved–but they aren’t. Instead, every step the bankers take can be best understood within the larger framework of engineered collapse.
c. Collapsing the Economy is a Time-Honored Strategy of the Bankers
Over and over again throughout American history, bankers brought about misery and suffering to the USA’s and world’s people in order to amass ever more power and wealth.
One example will suffice. Ellen Brown[16] recounts the confrontation between President Andrew Jackson (also, regrettably, a notorious ethnic cleanser of Native Americans and a proud slave-owner) and Nicholas Biddle, president of the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank of those days (then called “The Second US Bank”). Jackson understood already then that the “issue which has swept down the centuries, and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks.”[17 J]ackson correctly referred to the international bankers who owned America’s central bank as a “den of vipers” and “a hydra of corruption,” and proceeded to assert the vital right of the people to issue their own currency.
Biddle in turn threatened to bring about an economic depression if Jackson persisted in not re-chartering the privately-owned parasitic central bank:
“Biddle proceeded to make good on his threat by sharply contracting the money supply. Old loans were called in and new ones were refused. A financial panic ensued, followed by a deep economic depression.”
This is simply what privately-controlled central banks do–creating and profiting from boom and bust cycles. This historical pattern raises the possibility that the 2008 near-collapse of the American economy, and the future possible collapse of the world’s economy and the dollar, have been likewise engineered by the bankers. Terrorists, if they existed, would have not helped their enemies achieve their goals.
d. Economic Collapse Can be Best Seen as a Stepping Stone in the Bankers’ Plan to Enslave the USA’s and the World’s People
In the past, the bankers engineered depressions to empower and enrich themselves. Now their actions suggest that the current depression has an additional, far more sinister, aim:
“You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized. . . . The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. . . . Always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”[18]
In 1933 the bankers, nominally led by Preston Bush, conspired “to overthrow FDR and implement a fascist dictatorship in the U.S. based around the ideology of Mussolini and Hitler.” That direct approach failed, thanks in part to the heroic Major General Smedley Butler.
They had apparently learned their lessons, and are now implementing the boiling frog version of a fascist coup.[18b] They had, for instance, installed the unrepentant son and then grandson of that fascist conspirator in the White House. They have likewise tightened their control on the media, economy, and educational system. They provoked and then launched the war on terror and have milked it for any drop of fascism they could get.
Economic and monetary crash, they might feel, would provide just enough shock and awe, just enough disaster capitalism,[19] to enable them to put the final touches to their totalitarian takeover.
To see how far they have gone in just 12 years, let us recall the heartbreaking case of Bradley Manning. When this courageous soldier exposed the vampire-like qualities of the American military, it is he who was thrown into a dungeon for three years without a trial, tortured to (or beyond?) the point of losing his mind, and then sentenced to 35 years in prison following a conviction in a jury-less kangaroo court–while the real criminals walked free.
A candidate for a pre-revolutionary rescue and rehabilitation operation: Bradley Manning
Here is what his mother saw in 2011, on her last visit:
“He was sitting on the other side of a glass partition and when I walked in I heard the sound of the chains round his hands and feet before I saw him. Most of the time [Bradley and his mom] sat in silence but held each other’s gaze. She didn’t get to hug him but was able to tell him she loved him.”

Afterwards . . . she said: “You wouldn’t treat a bloody animal like they’re treating Bradley.”

The bankers are pragmatic. On the road to economic collapse and Orwell’s dystopia, they expect social unrest and perhaps even a revolution. So, under the guise of the war on terror, they are getting ready:[20]
“It is common knowledge that the Department of Homeland Security has been preparing for combat through the purchase of instruments of war. These include: Approximately 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets, 7,000 fully automatic assault weapons, 2,700 MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles, and an increasing number of military-style unmanned aerial drones.

“Make no mistake. These are weapons of war. So, who is DHS planning on waging a war against?”

The averred architects of terror would have to see that their actions serve as an excuse for turning the USA into a totalitarian hellhole. They would have to sense that democracy, and openness, and an informed public opinion, provide a measure of protection for the countries the “terrorists” love and the ideals they cherish. They would have to see that there are limits to malice and lawlessness, even in quarter-baked democracies–limits set by the common decencies of the people themselves. The “terrorists” would have to see that it is only the restraints of public opinion that have so far prevented the bankers from turning the “terrorists” and their countries into radioactive wastelands.[6,21]
Would you, if you were a terrorist, die to enrich and empower your real enemies and give them the opening they crave for a no-holds-barred colonization of the entire world?
E. Grapes of Wrath for Terrorists: Conclusion
Thus, backers of the official view of terror find themselves against a wall: It turns out that the set of “victims of terror” is comprised of three overlapping subsets. The first obvious subset consists of ordinary human beings hailing from all corners of the world who died, got injured, or lost loved ones as a result of terror. The second subset consists of the world’s people, whose enslavement and impoverishment are justified by the suffering of the first subset. The third subset is comprised of countries accused of terror, their rulers and ordinary citizens, and the alleged terrorists themselves. If we accept the operational definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’” we are in turn led to this denouement: Either the rulers of these countries and the alleged terrorists are insane–or else they have never been involved in terror.
Indeed, would anyone choose to kill fellow victims of the bankers (e.g., ordinary Americans, Britons, Spaniards, Israelis, or Indians), achieving less than nothing, and paying for such astounding failures with her life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness? Would anyone continue to engage in such a strategy for years and years after its astonishingly miserable record becomes apparent? Would anyone shoot herself in the foot, over and over again, thereby hoping to improve her long jump record?
Since almost all alleged terrorists–at least until the Death Squads (CIA . . .) get hold of them–are apparently sane, their actions, by their very nature, defy common sense. All things being equal, we must abandon the theory that those whose cause and their persons suffered most from terror are its perpetrators.
We must look elsewhere for the instigators of terror. These instigators, after so many years, must be its bona fide beneficiaries. The question then becomes: Who gains from terror?
2. Pastures of Plenty for Bankers
 A. The Bankers Don’t Care about you–at all
Before showing how the bankers gained from the war on terror, we need to dismiss a key unstated premise of that war. That is, that our owners care about us. They are, they imply, so outraged by the deaths of a few innocent Americans, that they are willing to sacrifice trillions of our dollars and hundreds of thousands of oursons and daughters to protect us. Nay, our owners are so preoccupied about our safety, they are willing to sacrifice our Constitution, our privacy, our freedom to travel unmolested, and our right to bear arms.
Is there anyone out there naïve enough to believe them when they shed tears for two dead Americans and one Chinese woman in Boston? Aren’t these the same people who are indifferent to mostly-avoidable workplace accidents in the USA which daily claim 18 lives (6 times the Boston count and, adjusted for a smaller population, several times the Norwegian count) and 11,000 injuries (42 times the Boston count)?[22] Didn’t they knowingly and needlessly expose their own soldiers to Agent Orange and depleted uranium? Aren’t they responsible for the millions that will prematurely die, over the next centuries, as a result of the ongoing calamity at the Fukushima nuclear power complex (whose sole goal, from the very beginning, was to make money, not to generate net energy)? Didn’t they allow cancer rates to at least needlessly double in the last two generations? Didn’t they pointlessly drag Americans to World War I? Didn’t they purposely
 sacrifice the American sailors of the USS Maine and Liberty? Don’t they routinely mix neurotoxins in our children’s vaccines? Don’t they scandalously fudge inflation numbers so that they can rob our needy seniors of half of their retirement money?
George Carlin saw it all already in 2005:
“It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. . . . The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice. . . . They don’t care about you–at all.”
Video: George Carlin: The American Dream
Since the implied reason for the war on terror (the bankers care about us) is palpably false, we must look elsewhere for the causes of that war. The discussion below unmasks the real reasons for, and the real perpetrators and beneficiaries of, terror.
B. The War on Terror Enriches the Bankers and their Allies
Before delving specifically into the war on terror, we need to remind ourselves that all modern wars are a gold mine for the bankers.
We owe one truthful depiction of war to Smedley Butler, one of America’s most decorated generals. Among other things, Butler single-handedly deferred the arrival of sunshine fascism to America’s shores by three generations. Unlike toadies Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton, Butler stood by his own veterans (e.g., during the brutal suppression of the 1932 Bonus Expeditionary Force). He did all this and more at a great personal cost to himself (among other things, he died, like almost all influential friends of the American people, prematurely and under suspicious circumstances).
Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, 1881-1940
And here is what this unsung hero had to say about wars, circa 1935:[23]
“WAR is a racket. It always has been.

“It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
“A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.
“In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows. . . .
“Take our friends the du Ponts, the powder people — didn’t one of them testify before a Senate committee recently that their powder won the war? Or saved the world for democracy? Or something? How did they do in the war? They were a patriotic corporation. Well, the average earnings of the du Ponts for the period 1910 to 1914 were $6,000,000 a year. It wasn’t much, but the du Ponts managed to get along on it. Now let’s look at their average yearly profit during the war years, 1914 to 1918. Fifty-eight million dollars a year profit we find! Nearly ten times that of normal times, and the profits of normal times were pretty good. An increase in profits of more than 950 per cent. . .
“Or, let’s take [the bankers-owned] United States Steel. The normal earnings during the five-year period prior to the war were $105,000,000 a year. Not bad. Then along came the war and up went the profits. The average yearly profit for the period 1914-1918 was $240,000,000. Not bad. . . .
“And let us not forget the bankers who financed the great war [World War I]. If anyone had the cream of the profits it was the bankers. . . .
“Who provides the profits — these nice little profits of 20, 100, 300, 1,500 and 1,800 per cent? We all pay them — in taxation. . .
“But the soldier pays the biggest part of the bill.
“If you don’t believe this, visit the American cemeteries on the battlefields abroad. Or visit any of the veteran’s hospitals in the United States. On a tour of the country, in the midst of which I am at the time of this writing, I have visited eighteen government hospitals for veterans. In them are a total of about 50,000 destroyed men — men who were the pick of the nation eighteen years ago.”

Change some of the names above, and you would have to concede that, if anything, war, and the war on terror, are an even greater racket in 2013 (with the bankers again leading the murder of crows) than they had been in 1935. A couple of examples should convince anyone that nothing has changed, that someone benefits from the War on Terror–and that someone is a banker or a fellow traveler, not a Chechen, a Saudi Arabian, a homegrown American terrorist—or you.
Antonia Juhasz, April 2013:
Journalist Antonia Juhasz
“Yes, the Iraq War was a war for oil, and it was a war with winners: Big Oil. . . . Before the 2003 invasion, Iraq’s domestic oil industry was fully nationalized and closed to Western oil companies. A decade of war later, it is largely privatized and utterly dominated by foreign firms. . . . For the first time in about 30 years, Western oil companies are exploring for and producing oil in Iraq from some of the world’s largest oil fields and reaping enormous profit. . . . Yes, the Iraq War was a war for oil, and it was a war with losers: the Iraqi people and all those who spilled and lost blood so that Big Oil could come out ahead.”
Another confirmation from the bankers’ own media:
“Since 2002, arms sales among the 100 largest providers of military equipment and services have increased 60%.”
C. The War on Terror Distracts us from an Ongoing:
The bankers derive yet another benefit from the terror scam. True, most people lack the combination of courage, rationality, holistic thinking, decency, and compassion to see through the bankers’ ploys. Still, the bankers’ crimes against humanity are so downright injurious to the majority, the possibility always lurks that the people catch on and use the bankers’ guillotines against them. To avert such admittedly unlikely scenario, the bankers must keep the number of politically literate persons to an absolute minimum. This goal can in turn be served by distractions. Contrived terror provides one such distraction.
Three examples should suffice.
a. Vicious Class War
The bankers hype the war on terror and fill our brains with fear and hate, making us oblivious to the fact that the real war is taking places in our cities, factories, and farms.[24]
“Around 80 percent of all Americans deal with joblessness, near poverty, or reliance on welfare at some point in their lives. AP notes that inequality is going through the roof: ‘An increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor and loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs [are the likely] reasons for the trend.’”
Daisy Luther asks: “Did you know that . . . the day of the [Boston] Marathon, Obama signed a law that makes it easier for members of Congress and their staffers to engage in insider trading? There’s a reason that most politicians are rich, and it’s not generally because they’re just lucky.”
Indeed, dozens of such questions present themselves in this context. For instance,
Did you know that, by relying on a mendacious inflation index, the government is stealing, every month, half the money seniors put into the social security fund throughout their working lives?
Did you know, for that matter, that the bankers stole the money from that fund?
Did you know that they stole your gold?
Did you know that you’d be much wealthier had the Federal Reserve never been created?
b. Descent to Slavery
Besides making the spiteful bankers richer and stronger, the war on terror diverts our attention from America’s daily march towards 1984. Desperate, frightened, chemically-contaminated and impoverished people, are more likely to prefer paternalism and empty promises of safety to freedom.
c. Destruction of the Biosphere
Or did you know, for that matter, that the bankers are perfectly willing—in a order to advance their power and riches—to risk human extinction? Here is one minor example of psychopathy in action, copied from the May 2013 entry of an environmental calendar:
“Mountaintop Purge: At least 500 ancient mountains are gone, thousands of miles of river and drinking water have been poisoned, and significant portions of the world’s most biologically diverse forests have been destroyed, all because of mountaintop removal for coal mining. Entire forests are torn out, all layers of earth and topsoil are removed, and explosives are detonated, blasting as much as 400 vertical feet of mountaintop to expose the coal seams underneath. Today, burning coal for energy is the single largest source of global-warming pollution in the world.”
Now multiply this by 1,000 and you begin to get a picture of what the bankers are doing to this planet. Taken together, Frankenstein monsters like mountaintop removals, nuclear demons, nanotechnology, genetic engineering—to name a few—will probably end up destroying the species that dared apply them. If the world’s people (including some soldiers and spooks) ever find out what the bankers are doing to Mother Earth, the way they are steadily undermining everyone’s health and future, they might lynch the bankers. What better way, then, of distracting would-be green defenders of the earth than the war on terror?
Thus, the war on terror–along with thousands of other diversions and lies–makes us take for granted the idiotic belief that the prosperity of bankers–and such mendacious and meaningless statistical concoctions as the gross national product–are more important than the biosphere itself.
D. The War on Terror Justifies the Bankers’ pre-2001 Scheme (through reliance, chiefly, on their Handmaidens in DC and London) of Economic and Military Conquest of the Entire Planet
The bankers (=the architects of America’s domestic and foreign policies since the days of Andrew Jackson)made it clear, one year before the 9/11 tragedy, that such an event was precisely what was required for achieving their scheme of world conquest (they used the euphemism “transformation” to convey the idea):
“The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”
Reflect on what these pompous Genghis Khans are implying here. They know better than most people that America deliberately provoked and welcomed the attack on Pearl Harbor (see Part V of this series). As we have seen, Roosevelt’s masters wanted war, and got it—by any means necessary. So here is an encryption of their message (which was addressed especially to bankers, corporate honchos, generals, and spooks): “We can’t wait forever for the peace-loving American cattle to join us. After all, these lowlifes might decline to pay for ourambition of obscene riches and increased power with their lives, dollars, and few remaining freedoms. Let us, therefore, have the courage of our war-loving ancestors, sacrifice the lives of a few thousands sheep in human form, and thereby catalyze the ‘transformation.’”
This vicious plan is rarely acknowledged by its practitioners. However, now and then a word or two oozes out of their beaks, fully confirming the vital role terror plays in this plan.[25] Sharmine Narwani:
1. “A 2006 State Department cable that bemoans Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s strengthened position in Syria outlines actionable plans to sow discord within the state, with the goal of disrupting Syrian ties with Iran. The theme? ‘Exploiting’ all ‘vulnerabilities’ [and suggesting, among other things, playing] ‘on Sunni fears of Iranian influence.’”
2.” In 2013, influential former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger openly advocated redrawn borders along sectarian, ethnic, tribal or national lines that will shrink the political/military reach of key Arab states and enable the west to reassert its rapidly-diminishing control over the region.”
3. As usual, Israeli strategists are more outspoken than their American counterparts. By 1982, long before launching the “war on terror,” they had already spelled out its goal of redrawing “the Mideast into small warring cantons that would never again be able to threaten the Jewish state’s regional primacy. Lebanon’s total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precedent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula and is already following that track. The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target. Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state
 along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan, and certainly in the Hauran and in northern Jordan.”
Thirty years later, that nightmare describes the world. Narawani warns: “Arabs and Muslims need to start becoming keenly aware of this ‘small state’ third option, else they will fall into the dangerous trap of beingdistracted by detail while larger games carve up their nations and plunge them into perpetual conflict.”
Seen from this perspective, the War on Terror has already achieved more than even the bankers thought was possible. Formerly quasi-independent oil-rich Iraq is now a bankers’ colony, as is strategically-placed Afghanistan. Libya’s oil, water, and gold fell into their hands. The process continues–one or a few countries at a time. They have strengthened or established military and economic beachheads throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, setting the stage for a stepwise economic or military conquest.
Partially under the cover of the War on Terror, they proceeded apace in fostering terrorism in China and Russia, encircling both countries, and setting the stage for these countries’ surrender or nuclear annihilation.
E. The War on Terror Justifies the Stepwise Conversion of American Plutocracy into a Full-Fledged 1984
The grandparents of our present rulers (e.g., Preston Bush, father of President Bush I) failed to bring Nazism to America’s shores in the 1930s. Their descendants are now actively pursuing this dream. This time they have opted for the boiling frog approach, instead of an outright coup.
If you are not convinced yet, ask yourself: What happened to freedom of speech in the USA since the war on terror began? Why are the second and fourth amendments under attack? Whence the vicious war on whistle blowers? What is the point of surveillance of each and every American? Why are they torturing and killing American citizens at will, not bothering to go through the motions of trial by jury? Why are we being molested at airports, checkpoints, and border crossings? Why can “cops take away your cash, car, or house — even if you’re never convicted of a crime”? Who really killed Pat Tillman, Seal Team Six, Aaron Swartz, Michael Hastings, and so many others? Why is our justice system falling apart? Why isn’t the judiciary branch defending the constitution? Why perpetual wars? Why growing income inequality? Why is one man (John Williams of Shadowstats.com) providing more reliable information about the US economy
 than an entire legion of well-bribed government statisticians? Why so many cases of police brutality? Why the open season on our dogs? Why are the police being militarized? Why can’t we film daily incidents of police brutality? Why can’t we sell raw milk?
That is what the bankers seek, a weakened USA whose surviving people are bereft of liberty, tranquility, and prosperity. That is clearly, and unmistakably, our future–and the war on terror lifted the lid of this odious Pandora Box.
F. The War On Terror Serves as a Valuable Laboratory Exercise, an Experiment, from which the Men in the Shadows Draw Lessons about Preempting, Co-Opting, and Stifling Dissent and Revolution, Enslaving Humanity, and Destroying the Biosphere
Richard Cottrell views each and every terror incident as a “cynically calculated rehearsal.” The bankers have been in the democracy-usurping business for centuries, and they do not like to take chances. After all, a miscalculation might bring the wrath of a new Al Sabbah Brigade (see below) upon them. Hence, before shredding whatever is still left of America’s constitution and democracy, they must be sure that all will work according to plan:[26]
 “The aim is to be able to lock down America (or anywhere else). Urgent need: a script. The powers that be decide on a real time live lab exercise to discover the mechanics.

“Needs to know include:
- How fast planners can shut down and gain control of a very large and complex city.
- How the population might react when subjected to the first total shut down America has ever witnessed (bearing in mind no such thing happened after Oklahoma, 9/11, Madrid, 7/7 in London et al, so the ‘lessons’ learned are obviously portable).
- How ghoulish the strike must be – preferably aimed at innocents enjoying themselves. Pick a profile event where foreigners are present, such as Boston’s marathon tourists. Location, location, location as they say in the real estate trade.
- How willingly will the population knuckle under and comply with complete cop and military rule, no transport, emergency services, people confined to their homes under fiat order, etc. Martial law in all but name with no legit edict.
“Next it is very important to discover how fast you could subdue a large segment of the population and impose martial law, how much will you share with pliant and obedient sections of the media in advance and in the subsequent cover up. No messy shoot-ups.
“Using this live open-air laboratory, study and note very carefully how people in the rest of America react, not excluding foreign reactions.
“Then gauge carefully where resistance appears to the running script of a terrorist attack and where the holes appear in the narrative that threaten blowback consequences.
“Then you figure out:
“- What must you do to construct and reinforce the message and the narrative that allows you to get away with hijacking an entire city?
“- How do you cope with those awkward persons who start to ask hard questions?
“- How do the temporarily imprisoned respond when the controls are lifted – indignation, civil unrest and so forth, or simple resignation and relief that it ‘wasn’t much worse’?
“- How do you select and criminalize the selected patsies? Preferably choose an obscure avenue which damns a minority usefully present in the US who is shown to have connections to the ex-Soviet Union (the Evil Empire).
“Then in the standard pattern of the Gladio Strategy of Tension, present the guy next door, or at school with your kids, as the enemy within. Dramatize brainwashing.
“So, to summarize, as an agent of the ruling power tasked with running this experiment, what would your plan be and how exactly would you carry it through?
“My response is depressingly the following: the architects of Boston must be very pleased with the results. Boston fell for it and America fell for it, and so did Europe and more or less everywhere else. Mass anesthesia. . . .
“Lessons have been learned, failures understood, success noted and ticked, new blueprints under preparation.”

G. For the Short-Sighted Rulers of Israel, the War on Terror is a Dream Come True
When trying to pinpoint the actual beneficiaries of terror, Israel’s rulers deserve special mention for at least three reasons.
1. Israel exerts decisive influence on American domestic and foreign policies. A video, you might say, is better than a thousand words. So, instead of extensive documentation (readily available), let me refer you to a clip that not only confirms this claim, but that should mortify any lover of human dignity.
This 2011 video captures an address by a prime minister of that New Hampshire-sized country to a joint meeting of Congress. Note the belligerence, self-importance, platitudes, patronizing—all this from a scoundrel who is, at least indirectly, responsible for the death of his predecessor and who repeatedly escaped, by a very narrow margin, criminal prosecution in his own land. That solemn occasion was uncharacteristically attended by most members of Congress, and drew a total of 29 standing ovations (on average, one prolonged ovation every 90 seconds or less!). Yes, the vast majority of American congressmen, not particularly known for their athleticism, rose to their feet and clapped their hands 29 times during that speech.
 Video: Death of American Democracy
The only similar incident I know of, after 30 years of professionally studying subservience, conformity, closed-mindedness, and betrayal, occurred in the late 1930s Soviet Union, while “a Communist Party conference was under way in Moscow. At the end, the usual tribute to Comrade Stalin was made, followed by the customary standing ovation. At that point, an unusual complication developed. The presiding secretary was new at the job, replacing a man who had just been Gulagized. The secretary dared not stop clapping and thereby appear insufficiently worshipful of the Great Comrade, nor could his subordinates dare be the first to stop. The big shots on the podium, and the rank and file in the hall, kept clapping their hands vigorously with make-believe enthusiasm. Only after eleven minutes did one man on the podium stop, and only then, in an instant, did everyone else stop too. This act of courage, fatigue, or common sense led to the
 customary nocturnal visit.”[21]
2. The second reason for paying special attention to Israeli gains is the intimate connection between the Israeli state and terror. Israel’s involvement in false-flag incidents (e.g., the Lavon Affair), terror operations (e.g., murder of Iranian nuclear scientists), and terror incidents in the USA (e.g., the dancing Israelis of 9/11), raises the possibility that Israel played a role in various terror incidents in the USA and elsewhere.
3. The third reason for paying special attention to the rulers of Israel is their connection to the Rothschild clan and its offshoots. The secretive Rothschilds, as far as we can guess, are by far the richest and most powerful bloodline in the world. It is conceivable, although hard to prove, that this family and its intimate marriage networks single-handedly controls the central banks of most of the world’s countries, the private banks that control these central banks, and the major international banks (e.g., the Bank for International Settlements, World Bank, International Monetary Fund). If true, that stranglehold allows that family to control the politics of the USA and other countries–directly, and, as we have just seen in the video above–through their Israeli creation.
And the Rothschilds did create Israel. If anyone had any doubts, they should have been dispelled when a contemporary Rothschild publicly (and entirely out of character with the entire history of that crowd) crowed over the fact that his “great-grandfather started the country. We would not want people to forget that.”[27]
If you still have doubts, if you are, say an Israeli who believes the lies your teachers told you, consider this bizarre 1992 Rothschild donation. This donation came with conditions that no self-respecting independent government would have accepted:
“The Israel Supreme Court is the creation of one elite family: the Rothschilds. In their negotiations with Israel, they’ve agreed to donate the building under three conditions: the Rothschilds were to choose the plot of land, they would use their own architect and no one would ever know the price of its construction. The reasons for those conditions are quite evident: the Supreme Court building is a Temple of Masonic Mystery Religion and is built by the elite, for the elite.”
Here then are the perceived gains to Israeli overlords—the same overlords who treacherously guide their bewitched countrymen from victory to victory to an almost certain final ruin:
1. Right after the Boston bombing, an aide to the Israeli prime minister explained who was one of the beneficiaries of both Boston and 9/11 (and you better believe it was not Islam):
“A diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston Marathon Explosions would increase American support for Israel – just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.”
2. Israel benefits in yet more bizarre way: In efforts to deepen ”professional cooperation between the law enforcement agencies” of Israel and its American colony, Israeli police headed to the U.S. to aid in Boston marathon explosion investigation. By and by, Israel will not have to spy on the American government or conduct false-flag operations against it (e.g., the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty)—it will actually constitute an official part of the American Banking-Militaristic Complex.
3. As we have already seen, the bankers who control both Israel and the USA use terror to achieve one of their primary goals: destabilize and create chaotic conditions the world over. With characteristic hubris, “the chief of Israel’s military intelligence . . . has said that the chaos in the Arab world favors Israel and is something that he believes should continue.”
Look how much they have achieved: In 2001, the middle-eastern countries that enjoyed a measure of independence from the bankers and who might have had one day stood by the oppressed Palestinians, were Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran. Iraq and Libya already fell to the bankers and are undergoing the desired fragmentation and chaos. Syria, as I write, is undergoing this blood-curdling process, while Iran is the subject of daily propaganda, pitiless sanctions, a terror campaign, and encirclement. Other countries that could one day pose a potential threat to Israeli hegemony of the entire Middle East are Turkey, Egypt, and Pakistan–and in 2013 all three suffer convulsions and turmoil. When this phase is over, it would be the turn of Russia (in the unlikely event that Putin or a fellow patriot escape assassination that long) and China. And then—1984.
An independent observer might be tempted to conclude that all these wars of conquest, all these efforts to destabilize and terrorize largely-Muslim countries, are carried out at the behest of Israel’s oligrachs.
4. Israeli corporations, naturally, benefit handsomely from terror. For example, Israel, which dominates the drone industry, is expected to cash in on the Boston Bombings.
Thus, the war on terror benefits the rulers of Israel and their Rothschild masters in a variety of ways:
 * Increase monetary and military support from the USA
 * Israel’s rulers tighten their control of and integration with the USA, UK, and other countries
 * Furthering a key goal of Israel foreign policy: Enfeebling each and every Muslim country through economic and military conquests (usually via Israel’s American surrogates), through vicious, long-lasting environmental warfare, and through the fragmentation of their powerful enemies into smaller, weaker, warring mini-states.
 * Israeli oligarchs derive enormous profits from the war on terror.
H. Conclusion of Logical Proof I

To read more:


Illuminati Shoutout: R&B Singer Ciara Promotes Satanist Aleister Crowley In New Video

Joining in the growing trend of fashion that promotes Satan and the occult, R&B singer Ciara, unveiled her full blown promotion of black magic practitioner Aleister Crowley, one of the most influential Satanists of the 20th century, in two videos for her new album. The singer released a preview clip of the video wearing clothing emblazoned with “Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn” – the occult secret society that Crowley once belonged to, on the back and across her boots. The videos are below.
Here is the first clip, for the song “Keep On Lookin”:
Aleister Crowley, occultist, black magic practitioner and ardent opponent of Christianity, was one of the foremost Satanists of the early 20th century. In addition to advocating drug use, sexual magic, pedophilia, he dubbed himself “the Beast” and “666″ and was once called the “wickedest man in the world.” He is a major influence in Rock ‘n Roll as some of the greatest rock artists of all time from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles to the Doors have paid homage, claimed inspiration or espoused his philosophies in their music and interviews. Beginning and End has chronicled his influence on artists like Ke$ha, Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

In discussing Christianity, Crowley stated:
“That religion they call Christianity; the devil they honor they call God. I accept these definitions, as a poet must do, if he is to be at all intelligible to his age, and it is their God and their religion that I hate and will destroy” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxx).
Crowley also channeled demonic spirits as he attributed his many writings to a spirit called Aiwass, who he said took over his body and wrote the books for him. Crowley was mentored by Satanist Eliphas Levi, who while not as well-known was the original artist of the Baphomet drawing that has become so popular today. Crowley was also greatly influenced by Helena Blavatsky, founder of the occult Theosophical Society and an avowed Luciferian. Her book The Secret Doctrine was a major influence on he Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In it Blavatsky wrote:
“One of the most hidden secrets involves the so-called fall of Angels. Satan and his rebellious host will thus prove to have become the direct Saviours and Creators of divine man. Thus Satan, once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious spirit of the church, grows into the grandiose image. It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. Satan (or Lucifer) represents the Centrifugal Energy of the Universe, this ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity.“ (The Secret Doctrine, Volume II, Pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533).
The worship of Satan in this doctrine is clear. Crowley referred to himself as Baphomet and even used it as a signature. His entire agenda was based on rebellion against the God of the Bible and encouraging the world to pursue sin and unwittingly pledge their allegiance to Satan. His main motto: “Do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law” was an encouragement to pursue every sin one desired. He took that phrase from The Hellfire Club, an 18th century secret society in London that was known for holding orgies, pagan rituals and satanic worship (Benjamin Franklin was among its many powerful members). Their motto was “Fait ce que vouldras” or “do what thou wilt.”

In Scripture all dabbling in the occult is grave sin:
There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee. – Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God. – Leviticus 19:31.
And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people. – Leviticus 20:6.

Whether it is contacting spirits, casting spells or using charms, any type of magic or occult activity is sin. All magical practices involve invoking demonic spirits to achieve some task or attain power. And The Lord, in His wisdom, forbids all people from having contact with spirits that are linked to Satan. In the Old Testament Mosaic law, the punishment for practicing witchcraft was death. This is how serious this sin is in the eyes of God. But now pop culture is leading the charge to have an occult revival worldwide and bring the world back to Satan’s influence.
Making The Occult Cool
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (or, more commonly, the Golden Dawn) was a magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which practiced theurgy and spiritual development. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western occultists. Concepts of magic and ritual at the center of contemporary traditions, such as Wicca[3][4] and Thelema, were inspired by the Golden Dawn. (source).

“Whether we speak of ‘Theosophy’, or The Golden Dawn, or The Ordera Templi Orientalis (O.T.O.)… or any other of the truly enormous number of tiny groups all enraptured by the same glamour, what it is with which we are truly dealing is ‘Popular Occultism’ (source).
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: – 1 Peter 5:8.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by three Freemasons who were also members of the Rosicrucian secret society. It focused on training its initiates in the practice of Kabbalah, alchemy, tarot and other occult techniques. Crowley, a 33rd degree Freemason was initiated into the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn in 1898 and only remained in the group until 1900, but his prominence in pop culture gave the group much fame. Crowley soon formed his own occult society, the Ordo Templi Orientis, or O.T.O. to continue his practice of witchcraft well into the 20th century. He died in 1947 a strung out, sickly heroin addict.
Crowley’s entire life was devoted to rebellion against God, perversion and corruption. And yet, this is who Ciara chooses to promote in her video. On her coat there are also the terms “equilibrium”, “mercy” and “temperance” all phrases used in the practice of occult magic in the Hermetic order and the name of the Greek goddess Sophrosyne. All this relates to the occult desire to achieve godhood and immortality. And this all goes back to the first lie given to humanity by Satan in the Garden of Eden:
Now the serpent was more [subtle] than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. – Genesis 3:1-5.
Satan was able to lure the first 2 people on Earth into sin by twisting God’s clear commands to make them doubt The Lord. And he enticed Eve with the offer of godhood and immortality – precisely what he has continued to use to deceive those in the occult for centuries. The Devil desires nothing more than for people to no longer care about their sin or concern for the judgment of God. Because that will inevitably bring them closer to his influence and to hell. And pop culture today has led the way in this as the music has promoted sexual immorality, drug use and selling, violence, sexism, racism and all manner of rebellion. And as society has tried to remove God from public life, silence Bible-believing Christians and critique the Bible, the ignorance of Scripture has allowed popular singers and rappers to promote the occult and Satan without even being questioned.
Why Are Secret Societies Revealing Their Secrets?

The gradual evolution of individual’s thought processes to where his/her mind is naturally thinking in tune with the desired thought pattern consistent with the New World Order. The objective is to so thoroughly condition people that they will not realize that their thinking is being framed by any outside agency or people; rather, they will think that their thoughts are spontaneous. This is known as the “Evolution Of Human Thought”. (The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy, Alice Bailey, p. 588)

To read more:


Meet EBE, the First Captured Alien-video

(According to the late Bill Cooper, former US Navy Intelligence, NSA was created to collect all communications of aliens and humans and to decipher alien-ET language communications. Why? Aliens or ETs are NOT aliens, they are fallen angels, hybrids and demons who speak all languages. You know that as you have communicated with them. Or do you think you can decipher angel language to learn their secret plans? We can already tell you their secret plans-just read the bible and the Book of Revelations. If there is anyone in NSA really working for the good of humanity then pray to God for help and His good, loyal, holy angels will help as they are in battle with the fallen angels. We know the ending. We win-they lose. Which side are you on NSA, the dark side, or are you going to be on the side of the sons of light with the good, holy angels?

Cooper also stated that NSA is exempt from all laws that do not specify NSA in the laws. In other words they are a lawless organization-no different than the Cosa Nostra, Russian mafia, or any criminal mafias or any group of criminals from any country. Therefore you may consider dealing with them the same as if dealing with any armed robbers, muggers, kidnappers, or murderers who approach you. Sol-war)

Uploaded on Jul 26, 2008

introducing EBE (extra-terrestrial Biological entity), the first alien apparently captured from the UFO roswell crash which occurred in 1949.

William Cooper reveals The Secret Government; The Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) which is said to have covered up UFOs, Aliens and the JFK Assassination. The U.S. denies existence of the MJ-12. (but then again, there's really NOTHING new about that. *LM


The Nephilim Roman Catholic Church Of Satan-video


Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?

*( Sol-war must reiterate that there are no aliens per se from other planets. There are not many races of aliens. There are only multi-dimensional beings called fallen angels and demons. (Although there are the good, holy, loyal angels as well.)
The fallen angles and demons can and do disguise themselves as human looking, reptoids, greys, and are capable of and demons have caused themselves to look like Jesus and anyone else they want you to believe they are. The Disclosure project has many credible witnesses, however those witnesses who state that there are many types of aliens such as 57 different kinds are either duped by satan and his rebel angels or they are conditioned - mind controlled by government and the military industrial complex. Dr. Steven Greer is a disinformation agent as are all of those who say that there are some good aliens here to help us. The fallen angels want to and are creating a hybrid satanic army to fight on the dark side of SOD sons of darkness against the SOL sons of light both good angels and the good SOL humans. Satan needs these hybrids to fight the SOL humans in the near future. However, one good, holy angel can slay 183,000 or more soldiers in one night. So the satanic hybrids will be useless except as punishment to those non-believers. all of the secret spying on teh American citizens and the whole world by NSA is all part of satan's plan to dominate the entire earth and its population with him in total control. All of those who have participated, especially at the top have sold their souls willingly to satan. All of those and you who are participating will never see your loved ones again as your body and soul will burn in the Lake of Fire and there will be nothing left of you. Do not believe satan's promises in your immortality. He is the father of lies..He knows the Bible better than most Christians and he knows the ending. He loses. However, since he has nothing to lose he is going to try to win his war with God and God's holy angels.)

by Preston James

There has been little publicly released about what Quantum computing actually is, but it is perhaps best described as advanced computing involving multi or inter-dimensional processing that has almost unimaginable power.
It is now recognized in the highest circles of American Intel deep inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that development of quantum computing is the key to mastery over all cryptographics as well as advanced scientific data analysis, mass intelligence gathering through the Internet and cell phone systems, product/material management, advanced CAD/CAM, cyber warfare and the establishment and maintenance of absolutely bulletproof cyber security.
It is now likely that any nation that completely masters quantum computing first will be able to master cyber warfare, cyber defense and dominate any other nation state or even the world and this quest itself alone will likely create a complete end to secrecy between and within nation-states due to the application of this new technology to industry which cannot be kept secret easily or forever.
Thus the stakes are very high for mastering quantum computing. In fact, Quantum computing is considered the final stage left to develop human sized fully functioning combat robots now that metal parts printing is functional.
Small quantum based CPUs are considered essential for day to day deployment of stand-alone, self-contained fully functional advanced fighter interceptor aircraft, smart drones with missiles which require no remote operators, devices that can easily become humankind’s worst nightmare.
The big hold up appears to be the apparent “error rate” that occurs when a byte of information or qubit is processed in more than one dimension at a time.
So far the error rate that occurs has been unacceptably high, so much so that the value of quantum processors has been limited. But now the NSA is rolling out its new VESUVIUS system at their new massive Utah Data Center. Have they solved the error rate problem or this this computer system just another massive unproven experiment?

Explaining Quantum Computing


Have the Chinese entered into an agreement with aliens to obtain the secrets of quantum computing?
It is now rumored that the Chinese have entered into a special treaty with Reptoids which is supposed to provide them with the deep secrets and technology of quantum computing. If this is true the Chinese would be able to assert worldwide control over all cybernetics and crypto, thus being able to bring down any nation they wished at will if properly executed. Insiders have reported that the initial source of all fiber-optics, micro-circuits, solid state electronics, and toroidal/scalar communications equipment, as well as the idea of quantum computing which later appeared on the scene was gained from aliens as a condition of certain treaties and back-engineering of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles (AGCs) and their component assemblies that crashed.
And if rumors are accurate, the Chinese Government has been quite angry with Americans for tricking them into manufacturing remotely “compromisable” CPUs, or CPUs with numerous back-doors and means of secret access. More on this later after a brief discussion of alien treaties with various governments of the earth. And various officials in the Defense contracting industry and the DOD allegedly feel betrayed that Israeli “brokers” and power control groups provided the knowledge of this secret technology to the Chinese.
More and More respected scientists are coming forth and disclosing the truth about aliens and alien technology.

UFOs - Brian OLeary


There is evidence to suggest that the alien intersection with earthlings is not limited one single group of aliens.
If reports and leaks are accurate, there are several alien entities having approached various nation states at different times and entered into various different treaties with them all to one degree or another exchanging high technology for access to human subjects for biological and genetic research.
The Nazi/Tall White Nordic Treaty.
The first alleged treaty was between the Thules of Germany using the Vril girls as go-betweens, and this was in the early 1900’s perhaps sometime between 1912 and 1933.
This treaty was between the Tall Nordics and involved trading anti-gravity and advanced weapons technology in exchange for a promise to eventually establish a world kingdom interbred of their hybrids.
This treaty changed when the Nazis lost WW2 and became bifurcated with some of their scientists working on alien technology moved to alien bases in the southern part of South America and German designated territories in Antarctica, and the rest going to America given complete immunity to work under Operation Paperclip.
The Grenada/Eisenhower Treaty.
The next alleged treaty known was the alleged “Grenada Treaty” between the US Army and the Alien Tall Grays and was based on an exchange where the aliens would provide high tech anti-gravity, communications, weapons in exchange for the right to conduct abductions of humans to gain biological/genetic samples as long as they kept records and released the abductees with no harm done to them and with their memories wiped clean to prevent PSTD.

The Technician/Scientist Exchange Treaty.
Apparently a later additional treaty with the tall Grays was negotiated later and part of this treaty allegedly included exchange of technicians/scientists between the aliens and the Americans and advanced high tech psychotronic mindkontrol technology.
Several years later more than one crashed UFO was recovered with dissected humans and body parts and some evidence that suggested humans were being kidnapped outside the allowed program with no required records and murdered and butchered for food.
It has since been learned that tall Grays have coned numerous little grays which act as obedient servants and appear to be hived creatures that operate very mechanically.
Some abductees have reported that they have memories of tall Reptoids being present on the UFO where the abductee was taken to and was directing tall Grays to take biological samples from them and also directing small Grays servants that were present. So it has been alleged that the Reptoids are superior and seem to be the controllers of the tall and small Grays.
The Grays get caught violating the treaty.
When crashed UFOs of the Grays contained butchered human body parts which appeared to have been used as food, those top few senior individuals who ran the SSG and made the decisions, were concerned.
They discussed this with the Grays they had a treaty with and shared their concerns which were met with blanket denials. Since these SSG “top dogs” were men with no functioning consciences, they made the decision to “play along” as long as they continued to get more and more high technology provided.
Whether their involvement with the Grays resulted in their becoming mindkontrolled or perhaps infected with the rumored “black oil parasite” or some other parasitical hive engendering malady is still an open question, but certainly these men seemed to lose their humanity and appeared to be supporting the “alien agenda” of the Reptoids.
Some have wondered if these SSG officials were somehow hybridized in the first place or changed after becoming inoculated or infected with a Reptoid designed mindkontrolling parasite which can produce hive behavior loyal to the Grays and their leaders. And then there is the alleged alien “black oil” parasite which is claimed by some to be several steps beyond “smart dust” and is claimed to have been deployed as a mindkontrolling parasitical “smart-virus” (1).
An SSG obsession with building Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) connected by tunnels with high speed trains which required the massive asset stripping of American wealth and illegal narcotics trafficking and weapons sales for secret black budget financing.
The collaboration and shared technician/scientists resulted in at least one joint DUMB where alien hybridization experiments were conducted away from the prying eyes of the public, protected by “beyond black”, deeply compartmented “need to know”, special access unacknowledged programs with absolutely no administrative paperwork and completely untraceable black budget funding. And yet despite extreme secrecy and threats of immediate murder/assassination for leaking anything about these programs, the truth has leaked out one again proving the greatness of the immutable human spirit.
These DUMBs were also constructed to provide distance from the prying public eyes as well as assumed safety from any serious geophysical and nuclear warfare disasters. Of course you can bet these DUMBs have been adequate sabotaged to turn them into underground mausoleums if a major nuclear WW3 ensues.
It is well known that Russia has a well-developed underground system also designed to allow survival, but some experts believe that both sides have made provisions to make sure such underground bases become mausoleums if a situation of above ground mutually assured destruction (MAD) of a major third world war nuclear exchange occurs.
Secret “beyond-black” joint alien/SSG hybrid breeding programs at the DUMBs.
Allegedly these joint hybridization programs have yielded advanced technology that has provided “genetic injections” and alterations to the human fertilized egg that have resulted in various types of “super-soldiers”.
These super-soldier programs have allegedly involved the use of gifted individuals selected from certain Scottish bloodlines, Psi-power entrainment and various types of black arts soul murder, induced DID/MPD and in some select individuals, injection of isolated Reptoid gene fragments.
The current big push is the secret programs to develop the third strand of DNA, the so-called, self-healing Triple Helix. This third strand is supposedly going to give a new race of super-hybridized soldiers the ability to self-heal from wartime injuries and grow needed body parts and internal organs in the race for the development of immortality, something the “old boys” that sit at the top of the SSG pyramid aka known as the “evil cabal” need very, very soon and something that will never occur due certain immutable laws of the universe.
Rumors of other alien races approaching earth humans, peace loving groups that claim to want to provide help and support without direct action or interference, or any entering into treaties with humans.
There have been alleged instances of other alien groups that have approached humans. One group has been called the Star group and is allegedly comprised of peace-loving individuals who have a non-interference philosophy and policy but are willing to share spiritual and emotional support for gifted transformed individuals they call star children, and these kids are reputed to have special Psi-powers and are oriented to helping humanity instead of enslaving it. They do not however have the support of the SSG or the USG.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D. is a respected psychologist with some deep contacts in the military aerospace industry at the highest levels. Dr. Boylan was the one who first researched and adequately disclosed what the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) truly is comprised of. he also claims to have had numerous contacts with the Star Group aliens and has set up programs to help “star children”. Folks can visit his website if they want to learn more about Dr. Boylan’s interests and discoveries.
Allegedly a former treaty made with the large Grays requires complete disclosure by 2015.
The SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Grays will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people, including the temporary use of the major mass media.
And yet even the Steven Greer’s well respected Disclosure project has been able to make public presentations of numerous highly respected and credible witnesses with no threats or TWEPS so far as it is known, the SSG is still dragging its feet and preventing any full scale Congressional hearings which were promised.
Apparently the SSG old boys at the top of the pyramid, the evil luciferians aka the “evil cabal” are afraid that if they disclose, Americans will completely “dethrone” them and they will have to get out of dodge quickly forever, thus experiencing a complete loss of power, privilege and status..
It has been claimed that a certain prior treaty with the large alien Grays requires complete disclosure of alien presence and technology by a certain date or these aliens will supposedly make large public landings in every major city of the world, guaranteeing a systematic but rapidly developing complete end to secrecy and especially the deep black and beyond black programs previously protected by immediate assassinations (i.e. premeditated murder aka SSG terminations with extreme prejudice).
And there has been an apparent and claimed split in the SSG between the “oldsters” and the “newbies” who want complete disclosure to be attained in logical steps done in a manner preventing public panic or out of control business changes from occurring too rapidly.
The desire of the SSG to Globalize America and rule the world backfires in one of the gravest mistakes in history.
In a muffed intel operation that will eventually be realized as the biggest error in modern intel history, the SSG was conned into setting up “free trade” under Nafta, Cafta, WTO and now the secret Pacific Trade Treaty (which is Nafta on steroids).
This strategy was to export all heavy American industry and manufacturing to Mexico and China, and CPU manufacturing to China. The CPUs were to have secret back-doors installed that would allow the SSG remote access by satellite or other secret backdoors or hidden, burned in programs.
The brokers for this deal who claimed to be able to outsmart the Chinese were the Israel intel folks and their front corporations working on behalf of the City of London as Cutouts and a private intel force for the Rothschild Banksters who started and paid for the development of Israel in the first place.
These Israeli companies became select i.e. prime DOD contractors due to their unlimited Bankster provided funds and strong political influence provided by such foreign controlled espionage groups such as the ADL, Aipac, etc.
American Intel has become an inbred “revolving door” with very large Israeli-controlled defense contractors:


This is the most disgusting story we've had to write since we helped bust an Army JAG major for using (and abusing) his infant son in the production of home-made porn films (see "related stories box" at bottom of this article).

But we "cover the waterfront" here, and so it would be breaking faith with all our readers in the Fort Bragg area, let alone the hundreds of thousands who read us around the world, to ignore this story. So here goes . .
  • Ex. 22:19, "Whoever lies with an animal shall surely be put to death."
  • Lev. 18:23, "Also you shall not have intercourse with any animal to be defiled with it, nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it; it is a perversion."
  • Lev. 20:16, "If there is a woman who approaches any animal to mate with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them."
  • Deut. 27:21,  "Cursed is he who lies with any animal. And all the people shall say, 'Amen.'"-Sol-war)

To read more:


US Al Qaeda Founders/Controllers Exposed

US Ties to Al Qaeda Official

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

Al-Qaeda was established under the authority of President Reagan on March 27, 1985, with National Security Directive 166. This established a broad cover organization that could engage in arms and financial transactions otherwise prohibited by US law.”

* ‘Saudis behind sectarianism in region’

* ‘US, Saudi regimes after weakening Iraq’

Saudis behind sectarianism in region’

‘US, Saudi regimes after weakening Iraq’

High-level sources inside America’s intelligence community are totally flabbergasted by recent administration policies, particularly regarding Syria. The consensus is that the Obama administration is operating “totally blind” and doesn’t care.

Top policy advisors opposed to the new Russian-Iranian alliance, on advice from Israel, are shifting America’s position in Syria’s now “three-sided” foreign-backed insurgency.

Israeli Ambassador to Washington Michael Oren, acting as de facto White House spokesman, explains why the Obama administration has now abandoned its support of moderate forces for those of al-Qaeda.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“’Tehran-Damascus-Beirut arc is the greatest danger,’ says outgoing Israeli envoy to US Michael Oren.

’Bad guys’ backed by Iran are worse for Israel than ‘bad guys’ who are not supported by the Islamic Republic … the initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,’ he said.

This was the case, he said, even if the other ‘bad guys’ were affiliated to al-Qaida.”

The fact is al-Qaeda militants are actively wiping out moderate rebel factions fighting the Assad regime, now clearly with Israeli backing. That means another “arc” exists: Tel Aviv, al-Qaeda and the globalist cabal of neocons, Zionists and financial criminals.

Assisting them every step of the way is the controlled corporate media and the governments they have bought and blackmailed.

Wikipedia claims al-Qaeda was founded by Osama bin Laden while in Peshawar, Pakistan during the late 1980s. This is an outrageous fiction.

Al-Qaeda was established under the authority of President Reagan on March 27, 1985, with National Security Directive 166. This established a broad cover organization that could engage in arms and financial transactions otherwise prohibited by US law.

It was never intended as a vehicle for false-flag terrorism. That would come later. It was a cover operation meant to allow clandestine operations that required a high degree of deniability.

Al-Qaeda is an organization totally under the control of the intelligence agencies of the US, Israel, Britain and France. The real foundation of al-Qaeda and its oversight, its very real hierarchy, is outlined below.

A similar organization had been formed to deal with the danger of Soviet expansionism in Europe. It was called “Gladio.” Eventually, Gladio became a very real terror organization, operating in Europe for over a decade.

Chosen to head that what we now call “Al Qaeda” was Osama bin Laden or “Colonel Tim Osman,” as he was known.

Bin Laden worked directly with White House national security advisors and the Central Intelligence Agency. From his headquarters in Islamabad and Peshawar, bin Laden coordinated American activities in Afghanistan and across the Islamic world.

In August 1989, bin Laden met with White House intelligence advisor Lee Wanta and CIA station Chief Jimmie Chee to arrange the repatriation of the last 116 Stinger missiles in inventory in Pakistan.

Details and transcripts of that meeting are available, a meeting held in English.

In early 1990, bin Laden, suffering from advanced kidney disease, was flown to an American facility in the Persian Gulf.

From there, bin Laden flew to Los Angeles, landing in the Ontario airport, met by Albert Hakim, representing President Bush (41), Ollie North (free on appeal bond), Admiral William Dickie, attorney Glenn Peglau and General Jack Singlaub, one of the founders of the CIA.

Hakim was the personal representative of President Bush and in overall charge of the project. “Bud” McFarlane, an Iran-Contra figure pardoned by President Bush in 1992, was also a part of the group.

Bin Laden then left Los Angeles for Washington DC. There he stayed in the Mayflower Hotel. Meetings were held at the Metropolitan Club in Washington. Attorney Glenn Peglau stayed at the Metropolitan.

While there, Peglau’s room was broken into and “items” removed.

At no point is there record, classified or public, that this “working group” was ever dissolved nor is there any record that Osama bin Laden’s status as a security operative working for the US government ever ended.

In 2001, Osama bin Laden’s last public statement denied any involvement in the 9/11 attacks. There are no classified documents tying bin Laden to 9/11 or citing him to be a “rogue CIA operative.”

The CIA’s “bin Laden Unit” and the “hunt for bin Laden” are as fictional as “Zero Dark 30,” the Oscar winning fairy tale outlining the alleged murder of one of America’s most important intelligence assets, a man who died in 2001.

Today, Ambassador Michael Oren, in his last public statement, has admitted Israel’s full and continued relationship with al-Qaeda and the White House working group that helped found that organization so many years ago.

The paragraphs above contain more classified intelligence of a higher level than ever before released.

“False Flag”

With the acceptance of the “false flag” mantra by the powerful Tea Party wing of the opposition party, tapping in on broad public distrust of decades of government lies, the Obama administration has chosen unilateralism, not just as a global policy, but at home as well.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle and “false flag terrorism” is recognized as something other than “conspiracy theory,” the door is open for broad reassessment of a number of nagging issues, particularly 9/11, but much more as well, including the well-orchestrated financial disaster that has destroyed the economic well-being of millions of American families.

Advisors have told Obama he needs something to unite Americans and distract them from an awakening that will destroy all confidence in American leaders, rigged elections, phony terror wars and a scam economy.

Yesterday’s inexplicable incident at the Navy Yard in Washington, 13 dead, no motive, vanished suspects and conflicting accounts, will only add to the loss of credibility.

Military Backlash

They are making America the “laughing stock” of the world, something top military leaders are frightened by. “America is burning down its credibility, humiliating allies.”

This week, while talking with a senior army intelligence officer, I was told the following:

“We reviewed the CIA report they gave Congress and the president. It was pure “amateur hour.”

What else can you expect from a pack of drug dealers?

This is right out of the Bush era, using NSA intercepts to create traffic analysis patterns and simply inventing a hypothesis to fit a policy.

We have long known that “traffic analysis” intelligence is worthless, Israel is the world’s expert at creating phony radio traffic and they are in this up to their eyeballs.”

What Obama’s team is doing has been done before, filtering out any information that doesn’t fit and spinning the rest to support what is clearly America’s “last gasp” in the Middle East.

The reports contained no mention of six rebels indicted in Turkey for buying ten tons of chemicals to make sarin gas and no mention of earlier arrests with sarin-filled canisters.

Whatever Washington is telling the public, a public totally opposed to a war in Syria, it is now dedicated to regime change, the policy Israel announced today.

Intelligence meltdown

It is quite possible that the last well-informed American was former Vice President Dick Cheney. His years in Washington gave him direct access to real information. Cheney knew who the fools and liars were, President Obama and his top advisors certainly don’t.

The problem with Cheney wasn’t that he was stupid, far from that, it was his agenda, a life dedicated to serving totalitarian powers, a life dedicated to chaos and conquest.

It has become increasingly clear that Cheney was president, not Bush. History has shown Bush to be little more than a rich boy on an ego trip, an untreated alcoholic and addict, dangerously impetuous, with no grasp of policy, no intellectual capacity and the attention span of a gnat.

His role as a 21st century Napoleonesque figurehead will be his enduring legacy.

Now, America’s “ship of state” seems headed back in that same direction, all evidence of course correction erased while America plans for a Syrian invasion, building another “coalition of the willing.” Has President Obama chosen to take his own “road to Waterloo?”


Those close to the president have advised him to do everything possible to undermine talks with Russia over Syria. The agenda is clear. Syria is to have a regime change, even at risk of World War.

Obama’s advisors tell him Putin will back down as Russia’s program to rebuild its military into a credible conventional deterrent in the Middle East is a decade from realization.

Obama is being told this is the time for a confrontation with Russia and Syria is his opportunity; otherwise, America’s influence in the region is over. What he is not being told and what his intelligence reports have had carefully excised from them is the regional reality that General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had been trying to convey for months.

America has been manipulated into taking on a position in Syria that will lead to a full-scale civil war, one that will make the hundred thousand casualties of the last two years seem insignificant in comparison.

The original goal was Balkanization with Turkey seizing Northern Syria, Israel expanding to the suburbs of Damascus and al-Qaeda setting up a jihadist state extending into Iraq as a base for taking down the Baghdad government.

In the process, the Christian population of Syria and Iraq/Kurdistan will be slaughtered.

To read more:


Busting 9/11 Myths: Nanothermite, Big Nukes and DEWs-with video

by Don Fox (with Jim Fetzer)

On the 12th observance of 9/11 there are still many questions surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.

The Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) put forth by NIST and the 9/11 Commission posits that 19 hijackers (5 of whom turned up alive AFTER 9/11) flew commercial planes in to the Twin Towers and the damage from the impacts of the planes and resulting fires caused the Towers to collapse at free fall speed.

These magical planes also caused a third skyscraper (Building 7) to collapse at free fall speed in a vacuum some 25 minutes after the BBC had announced that it had collapsed even though no plane had hit it.

Obviously the government’s account is blatantly false. It stands to reason that if the government’s account of the events of 9/11 is not physically possible then it cannot be historically accurate. Historical events on the level of 9/11 shape the future for years, even generations to come. You will not be able to properly understand current events if you do not understand 9/11.

Once you come to the realization that the Zionists and Neocons in the Bush Regime acting at the behest of Israel were responsible for 9/11, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria make a lot more sense.

The Big Lies of 9/11 have been used to launch wars of Zionist Aggression abroad and erode our civil rights here in the US. The 9/11 Wars have killed over a million innocent civilians and drained the US treasury of trillions of dollars. All so that Israel can maintain hegemony over the Middle East.

In recent years these Big Lies have given way to several Alternate Myths. As the OCT loses credibility alternative theories such as nanothermite, directed energy weapons and Big Nukes have tried to bridge the gap. Just as the OCT has imploded so will these Alternate Myths.

The “Collapse” Theory

According to the government, the Twin Towers collapsed because the intense heat from the jet-fuel fires caused the steel to weaken (or, in some versions, the trusses to bow) to the extent that the top floors collapsed onto lower floors (or the trusses to collapse on other trusses), in a cascade of floors (or trusses) falling upon one another until both buildings were completely destroyed. Here is a schematic representation of the official theory, but there are also animated versions:

To read more:



Terrible Spectre of the Dreadful Few-video

I use this method of communicating to appeal more to the skeptic, and those that are jaded by the mainstream mouthpieces, rather than preaching to the choir. A bit of dramatic music, video that is not “show and tell” and a license to stretch the imagination are the key tools here. It’s my rebel yell, my agitprop theatre, of the absurd world we live in.

“They are the sole motive force behind taking Christ out of Christmas and laugh at you when all trace of Christian presence is removed from The White House, while a menorah as big as an amusement park ride is raised up across the street from it.” Visible

by Snordster


To read more:



BEYOND A FIERY GATE LIES OUR DESTINY-By Jim R. Schwiesow (A must read)

“Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.” Zechariah 14:12

He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Matthew 16:2-3

Today, while surfing the internet I ran across one of those interminably silly arguments, via a written exchange, as to whether the Bible is verifiably true or just a collection of colorful, and obtuse fairy tales. It is interesting that these exchanges always seem to be comprised of a divide between the collective bodies of two groups - those who despise the thought that a sovereign God exists and that He might have any control over the universe, the world or horror of horrors their own personal lives, and those nominal Christians who spin their wheels futilely and vainly with nonsensical contentions and vacuous arguments grounded only in the wisdom and doctrines of men and devoid of an unfaltering, unshakable and unassailable belief in the super natural power of the Eternal Spirit who created a universe of one hundred twenty-five billion galaxies; each encompassing one hundred billion stars. All this is mindful of the old TV commercial in which a little old lady lifts the top of the bun enclosing a hamburger and indignantly exclaims, “Where’s the beef?” Like that scrawny little denizen of the geriatric set a true believer in the eternal almighty and infallible God looks at these delusive and puny proffers and cries out, “Where’s the faith?”

On August 6, 1945 a relatively small, by today’s standards, atomic bomb of 130 pounds of Uranium-235 named “Little Boy” plunged from the belly of an American B-29 bomber and detonated 1,900 feet above the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later another B-29 Superfortress carried a nuclear bomb to Nagasaki, a hapless secondary target that was an unfortunate alternate to the primary target of Kokura, which was obscured by clouds. The Japanese military upon noting that only two aircraft were approaching thought that it was only a reconnaissance mission and no alarm was given. Minutes later a second nuclear device, a bulbous Plutonium bomb aptly called “Fat Boy” descended and detonated 1,500 feet above the city. In two brief and blindingly horrific instances within the space of three days

150,000 people died, incinerated by temperatures exceeding 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They died in their tracks; their eyes dissolved in their sockets, their tongues dissolved in their mouths and the flesh was consumed from their bones. They either evaporated into nothingness or dropped to the ground as ashes, which were blown away by fiery winds of six hundred miles per hour. And these were the lucky ones upwards of 200,000 more people of those two cities died slowly, agonizingly and tortuously over the next five years from radiation sickness and cancers.

What is not commonly known is that the Japanese narrowly escaped a nearly complete nuclear annihilation. The then President, Harry S. Truman, had announced that if the Japanese government and military failed to accept the terms for an unconditional surrender they could expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes of which has never been seen upon this earth. In the works were four more nuclear bombs and the argument was not whether they would be used, but whether they should be delivered upon the Japanese mainland as they were readied over the next few months or be held and poured out upon the Japanese people in quick succession. Mankind has within its grasp the wherewithal to annihilate every last living soul upon this earth and the evilness of mind to do so.

Mr. Truman failed to note, upon the delivery of his statement as to the likes of such destruction having never been seen upon the earth, that the event was not unprecedented. Those who believe the Bible know that the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were delivered unto just such a fiery destruction at the hand of God over five thousand years ago in the year 3123BC; the cause - great sin, rejection of God and His laws and a declination to seek His grace in all humility and abject submissiveness.

The Bible contains a chronological recording of the events of the earth and its inhabitants past, present and future. Only the Creator, the Lord God Almighty, has such perspective. The prophets and apostles who recorded His revelations were selected for just such a purpose before the foundations of the earth were laid, and their inspiration - the Eternal God of limitless power - has preserved their work and His word through the ages to this very day. Satan and his minions and the men who serve him have striven mightily to pollute it, pervert it and efface it, but the Word of God stands like a mighty fortress invulnerable and unassailable.

The Bible was given to mankind for his instruction and we ignore it at our peril. Men can laugh at it, scoff at and denigrate the words thereof and denounce it as myth and superstitious nonsense, but that will not erase any of God’s works, it will not circumvent His control over all of nature and current events nor will it prevent every last prophetic word of the Bible from being carried out. God holds the wisdom of men in derision; man’s every prideful worldly self-centered work is as foolishness to Him.

God’s wrath is poised to be poured out upon this world with a fullness of fury and the United States will be the first to fall, while its English speaking allies will either fall simultaneously or succumb to similar judgment in quick succession. This nation has fallen into a depth of depravity unparalleled in our history. It is not necessary to enumerate our sins they are well known. The perverseness of the minds of the people sickens the soul. Government supported vice is rampant, and the people are of a corrupt mind and their hearts are continually fixed on evil. The killing of millions of babies is sanctioned and protected by government decree, as is sexual perversion and various other vices.

“Our feet run to evil, and we make haste to shed innocent blood; our thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in our paths. The way of peace we do not know, and there is no justice in our ways; we have made for ourselves crooked paths.”

Will we change or will we fall?

We have watched trickles of judgments turn into creeks and then into rivers as the country is beset by one disaster after another. Each calamity falls hard upon the heels of another. Coastal cities and states are devastated and ravaged by storms of unprecedented fury. An entire state is set afire by a statewide electrical storm of historical significance and subterranean rumblings portend the soon coming of catastrophic earthquakes. Hundreds of thousands of acres of the heartland are scourged by floods and communities from coast to coast are shredded and torn apart by monster tornadoes.

Unbridled and illegal immigration has destroyed social cohesiveness and injected racial hatreds and dissention into the nation. Crime is rampant, diseases of new and varied kinds are burgeoning and the health of the people is being destroyed by chemical concoctions pushed by the pharmaceutical reprobates in their quest for astronomical sums of money, and the same are promoted by the medical community and celebrity and media shills for the same reason.

Our country is totally bankrupt and in hock for billions of dollars to foreign nations. Our industrial complex has been dismantled by venal corporate elites and moved to foreign shores, and our economy and currency have been decimated and trashed by the treacherous internationalist agents for a new world order.

We have been delivered into the hands of a now fascist government and every last one of our government institutions is corrupt to the bone and oppressively controlling. Government officials meet clandestinely to plan for martial law and the incarceration of dissident citizens to insulate themselves from possible uprisings over their treasonous acts. The pride of our power as been destroyed, and those to whom the deluded citizens of this country have entrusted their security are seemingly moronic blockheads who blunder into wars, or precipitate wars between other nations, by their obtuse and dim-witted activities. They have no concept of the military strength of those who they provoke and grossly over estimate their own nation’s capabilities both militarily and economically.

In short we have been set up by our own iniquity for total destruction.

Prior to modern times it was relatively easy for scoffers of God’s Word to ridicule Biblical prophecy. It was they said physically impossible for a mark to be implanted into the hand or forehead that would either enable or disable ones ability to carry out commerce or control absolutely a person’s access to the necessities of life. And who could conceive of a power that could instantly dissolve the eyeballs in their sockets, the tongue in the mouth and melt the flesh from the bones. It was they said such silliness that argued that the Bible was a work of fiction or at the very least a collection of mythological tales. Modern science, which is worshipped over God today, has brought all that is prophesied in the Bible to the capability of becoming reality. No longer can God’s prophecies be looked upon as science fiction. Fiction they are not and we are about to learn this the hard way.

We, in this country are perilously close to the end. The concluding event of a long line of corrections at God’s hand will be nuclear destruction. At a time when we least expect it nuclear devastation will rain down upon our cities just as it did upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki and our land will be made desolate. Such a fate is only inevitable if we fail to turn to God with true humility and sorrow and beg His forgiveness and plead for His deliverance. It’s not too late, not yet.

To read more:


Grand Architect of the Universe orders hit: The curse of Free Masonry

Free Masonry

The following story reported by Matthew Lysiak of Daily News, New York, November 26, 2010 confirms a hard reality of demonic possession, free masonry and false gods. G.Craige Lewis and Will Ford have addressed a myraid of rituals and demonic activity involving secret societies and the occult. These messages are made available on our website.

Michael Brea, bit-part ‘Ugly Betty’ actor, says, ‘I didn’t kill her. I killed the demon inside her’

By Matthew Lysiak | Daily News Staff Writer

An unhinged actor Thursday calmly described hacking his beloved mother to death with a sword because he believed a demon had taken hold of her soul.

“I didn’t kill her. I killed the demon inside her,” Michael Brea said in a chilling hourlong interview with the Daily News in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital.

When told his mother, Yannick Brea, 55, had died in the grisly assault early Tuesday, Michael was unrepentant.

“So be it. It was the work of God,” he said.

Speaking with white-hot intensity and unflinching confidence, Brea described a shadowy descent into a world filled with Masonic symbolism and black magic beginning late Sunday when he snapped awake.

“I was sleeping in my bedroom. God came above my bed and reached his arm to me,” said Brea, wearing a light-blue prison jumpsuit and slippers. He told his tale while sitting unhandcuffed on a blue chair behind a wood table.


“I said, ‘God, is my time on earth over?’ I heard a voice say, ‘Yes Michael, today is your last day.’ I asked if I could say goodbye to my family.”

The 31-year-old Brea said he told no one about the dream, but the following afternoon, he said he received another sign while at the Prince Hall Masonic Temple in Harlem, which he’d joined a week earlier.

There, he said, a man approached and tried to put a curse on him.

“[He] kept trying to put something in my hand but wouldn’t show it to me. I kept opening my hand. It was a Freemason pin. I wouldn’t touch it,” Brea said. Felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix‘

He began feeling ill and left, and while riding the train back to Brooklyn, he said, strangers began speaking to him about his mother.

“I felt like Neo from ‘The Matrix.’ I began hearing voices and feeling powerful,” Brea said. “They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign.”

When he returned to the family’s Prospect Heights apartment, the bit-part actor who once appeared on “Ugly Betty,” hugged his mother, a God-fearing Haitian immigrant with whom relatives say he had long been very close.

“I knew I would never see my mother again,” he said. “I gave her lots of love.”

He went to his room and lit candles, placed a dagger and a 3-foot ceremonial Freemason sword by his side. Investigators said he had stolen the sword from the Masonic lodge, but Brea insisted his father had given it to him when he was a child.

“It’s a powerful sword,” he said.

Brea also arranged three saint cards around him – including one of Saint Jude holding a sword.

His mother then knocked on the door and asked him to go to the kitchen and pour water from a pot in which she was cooking three chickens.

“I looked at these chickens lying dead in the pot and a voice told me it was a sacrifice. It was black magic,” he said.

Brea left the chickens alone and went back to his room. When his mother asked why he did not do what she had asked, he said she spoke with a different voice.

“She had the voice of the demon. I opened the door with the dagger at my side and the sword,” he said.

“I asked, ‘Do you believe in God?’ She said, ‘No, Michael no,’ and began screaming. I began slashing her like this,” he said, bringing his right hand down in a violent hacking motion.

Sickening trail of blood. Brea chased his mother from room-to-room, repeatedly swinging the sword, leaving a sickening trail of blood in his wake.

“I didn’t want to kill her right away. I wanted to give her time to get right with God,” he said.

By this point police had arrived outside the apartment, but Brea said he had no doubt he would be able to finish the job.

“I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, ‘Michael, open up, Michael, open up,’ but I knew they wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me,” he said.

“I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God,” he said.

“I’m named after a saint myself – Saint Michael. He was protecting the house from the police. They weren’t allowed to enter the apartment.”

To read more:


NEW YORK (CBS/WCBS/AP) Michael Brea, an actor who once appeared in the former hit ABC series "Ugly Betty," is accused of decapitating his mother with a samurai sword in her Brooklyn apartment after delivering a religious rant, police said.



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Obama, Don’t Play Chess With the KGB

By Eric Margolis
President Barack Obama foolishly backed himself into a corner during the growing Syrian crisis by issuing fatwas about mythological red lines. When his bluff got called, the silver-tongued president was left twisting in the wind.
Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize should be rescinded and given, instead, to Vladimir Putin.
Add a warning to Obama’s amateur foreign policy advisors: “don’t play chess with the KGB!”
In fact, Obama, who rudely snubbed former KGB agent Putin recently, owes Russia’s leader a “Bolshi Spaseba” (big thanks) for pulling his bacon out of the fire in Syria. Putin brilliantly demonstrated to the world the difference between diplomacy and force, the rapier versus the cudgel.
The American cynic Ambrose Pierce aptly defined a diplomat as “a patriot ready to lie for his country.”
True enough, but diplomacy is the essential lubricant of international relations. Ever since the Bush administration, America’s foreign relations have become militarized and run by the Pentagon while the State Department has been eclipsed. America has become addicted to small wars and debt.
The frequent threats and bombast by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – ie to “vaporizing Iran” if it dared attack Israel – have been seamlessly continued by John Kerry’s fulminations against Syria. Clinton and Kerry both have 2016 presidential ambitions and are playing to key potential donors.
It is also painful and disturbing watching Obama and Kerry deliver impassioned orations about poor little Syrian babies gassed by the wicked Bashar Assad, a former eye specialist who would probably prefer to be living in London.
What about all those babies killed in Afghanistan and Iraq? What about those killer drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia?
Vietnam anyone? Nagasaki?
Enough, please, with the synthetic moral outrage over Syrian babies or ludicrous claims Syria was threatening the US. Remember the phony Kuwaiti babies dreamed up by a Washington PR agency? Egypt’s US-armed and financed Army just shot down over 1,500 civilian protesters.
Americans are rightly fed up with past crusades and increasingly disillusioned by President Obama and the tame US media. His indecisiveness and lack of a clear strategy have made him singularly unpopular. Nor is there any clamor for war against Syria in Britain and France, whose governments are trying to divert attention from economic woes by bashing the Syrians.
As the crisis mounted, we heard increased patriotic guff about “American exceptionalism,” a code phrase for American proto-fascism, for “Amerika Uber Alles.” Scary stuff. President Putin warned about this in an incisive analysis of the Syrian crisis in the New York Times.
The US Congress also owes big thanks to President Putin. Had he not short circuited Obama’s foolish war plans for Syria, Congress would have been caught between anti-war Americans and major cash donors from special interests who are lusting for war.
The sensible resolution of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis – a manufactured crisis if I ever saw one – raises new questions. What happened to the planned Syria peace conference in Geneva? The real question is ending this awful war, not chemical weapons.

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The 9/11 Passenger Paradox: What happened to Flight 93?

Dean Hartwell (with Jim Fetzer)

Once the fabrication of all four of the alleged 9/11 crash sites (which I have documented in “9/11: Planes/No Planes and ‘Video Fakery”) begins to sink in, the question which invariably arises is, “But what happened to the passengers?” Since Flights 11 and 77 were not even in the air that day, it seems no stretch to infer that the identities of the passengers on non-existent flights were just as phony as the flights themselves: no planes, no passengers. But we also know that Flights 93 and 175 were in the air that day, even though–astonishingly enough, for those who have never taken a close look at the evidence–they were not de-registered by the FAA until 28 September 2005, which raises the double-questions of how planes that were not in the air could have crashed or how planes that crashed could still have been in the air four years later?
Pilots for 9/11 Truth has confirmed that Flight 93 was in the air, but over Urbana, IL, far from the location of its alleged “crash” in Shanksville, PA; just as Flight 175 was also in the air, but over Pittsburgh, PA, removed from the South Tower at the time it was purportedly entering the building, which–unless the same plane can be in two places at the same time–established that some kind of “video fakery” was taking place in New York, as I have explained in many places. As a complement to the new study of the Pentagon attack by Dennis Cimino, “9/11: The official account of the Pentagon attack is a fantasy”, Dean Hartwell, J.D., has considerably expanded our understanding of questions about the passengers, where the manifests may include a mix of the dead and the non-existent, as well as some who may have been killed by the government to make their Hollywood-styl e event a bit more realistic and emotional. In the methodical fashion of
 an attorney presenting his case, Dean outlines the crucial questions and the most likely answers, where problems nevertheless abound. My opinion is that these three studies constitute a “one-two-three punch” from which the “official account” can never recover. From beginning to end, 9/11 was a fabricated event.
And, in case anyone entertains any lingering doubts, two of the most powerful indications of fakery and fraud are to be found in the punishment trial of Zacharias Moussaoui, the alleged “20th hijacker”, in Arlington, VA, in April 2006, which Scholars wrote about at the time. He was convicted in April 2005 of having been involved in the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers, but in April 2006 he was being punished for having been involved in the 2001 attack–a federal judicial “shell game” of immense proportions. The trial was used to introduce emotional testimony about the passengers aboard Flight 93 plotting to use a drink cart to break through the cabin door, which was picked up by the Cockpit Voice Recorder. But, as Allan Green, a member of Scholars, noted, CVRs do not record voices in the passenger compartment. A second blunder was noticed by a Muslim member of Scholars, Muhammad Columbo. The last words the “hijackers” on the tape
 are recorded as having said are “Allah akbar! Allah akbar!” (“God is great! God is great!”). But as he explained, “The last words of a Muslim cannot be these! They are used in the call to prayer or in an attack at war. On the moment of death, a Muslim must confirm that ‘There is but one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet!” Which means that those who were composing this script did not know enough to get it right.
The most telling indication that the Shanksville crash site was faked, in my opinion, is what was not done as opposed to what was. Flight 93 is supposed to have completely disappeared because the ground was very soft from past mining operations. Indeed, on some versions, the plane completely disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft. But we know what to do with miners who are trapped in mine shafts. We bring out the bright lights and heavy equipment and dig, 24/7, in the hope that, by some miracle, someone might have survived. That it was not done in this instance tells us that there was no point in even faking such an op, which would have exposed that there was no plane there and no passengers to rescue. Think of the spectacular television coverage had such a “rescue attempt” been undertaken. They even trimmed the burnt trees and shrubs to make sure that they could not be subjected to chemical analysis to determine whether the damage had
 been caused by jet-fuel based fires. Such were the efforts of the “first responders” to save the lives or recover the bodies of the passengers. Subsequent studies by the EPA of the crash site have confirmed that there was no residue from the jet fuel that would have been pervasive had a Boeing 757 actually crashed there. Research on the “crash sites” thus appears to be pure dynamite in blowing the “official account” of 9/11 out of the water.

DEAN HARTWELL: The 9/11 Passenger Paradox

According to the official version of events, forty-three people, including the crew members, boarded United 93 on the morning of September 11, 2001. The flight took off from Newark airport with San Francisco as its destination.
During the flight, four hijackers took over the aircraft. After making calls from the airplane to relatives, several passengers rushed the hijackers in an attempt to wrest control of the plane back. Ultimately, the plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board.
Investigators found human remains in Shanksville and declared that the remains matched DNA samples given by the passengers’ families. Copies of the manifest and boarding passes show the names of passengers who took the flight.
Facts That Contradict the Official Story
The flight was airborne over the Midwest after the alleged crash in Shanksville (see below).
Wallace Miller, Coroner of Somerset County (which includes Shanksville) and one of the first to arrive at the “crash” scene, said of the area, “This is the most eerie thing,” he says. “I have not, to this day, seen a single drop of blood. Not a drop.”
Miller also reportedly said that it “looked like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it…I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. It became like a giant funeral service.”
No independent source has identified remains of any of the flight’s passengers.
Did the alleged hijackers use their real names?
David Ray Griffin speaks of the “hijackers” (whose names appear on the manifest available) in his first point in his book The 9/11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions. He states that at least six of the hijackers showed up alive and well after 9/11! Do we need any further reason to believe that anyone took over planes and used them in suicidal attacks that day?
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The fact that several of the “hijackers” turned up alive makes it obvious that some passengers boarded using the “hijacker” names. Instead of relatives saying that the “hijackers” called them, some of them said their relative was alive!
How Do We Know Who Boarded This Plane?
Jack White quotes expert pilot John Lear, who shared information that calls into question whether the manifest available for Flight 93 is the final one. He says that passenger flights have, as required by the Federal Aviation Administration , what is called “The Envelope.” The Envelope contains “the final passenger manifest, the destination, the amount of fuel on board, the names of the pilot and flight attendants, etc., and the time the DOOR OF THE AIRCRAFT WAS CLOSED.” According to Lear, the chief pilot signs the document.
Could changes in the flight manifest have been made between the time of the generation of the publicly available manifest, noted above, and the time of the aircraft door’s final closing?
White continues his recitation of Lear’s words:
The passenger manifest (a printout of pre-ticketed passengers) may be augmented by the chief flight attendant if passengers do not show up, or late arrivals are added. The manifest in THE ENVELOPE would include the names of hijackers, if pre-ticketed, or their written in aliases if added at the last moment by hand. In any event, every person on board would be accounted for.
Was there a second boarding or deplaning of any passengers before take-off?
This becomes a realistic possibility because there were two departure times for the flight – 8:28 AM (ACARS) and 8:42 AM (BTS). Phil Jayhan of the Internet forum, Let’s Roll Forums, explains why the BTS, the official record, only shows one:
“Why not two different times in the BTS database? We have two separate groups of passengers. One group of people that boarded flight 93 at the terminal boarding ramp. And another group of people which boarded on the tarmac. The way that the **ACARS system works in an airplane is that when the brake is released, whether there is movement to the aircraft or not, it records an away time. The morning of 9/11, there were two of these recorded for flight 93, which might simply be another confirmation that flight 93 picked up two groups of people on 9/11 at two separate locations at Newark International Airport.”
Hypothesis: After the passengers boarded the plane at the terminal (gate 17), the plane moved forward a short distance and then stopped at the tarmac. The passengers who would make calls deplaned at the tarmac. The pilot then released the brake at 8:28 AM (setting the departure time under ACARS) and moved to taxi, taking off (aka “wheels off”) at 8:42 AM, setting the BTS departure time then. The people remaining on the plane continued in flight after the “crash” in Shanksville.
The callers used cell phones from a ground location, which had a much greater chance of working than calls from the airplane. Some of these calls were recorded and provide proof that calls were made. Alternatively, the calls could have been recorded prior to the flight and played to relatives.
This hypothesis explains the long gap in time between the scheduled departure time of 8:01 AM and the BTS departure time of 8:42 AM. It also explains the other departure time frequently given for this departure (8:28 AM). The passengers likely boarded in anticipation of an 8:01 take-off. The callers then likely got up to leave.
The usual boarding issues and their explanation for leaving (perhaps illness) and the resulting shuffle to get them out the door on the tarmac stalled some of the time. According to media reports, a witness (NY Giant football player Clayton White who took flight to New Jersey after Monday Night Football in Denver the prior night), saw passengers on the tarmac during this time.
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: Passengers boarded the plane but some of them deplaned from United 93 at 8:28 AM. The manifest and copies of boarding passes show the names passengers gave to the airline. Lear’s assertions on manifests and flight policy show the opportunity of how passengers could have boarded under false names and how names could have been altered.
Who allegedly made phone calls, what types of phones were used and were the calls recorded?
Todd Beamer (air phone)
Mark Bingham (cell to aunt and air phone to mother)
Sandy Bradshaw (cell)
Marion Britton (cell)
Thomas Burnett (cell, recorded?)
Joseph DeLuca (?)
Edward Felt (cell)
Jeremy Glick (recorded?)
Lauren Grandcolas (air phone, recorded)
Linda Grunland (?)
Cee Cee Lyles (cell, recorded)
Honor Wainio (?)
Were Calls Possible from United 93?
David Ray Griffin explains the utter lack of consistency in the official explanations of phone calls on the planes associated with 9/11. He does a great job explaining how the FBI at first remained silent as to what phones were used from the planes.
He then shows the chronology of A.K. Dewdney’s report (which made it clear that cell phone calls at that time in history were only reasonably possible at altitudes of less than 2,000 feet) to the subsequent FBI report which changed many of the calls from cell to air phone.
From Griffin’s analysis of the work of researchers like Dewdney, we can easily surmise that the official story on the number of cell phones (now given by the FBI as mostly air phone) changed drastically after it became known publicly the difficulty in getting cell phones to work at typical airplane altitudes.
More issues about the alleged phone calls from United 93 arise upon inspection of information provided by the government at the Moussaoui trial in 2006:
(1) One call allegedly went past the time of the Shanksville “crash”, Todd Beamer’s last call on United 93. Furthermore, Beamer’s call could not have happened when it purportedly did because the government’s own records show him making this call and another call from the same phone AT THE SAME SECOND!
(2) No records of calls are sourced to the companies that provided them. This fact calls into question the authenticity of the calls.
(3) Lisa Jefferson, who reportedly took Beamer’s call, failed to mention the phrase “Let’s roll” in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which introduced the heroics of Beamer and others on the flight. She also had never before heard Beamer’s voice.
(4) In fact, the FBI delayed bringing out the story of “Let’s Roll” and the passengers “fighting back” and apparently only did so to stop the story of a flight shoot-down from gaining momentum.
(5) The government, without saying as much, switched several calls in the official account from cell to air.
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: There were no cell phone calls from the airplane of United 93. And air phones were not available on Boeing 757s in 2001. The additional consideration, even if one were to believe those calls were possible, regardless of type or where they came from, is in the substance of the statements alleged and their inconsistencies. The callers, whoever they were, whatever phones they used and wherever they called from, gave false information to passenger relatives at the behest of the plotters. No reliable records show any calls having gone to Lisa Jefferson. It is likely that Jefferson was persuaded or coerced to give false reports to the media.
Who are the Relatives?
The reaction of the relatives of the passengers to the news of the plane crashes can best be described as perplexing. None of the passenger’s relatives arrived at San Francisco airport, as is common when plane crashes take place. In an accident that took place in Taipei involving a plane that was destined for Los Angeles, the airport set up a Counseling Center for the relatives of the victims.
What then were the relatives’ roles?
If the passengers used real names and made calls, they had to:
a) deceive the relatives OR
b) participate in a simulation or otherwise work with the relatives in holding conversations under false pretenses
Deception of the relatives could have taken place. However, with all of the information out about the details of the phone calls, it would seem likely that at least one of the deceived relatives would question the 9/11 matter publicly. If the relatives had been deceived, they would have believed the passenger calls were real. Under this scenario, it is hard to believe that none of the relatives in the San Francisco area would show up as bereaved relatives usually do.
As there were many simulations on 9/11, the plotters may well have planned one for United 93 passengers. Knowledge on the part of the relatives of the plot could explain how this part of the plot worked easily (none of the relatives apparently questioned what they said or who they were). Of course, it adds to the number of people who must be paid off or killed.
The callers may have been asked to participate in a simulation of a plane hijacking. It would have required some acting skills. This challenge would explain several questionable statements allegedly made by some of them. Here are some examples that do not by themselves prove the calls were fraudulent, but certainly suggest it:
A caller claiming to be passenger Mark Bingham said:
Caller: “Mom? This is Mark Bingham. I want you to know that I love you. I’m on a flight from Newark to San Francisco and there are three guys who have taken over the plane and they say they have a bomb.”
Alice: “Who are these guys?
Caller: (after a pause) “You believe me, don’t you?
Alice: “Yes, Mark. I believe you. But who are these guys?
Another supposed caller, Jeremy Glick said, when asked if he and others were going to fight back against the hijackers, “I have my butter knife from breakfast.” According to Dewdney:
“This is strange because it implies that the caller had already finished breakfast, whereas meals are not normally served until the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, about the time that the alleged hijacking began.”
A caller who said he was Todd Beamer talked to a Verizon operator, Lisa Jefferson, for fifteen minutes instead of preparing to take on the “terrorists” with other passengers.
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The callers more likely made the calls as part of a simulation than as a flat-out deception of relatives. To believe in the theory of the use of deception, one would have to believe that (a) none of the relatives discovered they had been lied to and (b) the same relatives would agree to keep silent about the deception.
Why were the calls so important?
If the hijackings and plane crashes never happened, then what were the phone calls all about?
The calls were used to advance the “fact” that the hijackings and crashes happened. Of secondary importance are what phones were used and where the calls were made from.
These calls are part of what holds the official theory together. The plotters needed to make sure the calls got through and the information about hijackers was conveyed.
Whose Remains Were at Shanksville?
Here are the most relevant facts about the “crash scene” :
There were no traces of the United 93 plane at that location.
Officials claimed there were sufficient human remains to match with DNA samples even though UA93 and UA175 were airborne after the times of their alleged “crashes”.
Several news articles report human remains identified at the scene of Shanksville.
We also know that the FBI was in charge of the area, giving the agency the authority to declare who could and who could not either approach or photograph the “crash scene”.
How were the victims at the Shanksville “crash” scene “identified”?

DNA testing requires a sample from a victim at the “scene” and a sample from the victim or a close relative from somewhere else (usually given by family).
An agent (of the plot) would likely retrieve sample from the “scene” of the victim’s death.
The Agent would give samples to the tester. (The tester, as one who would follow standard procedures, would not have any reason to go to the scene nor to question the Agent).
The agent would also go to the family to ask for samples (ex: hair, toothbrush, etc.)
The agent would then give the family sample to the tester.
If the tester were in on plot, the tests could be easily rigged. But the tester’s statements to the media are needed. If something “happened” to the tester, it would cause too much suspicion. The tester would be suspicious if “scene” samples did not have appearance of involvement in plane crash.
Elias Davidsson points to a lack of a “chain of custody.” This is a legal principle which directs those who investigate a crime to document (1) how and where they find evidence and (2) how the evidence got to the point of the hearing.
He states that “there is no indication that a proper chain of custody between the crash sites and the final disposition of bodily remains had been established by the FBI, as required in criminal cases. The 9/11 Commission did not refer to any such documentation.
With no solid chain of custody, a prosecutor (the state) can conceivably bring just about any piece of evidence to the attention of the jury. And when the public is the jury with no judge to referee, the state can use this opportunity to perpetuate a false story.
Davidsson names the evidence that the government should have shown to us if it really had a case that could be proven as to the people that boarded the planes:
In order to prove that particular individuals actually boarded the aircraft and died at the known crash sites, at least three types of evidence could and should have been produced: Authenticated passenger lists (or flight manifests) displaying their names, identification of the suspects as they boarded the aircraft and identification of their bodily remains from the crash sites.
What appearance did the remains at Shanksville have?
Miller said it took several days to get good samples (i.e. body parts not recognizable) and that the passengers were “essentially cremated upon impact.”
The cremated remains could have been distributed around the Shanksville site with some FBI agents allowing the plotters onto the land.
Could the United 93 passengers have been killed and cremated for this purpose?
Probably not. Cremation by law must be done one body at a time and each body takes several hours. Even an unofficial “cremation” would take too long for the plotters, considering the number of bodies (43) needed.
Hypothesis: The plotters used cremation remains of those who died before 9/11.
Issue: How would plotters get the DNA ”samples” of the same deceased persons?
Answer: The plotters could have run a phony company that provides or cleans ceremonial caskets for the deceased prior to cremation. The company could have collected “hair samples” that would match those recently cremated:
“Many funeral homes offer a hardwood ceremonial casket for viewing or funeral services prior to cremation. The ceremonial (or rental) casket is specifically designed to provide a very aesthetically pleasing, affordable and environmentally prudent alternative to purchasing a casket for a cremation service.”
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The remains were planted at Shanksville. The remains could not have been those of the passengers. No plane with passengers crashed at Shanksville. It would also be hard to deceive the DNA testers.
What happened to United 93?
What if we could find out if messages were sent to the planes that flew and pinpoint when they were sent? What if we could ascertain whether the plane corresponding to this flight received any of these messages? What if any of the messages were AFTER the time the plane allegedly crashed?
We can do that! There is a device used to send messages to and from an aircraft. It is called ACARS, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.
Thanks to the work of Pilots for 9/11 Truth and others, we know that the ACARS messages sent to Flight 93 indicate that the plane was heading west over Illinois several minutes after it supposedly “crashed” in Pennsylvania! Pilots for 9/11 Truth found that messages sent after the time of the crash were received by United 93 at ground stations far away from Shanksville. They said that the aircraft would not have had messages routed through the ground stations that were actually used “if it were en route to crash in Shanksville, PA.”
For that reason alone, we know that United 93 did not crash in Pennsylvania. For that reason alone, we know that 43 people were not killed in a Shanksville crash. For that reason alone, we can call off the official story and continue our search for the real history of this day’s event.
There are other reasons to disbelieve the crash story. In the words of Col. George Nelson, USAF (ret.), had United 93 crashed in Shanksville “there would have [been] literally hundreds of serially-controlled time-change parts within the hole that would have proved beyond any shadow of doubt the precise tail-number or identity of the aircraft.” Yet, as with identification of the passengers, our government has not shown what would be easily understood and conclusive evidence.
MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: The evidence proves that United 93 flew to the Midwest and was last positively traced over Illinois minutes after the “crash” in Shanksville. The “footprints” of the plane and passenger ends here.
Where did United 93 and its passengers land?

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'My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons-videos


Discussion that would have instantly caused anyone involved to be labeled a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ even a few weeks ago has now made its way into the mainstream media.

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Following reports that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had called police just weeks before the mass shooting in D.C. to claim he was the victim of gangstalking and a target of microwave energy weapons that left him hearing voices and unable to sleep, now reports are surfacing that the military contractor had carved “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into the stock of his gun.

As reported yesterday, the mainstream media painted initial accounts of Alexis’ stalking claims as further proof he was mentally unhinged. With these new weapon carving revelations, the media’s tune has changed.

As if its just any other news day, now the likes of The Washington Post and The Washington Times are openly talking about the existence of directed energy weapons, Manchurian Candidates and even ways that ELF, or extremely low frequency waves, can be used in “weather efforts” — a direct reference to the fact that this technology can be used to modify and control the weather.

In “Officials: Navy Yard shooter carved odd messages into his gun before carnage,” The Post casually admits, “ELF generally stands for ‘extremely low frequency’ and can refer to weather or communications efforts, among other things.” Weather efforts? Pray tell. The military research project H.A.A.R.P. is mentioned which, among many other interesting and controversial abilities, has the demonstrated ability to modify and control weather, although the line, “HAARP is often cited by conspiracy theorists,” is also tossed in for good measure.

The article goes on to discuss how Alexis sought help for insomnia on Aug. 23 from a VA facility, just weeks after his report to RI police that he was hearing voices through the walls and being attacked with microwave weapons, only this time he claimed his insomnia was work-induced. He returned to a VA emergency room just five days later after his prescription sleeping medication ran out, needing more. This time Alexis was prescribed the antidepressant sleep disorder drug Trazodone, but adding mind-altering synthetic chemicals to an already tenuous situation could not have been helpful.

If Alexis was stalked as he previously claimed, he was likely hesitant to tell the medical officials at the VA, considering the officer from the Aug. 7 report had written, "showing signs of some sort of mental deficiency". Alexis probably realized how crazy his story would sound to someone unfamiliar with directed energy weapons. Support groups for this type of stalking specifically warn people not to mention the technology to law enforcement or medical officials, as they will likely consider anyone who does to have a mental health problems and might commit them to a psychiatric ward.

The Post goes on to note that Alexis had been estranged from his family for many years…could that have made him as easier target?

The Washington Times article “42 days after ‘microwave mind control’ complaint, Alexis kills 12” openly discusses a self-professed U.S. military intelligence veteran who says directed energy weapons are used to create government assassins:
Julianne McKinney, former director of the Electronic Surveillance Project at the now defunct Association of National Security Alumni in Silver Springs, Maryland, and who self identifies as U.S. Army intelligence veteran, self-published “Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation” in 1992 and “Mind Control and the Secret State” in 2008.
According to McKinney’s 1992 paper, “the long term objectives of these harassment and experimentation campaigns appear to be…redirect the targeted individual’s feelings of hopelessness, anger, and frustration toward racial and ethnic groups, and toward select, prominent political figures… (and to) force the individual to commit an act of violence, whether suicide or murder, under conditions which can be plausibly denied by the government." [emphasis added]
Again, these are themes that many who have researched declassified government programs such as MK Ultra are familiar with, but the fact that they are now openly being talked about in the mainstream media is astounding.

The Times also goes on to mention another military shooting where the killer had a similar complaint:
In an eerily similar tragedy, on May 30, 1991, Carl E. Campbell shot U.S. Navy commander Edward J. Higgins at least five times with a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol near a bus stop outside of the Pentagon, leaving the U.S.-Soviet arms control expert and 21 year Navy veteran dead.
A federal judge found Campbell innocent by reason of insanity: “In court papers,prosecutors said that Campbell, who had been treated earlier for paranoid schizophrenia, believed the U.S. government had implanted a mind-controlling computer chip in his brain”, reported the Associated Press. [emphasis added]
As previously reported, our government has been researching these types of weapons via programs such as the now declassified Project MK Ultra since at least the beginning of the Cold War. Their existence is not a secret, even if the majority of the American people are unaware.

Let’s recap. On Aug. 7, Alexis called police claiming that, after an altercation at a Virginia airport, he was stalked by three people and heard voices through the walls ceiling and floor and that he felt the individuals were pulsing him with a microwave weapon, which kept him from sleep. By Aug. 23, he was in the VA complaining of insomnia without mentioning the stalking incidents. (Would you?) He was prescribed sleeping pills, but just give days later he was back at the VA emergency room asking for more pills, and he was then prescribed an antidepressant. Weeks go by, and suddenly on Sept. 16, Alexis is the suspected mass shooter of 12 people at one of the most secure locations in the country. He is killed by police, and can never tell his side of the story.

The fact that Alexis carved “Better off this way” into his weapon is chill-inducing to say the least.

The video below reveals a sonic billboard for a ghost hunting TV show called Paranormal State. Thebillboard sits atop a six-story building and when passersby walk beneath, they hear a female hastily whispering, “What’s that? Who’s there? It’s not your imagination” directly into their ears.

The billboard in action:

Ultrasound Billboard


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Beware of politicians who beat the drums of war. And especially those with a checkered past, like the élitist John Kerry.

We've had him on our shit list for many a year.

Be sure to read the related stories box below and ask yourself how this self-proclaimed hero could have received three Purple Heart wounds, all of which didn't require medical attention or an over-night stay in the medical dispensary.

Ah, but there was this regulation we recall from our Vietnam daze, which allows a member of the U.S, military to be able to leave the combat zone early in his 12-month battle tour, if he accumulates a total of three combat injuries that draw blood.

Fast-forward 40 years and we find this self-promoter a U.S. senator, failed Presidential candidate, and now Secretary of State.
Kerry feverishly seeks to strike Syria with U.S. military might, despite the risk of bringing in the Russians or Iran and stirring up Syria to the point where they would attack key U.S. ally Israel.

The whole Middle East could blow up. World War III, here we come!
Other wars have been sparked by less. MilitaryCorruption.com, mostly staffed by combat vets, says NO to this foolish involvement.

We can sympathize with condemning a "leader" such as dictator Assad who slaughters his own people without compunction, but are we sure the radical Muslim rebels haven't created a "false-flag operation" and killed their own people in order to drag the United States into the fight? They've been losing ground lately to the Syrian Army.

War should be the last resort.

But does Kerry understand that? Apparently not. A news photo of him and wife Teresa breaking bread with killer Assad at a dinner table has gone viral on the Internet.

Just like the pix of that megalomaniac Donald Rumsfeld 'bowing" to onetime pal Saddam Hussein, the image of Kerry's tete-a-tete with the Syrian strongman will surely come back to bite him on the ass.

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Hollywood's Home Movies Portray Jewish Nightmare

Since [Luciferians think] man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be "repression.") Therefore "comedy" no longer is defined as being "funny" but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. -

Mankind is under occult attack. Art and entertainment have become a psy-op. -

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The Hollywood Film Industry & the Music Industry Are Conducting Psychological Satanic Warfare Against the Population This Includes the Global Music and Video Game Industry.

Congress Deceived by Sarin Plot

By Gordon Duff Editor Veterans Today



Dear Mr. Duff,

Intelligence sources in Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and here in the US have largely debunked the position Secretary of State Kerry insists upon supporting against Syria even though he and the president admit they have no actionable intelligence whatsoever.

We do.

A week ago, a US Air Force cargo plane left Charleston Air Force Base, home of Colonel Lindsey Graham, also “Senator” Lindsey Graham, one of the most powerful advocates for war against Syria (and Russia).

It landed in Tbilisi Airport, in the Republic of Georgia. There, it was loaded with what local sources indicate to be “ammunition from the Lugar Lab.”

Every aspect of this operation was observed, from South Carolina to Tbilisi.

On Monday, September 9, 2012, Richard Norland, US Ambassador to Georgia and reputed former Moscow station chief for the CIA during the last days of the Soviet Union, visited the “Lugar” lab.

After reports on Russian television and in the Georgian press of “irregularities” including leaked emails tying the lab to chemical weapons used by Syrian rebels, Norland took a delegation of diplomats and dignitaries on a tour of the very recently “sanitized” facility.

Norland had left the embassy in Moscow and was Washington’s top “Soviet watcher” when one of the largest intelligence failures in history occurred, the August 1991 attempted coup against Gorbachev.

Our sources on this story carry US security clearances and are part of an unrelated mission in Georgia. Other sources in Georgia have been threatened, some have gone underground.


The Lugar Lab, built by the United States, is a bio-chemical warfare research facility, funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The facility, previously called the “Central Reference Laboratory,” is similar to one constructed in Kazakhstan last year.

Funding and details on both facilities “went dark” quickly, overruns and participation by clandestine agencies quite unrelated to any “threat reduction” role.

Management of the US funded facility was turned over to Georgia’s version of the CIA, the Foreign Intelligence Special Service, whose head, Anna Zhvania along with Richard Norland managed the “facility sanitation” tour on Monday.

Official records show Zhvania as resigning as Georgia’s intelligence chief before taking over a “research lab.” Similarly, Norland’s cover as a diplomat has saved him from the ignominy of being cited as top policy maker for, quite perhaps, the most incompetent and corrupt intelligence agency in the world.


Reports, with limited confirmation, detail how Al Nusra/Al Qaeda forces inside Syria had kidnapped children from occupied regions to use as “victims” of a staged false flag attack meant to bring the US into the Syrian conflict.

Children were said to have been smothered and laid out to be photographed and filmed with video cameras. The scene was said to resemble the “Crisis Actor” operations the US Department of Homeland Security has staged, simulating terror attacks for training purposes.

By coincidence, these theatrical contracting firms have been on the scene of several real disasters, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook shootings and most infamously, the 7/7 London bomb attacks.

If these allegations are true, particularly this being the 12th anniversary of 9/11, an event no longer questioned by any rational individual as itself being a carefully orchestrated false flag attack, the idea of murdering children for “political expedience” is totally plausible.


In April 2013, Veterans Today staff informed members of a Syrian legislative group planning a peace conference that President Assad should immediately be advised to surrender all stocks of chemical weapons to the United States.

We had stumbled on so many rumors of proposed false flag chemical attacks on Syria, intended to draw the US into the conflict, that we felt this was impossible to ignore. Russia had already made supporting claims, had gathered evidence, and our own analysis indicated that Russian information was valid.

Thus, we were very disappointed that the Obama administration had ignored Russian reports when we knew the White House should well have had the same intelligence Veterans Today received unless an intelligence operation intended to deceive or misinform the president was underway.

There was some evidence of this also.


As evidence mounts that Syrian rebels were responsible for the August 2013 attacks:

• hacked emails citing US contracting firms in the planning and execution

• investigative journalists in Georgia

• Press TV reports from Turkey detailing WMD transit into Syria

• Turkey’s seizure of Sarin shipments to Al Nusra

• Statements made to FBI by Eric Haroon which led to his arrest, silence and press smears

• the arrest of a Turkish general in Aleppo two days ago

• videos of rebels using Sarin gas

• videos of rebel leaders admitting to the use of chemical weapons

• along with witness testimony and physical evidence submitted by Russia

A far better case can be made to support Russia’s position than that of the Obama White House.


In testimony before the House of Representatives yesterday, General Dempsey cited US policy as supporting “moderate forces” fighting the Assad government. However, his statement was made only moments after Secretary of State Kerry had told representatives that the US planned to “degrade” the fighting ability of the Syrian army.

The “elephant in the room” is the obvious fact that jihadist forces aligned with Al Qaeda would benefit most from US military support and that these same forces are currently trying to overthrow the US supported government in Iraq.


There is another “elephant in the room.” Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated, should the US attack Syria, that Russia would supply the most advanced air defense systems in the world, not just to Syria but Iran as well.

We have been informed that a private understanding exists between Russia and Iran that would, should Iran be forced to respond to military threats, extend a Russian air defense “umbrella” over Iran.

Though Iran has not threatened to attack Israel, as wrongly reported widely in the press, their ability to do so without fear utterly changes the balance of power in the region.


Israel has always held the Samson Option, their ability to unleash nuclear war against Iran, even against the European Union or United States, as a keystone of their defense policy.

Israel’s air defense network, known as the Iron Dome, has proven to under-perform and requires AEGIS based US naval support to be credible.

Russian air defense systems are capable of defeating any possible Israeli nuclear threat and, in the process, leave Israel open to devastating conventional attack.

Israel, citing AIPAC’s “warmongering,” has been seen by many as orchestrating, not just the “civil war” in Syria but the false flag gas attacks as well.

Some pundits excuse Israel entirely, blaming Saudi Arabia. However, as Saudi Arabia has no operational intelligence or clandestine capabilities in Turkey, Georgia or Iraq, this hypothesis not only fails but rings of “seeded” false intelligence.

Yet, noting Israel’s precarious position, something new for the masters of “game theory warfare,” someone has come to the “great chessboard” and clearly outclassed them.


In March of this year, US Army veteran Eric Haroon was arrested after posting videos showing him fighting inside Syria.

He has been charged with the bizarre crime of “using Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Many see the irony of arresting Haroon for following official US p…

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Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, & LA Marzulli On The Secret Alien Agenda-videos


iPhone 5nSa -Satire- A Must watch video



Whos Dat? If you think you can hide in a crowd, think again!

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What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse

SHTFplan Editor’s note: In the following analysis Brandon Smith of Alt Marketoffers up one of the most insightful articles you’ve ever read on the potential sequence of events that may occur over the next several years. It lays out, step by step, how the global elite are positioning the chess pieces, the consequences for each and every one of us, and what we can do right now to insulate ourselves from the inevitability of the manufactured global collapse that will take place as we move forward. This is must share information with friends and family. Urge those closest to you to get a grasp of what’s happening and to prepare for it as best they can.

For years now at Alt-Market (and Neithercorp.us) I have carefully outlined the most likely path of collapse to take place within the U.S., and a vital part of that analysis included economic destabilization caused by a loss of the dollar’s world reserve status and petro-status. I have also always made clear that this fiscal crisis event would not occur in the midst of a political vacuum. The central banks and international financiers that created our ongoing and developing disaster are NOT going to allow the destruction of the American economy, the dollar, or global markets without a cover event designed to hide their culpability. They need something big. Something so big that the average citizen is overwhelmed with fear and confusion. A smoke and mirrors magic trick so raw and soul shattering it leaves the very population of the Earth mesmerized and helpless to understand the root of the nightmare before them. The elites need a fabricated
Enter Syria…
I have been warning about the Syrian trigger point for a very long time. Syria’s mutual defense pact with Iran, its strong ties to Russia, the Russian naval base off its coast, the advanced Russian weaponry in it’s arsenal, its proximity to vulnerable oil shipping lanes, all make the nation a perfect catalyst for a global catastrophe. The civil war in Syria is already spreading into neighboring countries like Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, and if one looks at the facts objectively, the entire war is a product of covert action on the part of the U.S. and its allies.
The U.S. trained, armed, and funded the insurgency using Al Qaeda operatives. Saudi Arabia has sent funding and arms as well. Israel has aided the rebels using air strikes within Syria’s borders (even though this means that the Israeli government is essentially helping their supposed mortal enemies). This war would NOT be taking place today without the express efforts of the West. Period.
If one takes more than a brief examination of the Syrian insurgency, they would find an organization of monsters. Wretched amoral wetwork ghouls whose crimes have been thoroughly documented, including the mass executions of unarmed captured soldiers, the torture and beheading of innocent civilians, the mutilation and cannibalism of dead bodies, and the institution of theological tyranny on a terrified populace. The U.S. created and unleashed these demons, and now, we the people are being asked by the White House to support them through force of arms.
But what is the goal here…?
The goal, I believe, is to utterly transform the world’s political, economic, and social systems. The goal is to generate intense fear; fear that can be used as capital to buy, as the globalists call it, a “new world order”. Syria is the first domino in a long chain of calamities; what the Rand Corporation sometimes refers to as a “linchpin”. As I write this, the Obama Administration is moving naval and ground forces into position and clamoring in a painfully pathetic fashion to convince the American public that 90% of us are “wrong” and that a strike on Syria is, in fact, necessary. It appears that the establishment is dead set on starting this chain reaction and accelerating the global collapse. So, if a strike does occur, what can we expect to happen over the next few years? Here is a rundown…
1) Many U.S. allies will refrain from immediate participation in an attack on Syria. Obama will continue unilaterally (or with the continued support of Israel and Saudi Arabia), placing even more focus on the U.S. as the primary cause of the crisis.
2) Obama will attempt to mitigate public outcry by limiting attacks to missile strikes, but these strikes will be highly ineffective compared to previous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
3) A no fly zone will be established, but the U.S. navy will seek to stay out of range of high grade Russian missile technology in the hands of Syria, and this will make response time to the Syrian Air Force more difficult. Expect much higher American naval and air force casualties compared to Iraq and Afghanistan.
4) Iran will immediately launch troops and arms in support of Syria. Syria will become a bewildering combat soup of various fighting forces battling on ideological terms, rather than over pure politics and borders. Battles will spread into other countries, covertly and overtly, much like during Vietnam.
5) Israel will probably be the first nation to send official ground troops into Syria (and likely Iran), citing a lack of effectiveness of U.S. airstrikes. American troops will follow soon after.
6) Iran will shut down the Straight of Hormuz sinking multiple freighters in the narrow shipping lane and aiming ocean skimming missiles at any boats trying to clear the wreckage. Oil exports through the straight of Hormuz will stop for months, cutting 20% of the world’s oil supply overnight.
7) The Egyptian civil war, now underway but ignored by the mainstream, will explode due to increased anger over U.S. presence in Syria. The Suez Canal will become a dangerous shipping option for oil exporters. Many will opt to travel around the Horn of Africa, adding two weeks to shipping time and increasing the cost of the oil carried.
8) Saudi Arabia will see an uprising of insurgency that has been brewing under the surface for years.
9) Gasoline prices will skyrocket. I am predicting a 75%-100% increase in prices within two-three months of any strike on Syria.
10) Travel will become difficult if not impossible with high gasoline costs. What little of our economy was still thriving on vacation dollars will end. Home purchases will fall even further than before because of the extreme hike in travel expenses required for families to move.
11) Russia will threaten to limit or cut off all natural gas exports to the EU if they attempt to join with the U.S. in aggression against Syria. The EU will comply due to their dependency on Russian energy.
12) Russia will position naval forces in the Mediterranean to place pressure on the U.S. I feel the possibility of Russia initiating direct confrontation with the U.S. is limited, mainly because countries like Russia and China do not need to engage the U.S. through force of arms in order to strike a painful blow.
13) China and Russia will finally announce their decision to drop the dollar completely as the world reserve currency. A process which already began back in 2005, and which global banks have been fully aware of for years.
14) Because of China’s position as the number one exporter and importer in the world, many nations will follow suit in dumping the dollar in bilateral trade. The dollar’s value will implode. China, Russia, and the war in Syria will be blamed, and global banks including the Federal Reserve will be ignored as the true culprits.
15) The combination of high energy prices and a devaluing dollar will strike retail prices hard. Expect a doubling of prices on all goods. Look for many imported goods to begin disappearing from shelves.
16) Homelessness will expand exponentially as cuts to welfare programs, including food stamps, are made inevitable. However, welfare will not disappear, it will merely be “adjusted” to fit different goals. The homeless themselves will be treated like criminals. The roaming bands of jobless drifters common during the Great Depression will not exist during a modern crisis. State and Federal agencies will pursue an “out of sight, out of mind” policy towards the indigent, forcing them into “aid shelters” or other bureaucratic contraptions designed to conditioning the homeless to accept refugee status, making them totally dependent on federal scraps, but also prisoners on federally designated camps.
17) Terrorist attacks (false flag or otherwise) will spread like wildfire. Israel is highly susceptible. The U.S. may see a string of attacks, including cyber attacks on infrastructure. Syria and it’s supporters will be blamed regardless of evidence. The White House will begin broad institution of authoritarian powers, including continuity of government executive orders, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, etc.
18) Martial Law may not even be officially declared, but the streets of America will feel like martial law none the less.
19) False paradigms will flood the mainstream as the establishment seeks to divide American citizens. The conflict will be painted as Muslim against Christian, black against white, poor against rich (but not the super rich elites, of course). Liberty Movement activists will be labeled “traitors” for “undermining government credibility” during a time of crisis. The Neo-Conservatives will place all blame on Barack Obama. Neo-Liberals will blame conservatives as “divisive”. Liberty Movement activists will point out that both sides are puppets of the same international cabal, and be labeled “traitors” again. The establishment will try to coax Americans into turning their rage on each other.
20) The Homeland Security apparatus will be turned completely inward, focusing entirely on “domestic enemies”. The domain of the TSA will be expanded onto highways and city streets. Local police will be fully federalized. Northcom will field soldiers within U.S. border to deal with more resistant quarters of the country. Totalitarianism will become the norm.
What Can We Do Right Now?
The level of collapse, I suspect, will not be total. The government is not going to disappear, rather, it will become more dominant in its posture. Certain sections of the country will be maintained while others fall apart. The IMF will move in to “help” the ailing U.S. economy by tying funding to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights). America’s economy will be absorbed by the IMF. Constitutional protections will be fully erased in the name of reestablishing “law and order”, with the promise that the loss of our civil liberties is “only temporary”.
If the U.S. strikes Syria, and refuses to disengage, these things WILL happen. So, the next question is what can we do about it?
1) Given that this crisis is going to be riding a wave of extremely high energy prices, every single Liberty Movement activist (and every American for that matter) should be stockpiling energy reserves. Motor oil, gasoline (with gas saver), diesel fuel, propane, etc. should be at the top of your list right now. A generator should be next. Prices are only going to rise from here on out. Buy reserves now, before it is too late.
2) Everyone in the Liberty Movement should have at least minimal solar power capability. A couple of 100 watt panels, an inverter, a charge controller, and two-four deep cycle batteries can be had for under $1000. You may not be able to run your house on it, but you can at least charge important electronics, run a well pump, run some lights, a security system, etc.
3) The internet as we know it will no longer exist. The White House will apply preexisting executive orders on U.S. communications to restrict internet use, or, a convenient cyber attack will take place, opening the door for federal controls. The web will likely still operate, but only as a shell of its former greatness. Certain sites and email providers will be designated “safe”, while others will be designated “unsafe”. This leaves a gaping hole in our society’s ability to communicate information quickly and efficiently, and, it removes the alternative media from the picture. The best solution I can present for this problem is Ham Radio, which is very difficult for the establishment to shut down. Ham Radio communication chains could take the place of the internet as a lower-tech but useful means of spreading information across the country. In the next few months, EVERYONE in the Liberty Movement should have a Ham Radio set, or
handheld model, and they should know how to use it.
4) Harden your home during the next few months. Place security bars on windows, and replace weak doors with steel core doors. An internal lock bar will still frustrate entry by those who might blast hinges. Add a fire suppression system for good measure. This might sound like overkill, but if you want to be able to sleep at night during such an event, you must make your home your castle. No one should be able to enter your house without your permission.
5) Learn a useful trade right now. If you don’t already know how to produce or fix a necessary item or commodity, take the next six months to learn how. If you don’t know how to teach a valuable skill, get to work. Barter and trade will become the primary method of economy during a dollar collapse. Make sure you are sought after within your local economy.
6) Cache items before winter begins. Do not assume you will be able to stay on your homestead indefinitely. There are no guarantees during collapse. A wildfire could reduce your neighborhood to ashes in hours. Your home could be overrun. Make sure you have secondary supplies in a safe location just in case.
7) Find two friends (or more) right now that are willing to coordinate with you in the event that the worst happens. This means mutual aid and defense. This means predetermined arrangements for supplies, communications, meeting spots, and security. Do it now. Do not wait until our situation worsens.

8) Buy six months worth of food over the course of the next two months. Bulk food, freeze dried, MRE’s, whatever. Just buy it. Have a lot of food already? I don’t care. Buy six more months of supplies now. You’ll thank me later.
9) Cultivate nutrient rich soil before winter begins. Buy a truckload of planting soil and manure and create a garden space if you have not already. Purchase extensive seed storage. Compile books on growing methods.
10) Gauge the temperament of your neighborhood. If all of your neighbors are mindless brain eating zombies, then perhaps it would be better to share a home with a prepared family member in another region now. If not, then start a neighborhood watch. Two or three families working together is far stronger than only one, and can change the temperament of an entire block of homes.

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These are the war masters of the Western universe on the evening news with their predatory great white capacious enormous mouths gaped wider still by Saudi, Qatari and Israeli houri.

“Masters of war use arousal of sexual energy, human life energy, to bind the partner to perverse wargasm. 50 years after the Civil Rights movement co-optation of leaders or creation of astro-turf movements by interested outsiders, is a constant.” - Publius

… by Snordster

I use this method of communicating to appeal more to the skeptic, and those that are jaded by the mainstream mouthpieces, rather than preaching to the choir. A bit of dramatic music, video that is not “show and tell” and a license to stretch the imagination are the key tools here. It’s my rebel yell, my agitprop theatre, of the absurd world we live in.


A powerful indictment on the sorry condition of the human psyche by Publius, found here:http://rense.com/general96/wargasm.html
Video from schwartz23: http://vimeo.com/2221100

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars


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The Occult History Of The Third Reich - Himmler The Mystic-video


Let’s Kill Some People (video)

Let’s kill some people to prove a point. Why not, so many people and organizations and even countries do it. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies do it every day and few complain. Clearly the American military does this and in fact spends a trillion a year to maintain its ability to continue doing so.
As the above video shows clearly it is hard to understand the hypocrisy of the American government over chemical issues when it itself has used Agent Orange and depleted uranium weapons to devastating effect. But regardless President Barack Obama is poised to become the first U.S. leader in three decades to attack a foreign nation without mustering broad international support or acting in direct defense of Americans. He is also the first president to prove to the world that the United States of America, under his leadership, is no longer a democracy.
England this past week, and its prime minister, proved just the opposite as the Parliament voted down a violent response and the Prime Minister, in front of everyone, promised to honor the will of the people. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday it would be "utter nonsense" for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons when it was winning its war with rebels, and urged U.S. President Barack Obama not to attack Syrian forces, but is Obama willing to listen to anyone?
Two Kinds of People


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Bombshell: Syria's 'chemical weapons' turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply and sold at Wal-Mart -video

(NaturalNews) Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax.

To understand why, you have to start with the story published in The Independent entitled Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria.

Sounds scary, right? As The Independent reports:

The Government was accused of "breathtaking laxity" in its arms controls last night after it emerged that officials authorised the export to Syria of two chemicals capable of being used to make a nerve agent such as sarin a year ago.

What, exactly, are those two dangerous chemicals that need to be controlled via "arms control" regulations? You won't believe me when I tell you. They are:

• sodium fluoride
• potassium fluoride

You can see this yourself in the screen capture of The Independent breaking news story. Note the headline and the subhead. The headline describes "nerve gas chemicals" and the subhead explains them as "sodium fluoride" and "potassium fluoride."

click here to watch my video explaining all this at TV.naturalnews.com.

U.S. water fluoridation chemical is Syria's "chemical weapon"
If these chemical names sound familiar, that's because sodium fluoride is the same toxic chemical that's routinely dumped into municipal water supplies all across the USA under the guise of "water fluoridation."

In fact, the forced feeding of sodium fluoride to the U.S. population is called a "public health" victory by the CDC, FDA and dentists everywhere. Yet this same chemical, when sold to Syria, is openly and repeatedly referred to as a "chemical weapon." This is true across the BBC, the Guardian, Daily Record and Sunday Mail, France24.com and literally thousands of other news websites.

According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, any government "regime" that uses chemical weapons against its own people should be bombed / invaded / overthrown by a coalition of other United Nations members. By his own definition, then, the United States of America should now be invaded by the UN because the government uses a deadly chemical weapon -- sodium fluoride -- on its own people.

By implication, then, John Kerry is now calling for the UN to bomb the USA. As the international media now confirms, sodium fluoride is a chemical weapon, and this chemical weapon is used against the American people every single day in the water supply, a favorite attack vector for terrorists.

"Evidence" of chemical weapons nothing more than hair samples of people who drank sodium fluoride
As you might have guessed, Secretary of State John Kerry is running around "pulling a George Bush" by claiming Syria has used weapons of mass destruction on its own population. Here's a sample of his claims:

"In the last 24 hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the United States that have now been tested from first responders in east Damascus and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of sarin." Kerry said this on NBC's Meet The Press.

But what, exactly, is he saying? That hair samples have tested positive for "signatures" of sarin, not sarin itself. What is a "signature" of sarin? The fluorine element, which is of course the basis for sodium f